2 decisions in 48 hours that changed my life.

Six years ago today, I joined Twitter.

Six years ago tomorrow, I started my blog Stuff Christians Like.

Looking back, both felt like very insignificant moments.

There was no celebration. I started the blog sitting in bed one night as a joke. I don’t really even remember signing up for Twitter. But looking back on it, those two decisions have more radically changed my career than almost any other decisions I’ve ever made.

I hope you realize the time we’re living in right now. We are the Lewis and Clark of the Internet. In 100 years, a fourth grader is going to read a Social Studies book at school about how we used the Internet. We are radio’s first voices, the first image sent on a television screen, the first footprints on the moon.

There is wild opportunity afoot. Don’t miss it.

Dare to be a pioneer.

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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff


  1. That’s a cool way of looking at it. Glad you made those decisions!

  2. The clarity provided when you can look back on your life with purpose is amazing. I began playing the guitar on a whim about 16-years ago, not knowing it would indirectly lead me to my wife and set a fire inside of me for speaking/writing.

    Nothing begins in the spotlight, it starts in a dark corner somewhere when no one is watching and no one seems to care.

    Glad you never gave up Jon.

  3. It feels good and it’s an amazing way to make an impact.

  4. Lois Pepple

    You speak truth, Jon. Except for how you see education in 100 years. By 2100, I imagine fourth graders will use few “books”, but will utilize technology which by then will include personal communication/research/response devices, where updates will regularly be downloaded so that students will find the most current information.
    But yes, isn’t it something to realize how “historical” our great-great grandchildren will discover the internet to be? I wonder in what ways they will be using internet technology in 100 years?

  5. I think this is magnified because we live in a instant gratification world. We want to see results for our work yesterday. It’s so much about picking a target and committing to go towards it daily. The outcome isn’t always controllable, but the effort we put forth surely is.