Art in the everyday.

I saw this online and thought it was brilliant.

I don’t know who originally posted it, but it appears that at one high school, this is how some of the teachers deal with graffiti. They add their own art descriptions.

Well played.




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  1. Ha! Love the “intentional misspelling” reference.

  2. Wow, very creative idea!

  3. That’s a new spin on things. That is hilarious:)

  4. This is fabulous! I wish I saw the “artists” expression when they read the little plaque.

  5. I love the idea of battling graffiti with humor. Resorting to laughter instead of anger is how I deal with most things in life, and I’m grateful to be blessed with a sense or humor and an appreciation for the ridiculous. Thanks for posting!

  6. Love this! Except I’m pretty sure 420 is a drug reference. It’s weird that I know that.

  7. Regan Reply

    Our high school had a “change box” booth for the vending machine that was manned by students during breaks and lunches. Students could graffiti the change box and nothing else. We had no issues with graffiti.

  8. Reminds me of the Portlandia skit where literally everything is art. Awesome idea, I’m sure many students won’t forget the lesson

  9. Kris Reply

    Lol! But I feel like now, the other kids will see that and think it’s funny, and do their own graffiti to see if it gets a description as well. I see this making the problem worse.