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  1. Truth. Makes a great case for being sure to be chasing a dream that is your own and not something others “suggest” for you, too. Too high a price to not be true to yourself.

  2. YUP!!! Cost me not drawing a salary for two years! Glad that is over and that the dream is no longer a dream!

  3. That is a hard reality. Compound this with doubt and that is why so many give up along the way.

  4. It does cost but life is so sweat once you get there!

  5. Truth is: ‘Every good dream is exciting…and can get anybody very high. But when you fail to channel your feelings through your brain( created by God), you will tend to do anything (even without a plan) just to see that dream come true.

    I have already chased dreams and paid a high price for it. When somebody chase a dream that costs him everything, it’s either he’s paying more than he should or the dream has taken the place of a little ‘god’ in his life, to the point where he could risk the life of his family.

    I have learned that dreams that are worshiped as little’ god’ are self destroying…

    In many cases, when someone decides to pay anything for his dream, it’s probably because he might be too proud to admit that he took the wrong road, and he keeps going deeper and deeper and deeper into the hole of his pride..especially if the eyes of the world are watching…

    Dreams are great, and everyone should go for them. Dreams should cost something but they should not cost anything, or you might endanger the lives of those who depend on you…

    There should be a set ‘ price’, especially when you get mature. A dream that cost anything is a nightmare. If God tells you to do something, it will be affordable to you. God will NEVER tell you to a thing you can’t afford.

    I don’t really agree with this picture…