The Empty Shelf Challenge!

Book Shelf

This is a photo of one of my bookshelves in my home office.

Why is it empty? Because I plan to fill it this year.

And I dare you to do the same.

Today, I’m launching the “Empty Shelf Challenge.”

Here’s how you play along.

Empty a shelf in your house somewhere. Every book you read from now until December 31, 2014 goes on the shelf. (Waiting until January 1st to do something awesome is stupid and fake.) At the end of the year, I guarantee you will have read more than you did in 2013. Best of all, you’re scientifically more likely to accomplish something when you have people working on it with you.

I even created a shared Pinterest board. Each time you add a book, if you’re on Pinterest, you can add the picture of the shelf filling up. (Leave your Pinterest name in the comments if you want me to add you to the board. Start by posting your empty bookshelf!)

If you’re a digital reader, take a screenshot of the cover and share that. Or if you’re a library person, take a shot of it on your shelf and then return. Any and all books count, not just non-fiction.

That’s it.

You ready? The hashtag will be #EmptyShelf.

It’s time for the empty shelf challenge!

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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff

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  1. Sarah Adams Reply

    Great idea! My Pinterest username is sarahradams.

  2. John Reply

    Really like this idea. Should I tape of strips of paper for the eBooks I read on my Kindle?

  3. Quick ? What if you read a lot of e-books? Can we do the empty shelf on our e-readers too?

    • Sarah Reply

      “If you’re a digital reader, take a screenshot of the cover and share that.”

    • Johnny Reply

      If you check Amazon or other bookseller, it will show the thickness of the printed version of the book in its description. You can use this to determine how much of your shelf you’ve “read.”

    • I use GoodReads to keep track of all the books I read and you can set up custom bookshelves. I made a new one called emptyshelf and I’ll just add ebooks that I read to it. I can take a screenshot as it fills up.

      • Darcyjo Reply

        That sounds good to me. I don’t keep every book I read–anything I won’t ever read again (and isn’t a reference book) gets listed at Paperbackswap.com to go to someone else to read.
        Besides, I have a constant flow of books coming in, and how else would I have anyplace to put them? :D

      • That is a brilliant idea!! I get most of my books from the library. And though my librarians love me, I think it might test their patience if I refused to return their books until December. :)

  4. Love it!! My pinterest name is Melissa Kile. Thanks!

  5. In! This sounds like a challenge I can tackle with great glee, unlike those “go to the gym,” “floss every day” kind.

    Pinterest (aekriebs): http://www.pinterest.com/aekriebs/

    #EmptyShelf is better than #ElfonaShelf

  6. What happens if you don’t have shelves to empty because you’re already out of shelves? Such is the life of a bookworm.

    • Crystal Reply

      That was my thought! How on earth am I going to find an EMPTY shelf??!!
      (Maybe it can be a shelf in a cabinet. I gotta go move some cans around…)

    • Buy another shelf? Use the top of a shelf? I had to clear one off too; still not sure where everything I cleared off of it is going to go, but it’s a start!

    • I’m just going to use a “shelf” on Goodreads. That’ll keep the library and eBooks together also, and it will satisfy my librarian OCD tendencies lol

  7. Love it.
    I made 2014 shelf with all the books I’m GOING to read . . . as well as some on my kindle. Can’t wait to get started.

    • Rachel Reply

      I did that LAST year … and .. uh … they’re all still there! ‘Cause I found OTHERS to read in their place …. NEVER enough time.

  8. I have a Kindle. Darn. How about empty page challenge?

  9. Awesome! I’m in! My Pinterest name is michaelfreed

  10. Laura Victoria Elizalde-Ruiz Reply

    Pinterest: crownsofvictory great idea!

  11. Nicole Reply

    sweet! aleatory started!
    Thatlaruegirl is my username

  12. Excuse me while I go buy another bookshelf (I honestly don’t know how I’m going to clear off a shelf any other way…)

    Also, I’d love to join the Pinterest fun. I’m Dan Cooper on there; if you search by my email you should find me.

  13. Jessie Cleveland Reply

    Ahh! Best idea ever- but what if I only go to the Nashville Public Library far more than I ever visit a Barnes & Noble??

  14. Love this idea! Please add me to the board, user name bethkaylor.
    Merry Christmas

  15. Melissa Bergstrom Reply

    Add me please.

    Melissa Bergstrom

    • Sue Anne Reply


      What’s your pinterest user name? Could you follow me — I’m Sue_Anne. I can add you to the board after you follow me.

      Sue Anne

  16. Celia Loewen Reply

    Please add me to the Pinterest board. My Ponterest name is celialoewen. Thank you & Merry Christmas.

  17. Sweet idea! Will be doing. Pinterest name haayliie

  18. I’m in! So excited to read for fun this year after 2.5 years of required reading for school. Yay for graduation!! : )

    Pinterest: amy26joy

  19. Scott Todd Reply

    I just finished one yesterday, does that count? My pinterest name is stodd77

  20. Pinterest: Vikki Huisman

  21. Sharon Reply

    Pinterest name is Sharon455. I use the Kindle app on my iPad, so will be sending screenshots. Does the book I started last weekend count? :)

  22. Jane Reply

    Pinterest name is Jane

  23. Jon Reply

    What a great idea! I LOVE to read, so this is right up my alley!

  24. Brilliant! I’m in. My pinterest is Oddlysaid. I guess that means I’m going to have to pin stuff, huh?

  25. Aaron Reply

    Loving that old copy of the Silmarillion chillin’ on the bottom.

    So in.

  26. Courtney Holland Reply

    I’d like to be added also. Coffeeluvn is my Pinterest user ID (@gmail.com)

  27. Carolyne Reply

    I’m in! What a great idea. My Pinterest name is cdigel1.

  28. Alyssa Klaus Reply

    Awesome idea–my pinterest name is alyssajoy64.

    Going to clear off my shelf when I get home!

  29. Heidi Reply

    My Pinterest name is HeidiJoy94

  30. I’m in. Been keeping a list for years but never have taken pictures. Are audiobooks okay?

    Pinterest name is: adelewayah

  31. Athena Sparrow Reply

    This will challenge me to read more than just the books on my Kindle. Count me in! Athena Sparrow(athena612) on Pinterest!

  32. Tracy S. Reply

    Perfect idea. Pinterest name is Schakett6. Game on!

  33. Mandie Reply

    E-readers should create a “collection” of empty shelf, and put books there once they’ve been read, or as you read them. =] I’m in! #EmptyShelfEreaderEdition

  34. Ana Reply

    Great idea! Pinterest user name: zulana77

  35. Shonna Ryals Reply

    I love, love, love this idea!!! I plan on issuing this challenge to my students. Count me in! My Pinterest name is shonnaryals76.
    I use my Kindle for lots of my reading, but I’m going to clear a shelf and come up with a creative way for me to see the books I’ve read. Great challenge!

  36. Rebecca V Reply

    Fun! I actually did this for 2012, and I love looking at my full shelf! My pinterest name is Rebecca Vance.

    • Sue Anne Reply

      What is your pinterest name? There are several Rebecca Vance’s on Pinterest.

      If you follow me (Sue_Anne), I can add you to the board.

  37. I would love to be added! @drowsymama

  38. Rachel Bruce Reply

    So excited to participate! My Pinterest handle is:

    Rachel Bruce

    Happy reading!

  39. Awesome. I’m in @aterrible is my screen name.

  40. My Pinterest user name is linda1368

  41. JoannnnieM Reply

    I love this idea.
    Anybody have an extra empty shelf I can use? ;-)

    My Pinterest name is JoannnnieM

  42. Nizia Dantas Reply

    I love this idea. My pinterest name is Nizia Dantas. Thanks for share your great idea.

  43. This is completely awesome! My Pinterest name is thejonmartin

  44. Kim Wilson Reply

    I read anywhere from 1 to 4 or 5 books in a two week period (length of a library check out). I am quickly running out of books that my local library has that I am interested in and have had to resort to Interlibrary loans.

  45. I’m in.
    Pinterest handle: For Tomorrow We

  46. Adiel Gardner Reply

    Love this! My Pinterest name is adielg.

  47. Looking forward to doing this. My Pinterest handle is: stevelamotte

  48. Eric Sticht Reply

    EricSticht is my pintrest. I started reading 7 Men By Eric Metaxas last Night, first book on the Shelf.

  49. cindy Reply

    My pinterest name is Cindy Waller. So excited to do this! !!!

  50. Melissa DC Reply

    Love this! Pinterest name is Melissa_DC

  51. Theresa Decker Reply

    Pinterest username: Captivated121 Thanks for coordinating this, Jon!

  52. I’m in! Pinterest name is mrsanderson00

  53. Brittany Reply

    Yes! Love this! I’m on Pinterest… I think my “handle” is brittsh but my name is Brittany Hussain!

  54. Ryan Reply

    This is exactly what I need! My goal is one book per month! My Pinterest username is rkilosky.

  55. What an awesome idea! I created a virtual shelf on Goodreads to store my books.

    My Pinterest name is bobbeym

  56. Michelle Reply

    I love this idea but of course in true form I must adapt it and make it mine LOL. I, also, am an avid ereader as well as a paper book purchaser who has no room on a shelf. I did already resolve that this year I would make better use of my public library, so I am going to go with the pin idea and create a special board for cover pictures of the books I read this year. I expect it will be my largest board on pinterest. So now the question is do I pin my guilty pleasure books as well as the ones that make me seem intelligent and well read LOL

  57. Kris10 Reply

    You can make more room by getting rid of one of the two copies of “Blue Like Jazz” on the shelf above it . . . or better yet, both of them. :P

  58. Jonathan Reply

    Great idea … my only problem is that I come across a lot of great books and buy them at a pace that far exceeds the rate at which I find time to read them :/

  59. Andrea Priebe Reply

    Challenge accepted. Anpriebe is my pinterest name.

  60. I do this every year…but with 2 book shelves!!!

  61. Love it.
    Pinterest name: StevePBrady

  62. Danica Elder Reply

    Awesome! danicabookworm

  63. Yes! And I love that you aren’t waiting until 1/1!

    I’m new to Pinterest, but you can find me at GPSFinanceCoach!

  64. Cheryl Russell Reply

    Ha! Great idea. This will motivate me to move books from my “waiting to be read” shelf/shelves to a new “read it!” shelf. Which also means I’ll be clearing out already full shelves…..that will need filled next year. win, win, win.
    pinterest name is cherylwriter

  65. Dustin Reply

    Count me in! I love this idea. My Pinterest info is dustinmoody.

  66. Hubby and I are in! Here’s our pinterest board for it: http://www.pinterest.com/danischnakenber/empty-shelf-challenge/

    And do I spy the first Wheel of Time Book on the shelf above? Looks like it is as worn as my copy!

  67. Anthony carpenter Reply

    Love it.

  68. Tamela P Reply

    Challenge accepted! :)

  69. Kristin Reply

    Love this idea! Count me in!!
    Pinterest name = mosesnina

  70. Pinterest = mommynotions

    LOVE this kind of thing!!

  71. Angie Reply

    Great idea. Just cleaned off the shelf (in other words big pile of books on the floor now). my Pinterest username is angelfischwi.

  72. Deanna O'Brien Reply

    Pinterest username is nwstart2. Looking forward to trying this challenge. :)

  73. Bethany Perry Reply

    Love this! My Pinterest name is Bethany Perry (bperry95).

  74. Leslie Oakley Reply

    I’m running0nfaith and this is an awesome idea!

  75. Cassie Reply

    I love this idea! My pinterest user name is cfaitha.

  76. I’m in!! Love this idea! My pinterest name is jennmpeterson Thanks Jon.

  77. Love this! My Pinterest name is Karin Wizer .

  78. I love, love, love this idea! But all of my bookshelves are packed, stacked 2-deep! Maybe I should purge a few books first, but that’s like parting with a friend… or maybe I just need to buy another book shelf. :) Either way, it sounds fun! Thanks for the invite. Becky

    • Jocelyn Reply

      I have friends who buy the under bed storage containers for their books. They also use books as furniture (stacked up with glad on top for a table etc) because they both read so much. And that’s with using the library as well!

  79. Jennifer Mitchell Reply

    Awesome!! My pinterest name is jenlea72.

  80. Erin Reply

    Love this idea! Pinterest: erinschaffner

  81. Erika Reply

    I don’t buy books anymore — or I very rarely do. And, when I do buy a book, it’s because the library didn’t have it, so once I’m done, I donate it to the library so they can have it in their collection and someone else can read it. I rarely want to read a book more than once and when I do, I can go find it. I do have some I’ve kept over the years. Don’t get me wrong, our house is FULL of books – I just don’t need to keep on collecting and I like to spread the joy.

  82. Jeanette Reply

    Love this! My Pinterest name is bjbcrichardsaz.

  83. Tim Reply

    why do you have two copies of Blue Like Jazz on the same shelf?

  84. Shannon Reply

    My Pinterest name is homeotrangegirl. Looking forward to this!!!!!! ;)

  85. Wow! Lots of people on board for this. Sounds like fun. http://www.pinterest.com/mdsuburbs/

  86. Cathy Reply

    Love it! I’m in!
    Pinterest: cathyc33

    Thanks for thinking of us library people :))))

  87. Diethra Seymour Reply

    Amazone idea!!! My username is diethra24

  88. Jake Reply

    Will there be an elf on said shelf?

  89. Cynthia Reply

    Love it! Clearing it now!
    Pinterest – cynthiagwebber

  90. Teresa Reply

    Love this! I’m a Kindle reader, and each year I create a collection called ‘Read (Year). It will be fun to do this with a group. My Pinterest name is treesalyn.

  91. Oh this is AWESOME! Pinterest name is http://www.pinterest.com/lessonsfromivy. I’m almost done with a book too so I get a head start. Ironically enough I just finished SCL this morning (and I’m totally not just saying that I really did.) Unfortunately it was the Kindle version so no idea how to include that on the shelf.

  92. Dan from Georgia Reply

    I am not much of a reader, nor am I on pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or the like. However, I do like this idea and I just may have to join. I just won’t share my filling shelf socially.

  93. Dan from Georgia Reply

    Um, do you order your books according to color of the spine?

  94. Stephanie Runk Reply

    My pinterest name is StephanieRunk!

  95. This is my question… Audio books . I can screenshot the cover. Now, what is my Pinterest handle? Oh yeah, rfbryant.

  96. Corie Gibbs Reply

    Can’t wait to see what Kindle readers do for their “shelves.”

    I’m coriegibbs on Pinterest!

  97. Seth Reply

    Love it!
    Baxterclan4 is my Pinterest name.

  98. vikki Reply

    I’m in. Love this idea! I’m Vikki Stringham on pinterest.

  99. Wonderful idea. My Pinterest name is sdmadd1.

  100. I’m in! Can’t wait! Pintrest name is peteherrick.

    Thanks for the inspiration Jon.

  101. Laura Reply

    I absolutely love the idea! My Pinterest name is txlaurabeth. Already love to read, looking forward to filling the shelf. :)

  102. Laretha Reply

    Add me. Although most of my books will be text books as I start school. :) Pinterest is larethahulse.

  103. Bryan Grant Reply

    Great idea. Challenge accepted! My pintrest user name is bryancgrant

  104. Sarah Miller Reply

    I want to play! Pinterest name: sami923

  105. Brandon Reply

    Are your books arranged by cover color? I see black and white below your empty shelf…

  106. Jodi Musgrove Reply

    Yes! Please add me….my pinterest name is Jodi Musgrove. Great idea!

  107. What a great idea! My Pinterest name is Juanita (I just joined — not sure how it works, you can probably find me by my email).

  108. Samantha Kitchenman Reply

    So exciting!! My pinterest is: kitchenwoman

  109. B Wehnes Reply

    Love it! Pinterest name bwehnes.

  110. Carrie Reply

    This is exciting! You can find me at carriemccall (I think?)

  111. Cate Reply

    Mine is CPass725. Now, to clear off a shelf…or go to IKEA for a new one :-)

  112. Hannah Lovetto Reply

    My Pinterest name is Hannah Lovetto

  113. Jocelyn Reply

    I’m in! @sassyjomi is my handle on pinterest!

  114. @kjtanner on Pinterest. This is going to be superfun.

  115. I’m In. Great idea. I always set a book reading goal for the year. I like the idea of watching the empty shelf fill up rather than just checking a number on a list.

  116. Nathan Carman Reply

    Hey Jon. Love this idea. I already have a general reading board on Pinterst, but have now created a new bookshelf challenge board for 2014. I look forward to filling it up.

    Pinterest user name is DIYTrying

  117. Mary Reply

    Pinterest: Mary Hartmann

  118. Tovah Reply

    Challenge accepted! My Pinterest name is tovahatha.

  119. Great idea Jon! I’m on Pinterest @RickTheule

  120. Kate Prefountain Reply

    Awesome! My username is kateprefountain

  121. Rebekah Reply

    I’m in. My pinterest ID is beckduer.

  122. Keely Taylor Reply

    Please add me! My pinterest user name is keelyptaylor. Thanks!

  123. Love the idea!

    My pinterest name is: mjedallen

  124. This is fantastic. I’m in! My pinterest name is Dubon

  125. Chelsea Roe Reply

    On another note, anyone else interested to learn someone color coordinated these book spines? ‘The Message’? Yea that’s in the white spine section…

  126. cute photo that sort of shows you colour code your books…some of them at least ;)

  127. Barbara Reply

    Great idea! I’m in! My pinterest username is BabsKaye. I am interested in what they thought of the books they read, too.

  128. Rebekah Magers Reply

    Can’t wait. Good reason to buy another bookshelf. Have books piles on my floors! Pinterest name R Magers; please add me!

  129. Ben Reply

    Great idea!

    Do you put your books in order by color?

  130. Gena Reply

    Add me please! My Pinterest name is Genabean28.

  131. Yes! Add me! Love this challenge!

    My pinterest name is mmillwee14

  132. Michelle Reply

    Please add me….my Pinterest is greekwife99

  133. I’m in. I did this alone in 2013 using a virtual shelf in the Good Reads app.

    My Pintrest name is rshannonsmith.

  134. Hayley Reply

    I love this idea!
    And I love that your bookshelf is color coordinated!

  135. Ryan Smith Reply

    I’m in!!! My Pinterest is ourepicjourney.

  136. Erin Reply

    Awesome idea!

    Pinterest: elclaxton

  137. Greta Reply

    My pinterest is glad2do. I LOVE LOVE to read.

  138. Yes! Count me in! Pinterest name is jtapley .

  139. Katie Arthur Reply

    My hubby and I are going to do this! My pinterest name is Katie Arthur.

  140. Karen Reply

    I do this every year! You can find my bookshelf over on Goodreads. Karen Linton.

  141. Lori Waters Reply

    I love this idea! I am on Pinterest: lorilwaters. I plan to do this with my fifth grade class!

  142. Casey Reply

    At the risk of being Captain Obvious is this to motivate us to read MORE or just to keep track of what we are reading. Because if I read more my husband might ship me off. LOl I do think this is a great idea!

  143. That would be fun, except I get most of my books from the library or borrowed from friends.

  144. Love this idea and is something I would do, but we are living in a small house, & will be moving (we think) within 6-7 months.

    My wife would kill me if I cleared off a shelf of books only to refill it with new ones.

  145. Jennifer Reply

    Pinterest name is JenniferGott. Love this!

  146. Dawn Reply

    I’d love to join this challenge. My Pinterest name is Dawn Tomaschefsky.

  147. My pinterest name is Jennifer Webb(jennybek). I’m going to create a collection and (hopefully) keep track of my audible/kindle books. I’ll post pics of any IRL books, too. I like this idea!

  148. Gabrielle Reply

    My Pinterest name is Gabrielle Filicetti. :)

  149. JR Day Reply

    Sweet. Pinterest name’s therealjrday.

  150. stephanie Reply

    I’m so in! I’m stephmoran81 on pinterest

  151. Jodi Reply

    I’m in. Pinterest is theboysnme.

  152. Jeremy Plevka Reply

    One of my goals for 2014 is to read at least 12 books.

    Pinterest: jplevka

  153. Jackie Reply

    Thank you for including us digital users! My Pinterest user name is jackielott70.

  154. Karen Bruce Reply

    Great idea Jon! I’m a circulation clerk at our local public library. I will pass this along! :)

  155. I love this idea! Add me to the list. My Pinterest name is jasonvana.

  156. I’m ready. My ID is: rebeccabphotos

  157. Sarah Reply

    Are your other books organized by color?????

  158. amanda Reply

    I love this idea! I’m going to try it. My pinterest is Mandaleighna. Thanks!

  159. Megan Reply

    Awesome idea! Please add me. My Pinterest name is megster2388. Thanks! :)

  160. Great idea Jon! I’m WholeDonkey on Pinterest.

  161. Kadee Reply

    Please add me to the pinterest board. My name is kadeesign.

  162. Tracie Reply

    I love this idea! My Pinterest name is tlcmomx2

    Thanks! :)

  163. Amy W Reply

    I’m in. My Pinterest name is: Books & Bobbins. My books vary from bought to borrowed.

  164. Valerie Reply

    I love this! My Pinterest name is jones0807. Starting this ASAP!

  165. Perfect timing since well, you know, the Elf’s “fun” is done for another 11 months :-)
    I’m in. Pinterest name: Michelle Bengtson
    Here’s the question: What’s on your list waiting to be read?

  166. Kay Reply

    This could be feeding an addiction I already have. Nook, Kindle app on the I-phone, library card, and good old-fashioned books. And I just opened a gift card to McKay’s Book Store in Nashville!

    Pinterest: KYGirl Wildcat

  167. I’m in. My Pinterest name is Ray Hausler.

  168. Delia Coker Reply

    I’m so excited about this challenge! Don’t know how to post a picture to your Pinterest though.
    I’m deliacoker.

  169. Kristin Reply


    Pinterest: kmplessinger

  170. Susan Reply

    Great idea but disappointed that you didn’t suggest donating a bookshelf of books to your local library to be able to undertake this challenge. Just a thought…

  171. Elizabeth Reply

    Eveapple is my Pinterest account. I am a library girl, so my shelf will be different every time!

  172. Abbi Hart Reply

    Great idea! I’m not joining in since I read about 200 books a year so I’d need to get another whole shelf. And even if I could get another shelf I’m still faced with the problem of the fact that I like to have my books sorted on my shelves! So I’ll just say good luck to you all!

  173. Oh, what a fun challenge! Please add me to your Pinterest board: yvonnereynolds

  174. Meghan Reply

    Pinterest name – MegFitz89

  175. Groovy idea! Pinterest name is Paula McElrath
    It is also fun to count the pages also!!
    As I read I pass along to my sister, so I will use my shelf like a library one!!

  176. Lindsey Hampton Reply

    Lindsey Hampton 7lindsham@gmail.com on Pinterest

  177. I’m in! Since we’re moving sometime this year, I’ll do digital and pics. My Pinterest name is AmandaSims.

  178. James McBride Reply

    Awesome idea for 2014, my pinterest username is jamesmcbrideiv

  179. Liz Reply

    Love any reading challenge! My Pinterest name is Liz Hutcherson

  180. Jessica Reply

    My Pinterest name is Shecca… I love this idea! I’ve already taken the picture of my empty shelf.

  181. I’m in, but I’m at the in-laws’ so clearing a shelf will have to wait till after Christmas.

    pecaspers on Pinterest

  182. I love this, especially that it’s not starting January 1st. I’m in– Pinterest: k8trix

  183. Courtney Sexton Reply

    My pinterest name is c_sexton. Love this idea!!

  184. Love this. pinterest name Lori520

  185. Kelsi Reply

    Challenge accepted. I haven’t read in years! Pinterest name-


  186. Kristi Reply

    Looove this challenge so much!! I’m in : pinterest.com/krob

  187. Kim Zajan Reply

    Great idea. My Pinterest name is kimzajan

  188. An avid bibliophile being challenged to read more…this will be fun. I just cleaned off a few shelves of books to either donate to the church library or give to friends…And, my husband got me a Kindle for Christmas so I can finally join the ranks of the e-reading people.

    My pinterest name is Created for Home

  189. Playing along digitally. =) Pinterest name is bethzimmerman Thanks!

  190. Awesome challenge! My pinterest name is manchesterclark

  191. Awesome as a reader and a pinaholic! Please add me to your Pinterest board! Pinterest.com/crysticaro

  192. Amber Reply

    Pinterest name is amberboston :)

  193. Fun! My pinterest is jennjwoodward.

  194. Erin Reply

    Pinterest: erinhatton

  195. Ashley Dyer Reply

    Love it! Count me in. Pinterest name ashd11 Thanks

  196. Stefanie Almknd Reply

    My Pinterest name is StefAlmond99

  197. Steph G Reply

    I’m definitely in! My Pinterest is stephywubba.

  198. What a wonderful idea! Goodreads has a similar challenge. I read 24 of the 30 books (80%) toward my goal. I’d like to join your challenge in 2014! Merry Christmas!

  199. Leslee o'Bryan Reply

    Pinterest: leslee O’Bryan

  200. Love this idea! Pinterest: sparkplug67

  201. David Gibson Reply

    DJGibby is the username.

  202. Michelle Reply

    Great idea! My Pinterest name is mleclerc79. Can’t wait to get started!

  203. Kat Reply

    Definitely taking this challenge! I already have about 30 books in my iPad, plus we have a library at work with plenty of great books. 2014 will be all about learning. Thanks for creating this #EmptyShelf challenge. My pinterest name is Kat_978.

  204. Jamie Shrum Reply

    Great idea! Thank you!!

    pinterest name: mothershrummer

  205. Victoria Quirk Reply

    My pinterest name is _victoriaquirk !!! :)

  206. Carrie Reply

    What a great idea! I’m in :)

  207. Love this idea! Will be creating my empty shelf tomorrow! My pinterest name is: http://www.pinterest.com/sherriadelman/

  208. Allison Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name is sassafras5281.

  209. Richard England Reply

    I joined pinterest just for this! My pinterest name is rkengland04.

  210. Sweet! I was already starting to plan a similar challenge. My pinterest name is Kayla Bonar.

  211. AWESOME! I’m very much so looking forward to this. http://www.pinterest.com/warners/
    Also, the fact that you have at least two copies of Blue Like Jazz as well, makes me believe we have some sort of kinship we just don’t know about.

  212. Kelli Craig Reply

    My pinterest name is mamakellic.

  213. Rosa G Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name: rosaannette1926

  214. Rachel Chimits Reply

    This sounds super interesting! Count me in! I’ve even already cleared a shelf (somehow…) and taken a picture of it.
    My pinterest name: http://www.pinterest.com/chimits1

  215. Shalimar Reply

    Pinterest username: ShalimarKerithe

  216. Elaine Puckett Reply

    My Pinterest user name elaine7488 – LOVE this idea – creating a new “collection” on my Kindle right now titled “Empty Shelf.”
    Thanks, Jon, and MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

  217. I’m TheJCHoward on the Pintrests! Great idea; I’ll clear out a shelf.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  218. Becky Wilson Reply

    My Pinterest username beckylwilson.

  219. I’m in. Name is Charles Dairo. My Pinterest username is CharlesDairo.

  220. I am looking forward to this. On Pinterest I am tigerrama85 and my wife is beingvfox.

  221. Rebecca Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name is Rebecca Sorrells. Question – I have several books that I have started. Do I need to start them again to count them?

  222. Janie G Reply

    We are in! Our Pinterest name is kenandjanie. Thanks!

  223. I’m in! My pinterest name is naturalmoms

  224. Mandy Reply

    Pinterest name is Mrsrlgjr

  225. Rey Brown Reply

    I’m in Jon, looking forward to this. My Pinterest is pinterest.com/reylikesfamily

  226. Megan Reply

    My Pinterest name is Megan Pulling! Add me to the #EmptyShelf board, please!

  227. Michelle Treece Reply

    Pinterest name is treecem

  228. Kathy Reply

    This is very cool. :)

  229. Keely Prohaska Reply

    My Pinterest is Keely08 GREAT IDEA! I’m looking forward to seeing what others are reading. Mine will probably mostly be text books – but let’s hope I find time for some relaxed reading. Merry Christmas!

  230. Jeannette Reply

    love it….won’t take long to fill it!
    My Pinterest is 73nette

  231. I’m in. Pinterest.com/tammyhelfrich

    I’m taking my challenge one step further and will post it on the board when I’m in.

  232. Faith Reply

    Pinterest ID is faithmz

  233. Faith Reply

    Pinterest ID is faithmz.

  234. I’m so excited!!! This is what my blog/dream is all about – books! I can’t wait to see what others read! I commented on your pin to make it easier to add, but I’m under Jamie Lapeyrolerie.

  235. Hannah Swerens Reply

    Visual insentive is a wonderful thing! Great idea! I’m already trying to read a hundred stories in a year (fifty short stories, and fifty full length books), so this is great.

    My username is LeftyLizard.

  236. Amy VN Reply

    Sounds awesome! My Pinterest Username is avharten.

  237. Jessica Reply

    Pinterest handle: raynay714

    I can’t wait to get started…think I’ll go start right now!

  238. Pinterest name: Timothy Lawrence

  239. Rebecca Browne Reply

    Pinterest sn: ciamonae

  240. Karlina Reply

    Pinterest name KarlinaDacy :-)

  241. Jennifer Reply

    Love it!! My Pinterest name is Jennygin

  242. Sherayah Witcher Reply

    add me Shay Witcher on pinterest

  243. I am so excited for this.


  244. Sherayah Witcher Reply

    Or it might be under Shereah…not sure which.

  245. My Pinterest name should be emmmmygrace :-) can’t wait. I might start a little early though.

  246. Damon C Reply

    Pintrest is damoncrawley

  247. Mark Acuff Reply

    Cool idea pinterest name markacuff

  248. Jeanne Greenfield Reply

    I’m in! I’m going to suggest my roommates join us too!. My Pinterest name is jeanneg4 … gotta go now and empty my bookshelf.

  249. Heidi Reply

    I’m in although a little disappointed because I thought the challenge was to get rid of the Elf on the Shelf for 2014. Darn. Reading is great too though.

  250. Heidi Reply

    Oh – and I am therealheidib on Pinterest.

  251. Heather Crawley Reply

    I’m in! Pintrest name is Heather_Crawley. Have my digital empty shelf ready to go.

  252. Love this idea! I’d love to join in on the Pinterest fun, too. I’m “carolineugmh” on Pinterest.

  253. Awesome idea! My Pinterest name is jennysminute.

  254. joy Reply

    My hubby and I are in ( he doesn’t know it yet though)
    Pinterest name: joy Wolcott
    Happy reading!

  255. katie Reply

    I think this is a wonderful idea! I will have to motify it slightly and buy another book case for 2014, I read atleast a book every two days. My goal will be to fill my new book case.

  256. Elizabeth Reply

    My Pinterest name is ekricket

  257. Amanda Reply

    Love it! Switching offices after Christmas and I will leave an empty shelf!

    Pinterest name is amandaval

  258. Linda Beasley Reply

    I love this and I’m excited to begin this challenge!! My Pinterest name is sunshinegirl88.

  259. Stephanie Reply

    What a great challenge! My Pinterest name is sholmes82.

  260. Tina Reply

    I love this idea!
    And I love reading.
    I’m in!
    My Pinterest is TinaRanee.

  261. Kincade Reply

    Hopefully I won’t forget. My Pinterest is keenkeyd.

  262. My user name is harleykinz

  263. Nick Coby Reply

    Awesome !!!! Pintrest name is ncoby01.

  264. Rachael V Reply

    My Pinterest name: starrchild42

    I’m glad you’re including eReaders and library readers!

  265. A great challenge! My Pinterest username is jodyberkey

  266. Kelly Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name is kellywithay

  267. My Pinterest name is Lizzy Larson (llizzylou42). This will be so good! We own many books that I have yet to read.

  268. Love this! My Pinterest name is

  269. Marsha D Reply

    Marsha Daniels – cmld80

  270. Barb Yerian Reply

    I am excited for this challenge as I have some book that I own and want to read and others that I am waiting to purchase after reading those that I have.
    My Pinterest names is

  271. My pinterest name is bungirlpin. Add me please!

    I think I’m going to have to figure out some kind of virtual shelf because I read both e-books and the regular kind… Anybody know of a good app/website/etc to keep track of both?

  272. I am on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/worlddrive/

    It is going to be a bit hard to beat this year though! I was motivated with #FinishYear and read or listened to almost 60 with the hopes of finishing the final two before the first.

  273. I’m In! sozo1970
    Now, to work on that shelf…

  274. Suzanne Reply

    I’m in!! My Pinterest name is Suzanne Crowell

  275. I am in. Most of mine will be digital. My pinterest name is samanthabassett

  276. Katrina Reply

    katmack on Pinterest- Ready to fill my shelf!

  277. LOVE this! I already have one book to add that I finished yesterday! My husband and I are going to do this. My pinterest name is Melinda Prince (Melindarprince) and my husband’s is K Michael Prince (karymprince).

  278. I’m amber_i_am on Pinterest. I’m going to use a Goodreads category as my “empty shelf” since I don’t have an empty shelf on any bookshelf in the house!

  279. Jason Reply

    John…do you arrange your books by color??

  280. sbodnar05 on Pinterest

    Also going with a goodreads shelf because I have no physical shelf space.


  281. Christopher Reply

    I made a pinterest account just for this. My username is CoffeyCM1984. I have to find a clear spot on a shelve somewhere.

  282. Tim Gleason Reply

    This is a great idea. My Pinterest name is timgleason

  283. Oy vey… I am the worst about actually reading, despite knowing what good things come from it. I have picked up much more since the start experiment though, and this sounds like a fun challenge! I’m in!

    I’m presuming picture books with the kids don’t count? I mean, for my shelf (though, oh! They should do it, too!)

    Pinterest: jenniferkaufman

  284. christi Reply

    MY pinterest name is revchristi. Please add me so I can post my first book!

  285. Challenge accepted! My Pinterest name is cmusleo. Thanks :)

  286. Sunni Reply

    Please add me to the pinterest board. Sunni St. Pierre. I am already following your board.

  287. Monica Kumar Reply

    Please add me: Monica K at username mlank001

  288. Live this idea. Please add me!
    Pinterest: Suzanne Handley

  289. Christian Anders Reply

    Pintrest Name: christiananders

  290. Amber Reply

    I’m new to GoodReads and Pinterest, but I’ve been looking for a way to track my list of books to read so I’m giving this a try.

    My pinterest username is beerendsa.

  291. Michelle Nezat Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name is mlnezat

  292. Kimberly Lonergan Reply

    Can you add me to the Pinterest board? Kimberlylonergan

  293. Isabelle Reply

    Yeah! Love this idea :)



  294. megan Reply

    my pinterest is pinterest.com/meganpd12/
    I really like this idea :)

  295. Mandee Reply

    Can’t wait to start. Pinterest name is Mandee1

  296. Denise West Reply

    drwest97 is my Pinterest id

  297. Awesome!! Please add me! Pinterest: TennesseeSarah

  298. Tabitha Reply

    I want to play! Username is tabyost. Thanks!

  299. Veronica Warner Reply

    My Pinterest Name is Veronica Warner or Star72597

  300. Hi, my name on pinterest is Samara Surface. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is reading this year :)

  301. Kate Reply

    Already on my way!

    Pinterest name is katevaliente

  302. I’m in, username is snixon!

  303. Do articles on Cracked.com count? :3

    No, but seriously, this is a pretty cool challenge. Trying to decide now if I’m going to get in on it. (I tend to get very excited about ideas like this, then realize I don’t have the time/interest/energy/focus for it, and abandoning it about a quarter of the way in.)

    Another alternative for Kindle readers: If you can find a cheap paperback version of what you’re reading at a used book store, you can put the physical one on the shelf while reading the electronic version. :)

  304. Melena Cummings Reply

    I love this idea!

  305. Sondra Reply

    Just followed the board- now off to clean a shelf :)

  306. Ok, ok, I’ll go for it. :) My pinterest name is Liz Alexander.

  307. Samantha Royce Reply

    Pinterest :

  308. Michelle C Reply

    I’m freecoffeeday on Pinterest, add me to your shared board please. Great challenge for the year. #emptyshelf

  309. Pinterest name – nmwike

  310. Great Challenge! I’ve already started a list of books I want to read. Looking forward to seeing what others are reading too!

  311. Great idea! My Pinterest name is nrsratchett. Please add me.

  312. Kacy Reply

    Shelf cleaned and ready to go. My Pinterest name is kacadea.

  313. Pamela Hardman Reply

    Awesome idea. My Pinterest name is Pamela Hardman.

  314. Brilliant idea!
    Huntsvillechris is my Pinterest name.

  315. Grace Reply

    Love this! Pinterest user name is Grace Ivett

  316. Emily Reply

    My Pinterest is emea. I’d love to be added!

  317. Jose Carpio Reply

    This is a great idea. I’d like to be added too


  318. I’m hhhbff on Pinterest.
    This is a great idea!

  319. Marita Reply

    Add me to the empty shelf Pinterest board please, my user name is gallifreygeek

  320. Please oh please add me!! Im 5oclockstereo on pinterest…

  321. Lindsay Reply

    My husband and I would love to join in. Name:lindsayspam

  322. Hannah O'Neill Reply

    Great idea! My shelf is cleared and ready to be filled! Pinterest is honeill1

  323. Elizabeth Mann Reply

    Please add me. My Pintrest name is Elizabeth Rose Mann.

  324. Katie Cline Reply

    I want in! My Pinterest name is katester200. http://www.pinterest.com/katester200/

  325. Mita Reply

    I see you color coordinate your books…

  326. Kirsten Reply

    Add me … !! My user name on Pinterest is kcoquinn01. I also use Goodreads.com to track all of my books on there (they have a yearly reading challenge) and I love that as well.

  327. Andi Reply

    Only problem is where do I put the books I have removed….? This will be fun…

  328. Lanette Reply

    My Pinterest name is lanettesc..

  329. Synthia Reply

    My Pinterest username is msgreen27. I love this challenge idea.

  330. Christine Reply

    My pintrest name is crisbliss !
    I’m excited for this challenge!
    So pumped!!

  331. Elizabeth Reply

    Add me! I do all three. Buy, library and digital. Any sugestions? Pinterest user name is ealeppek. Thanks!

  332. Beth Reply

    I’m in! I’m mizmynatt on Pinterest!


  333. I’d love to do this and I love Pinterest! My user name is LeslieZander. My 13 year old is a voracious reader so I will share her books as well. She will easily outread me! She does not have Pinterest.

  334. Melissa Ogden Reply

    Please add me: http://www.pinterest.com/melissaaogden/

    Thank you can’t wait to see the great books everyone reads.

  335. Lori Sipes Reply

    Please add me too! My pintrest name is ldsipes. Thanks!

  336. Kara Reply

    I’m really excited about starting this! I would love to be added to the Pinterest board. My username is karawilliamson. Thanks!

  337. Lynn Hunter Reply

    Lynn Hunter … board Emptyshelf

  338. Tania Reply

    Oh, this is such a delightful idea! Please add Tania1334!

  339. Alicia Reply

    I’m in! My username is: aliciashope

  340. Gina Ledlow Reply

    My pinterest name is ginaledlow. I created an empty shelf board :)

  341. Montgomery Pace Reply

    Love it! My Pinterest is: montgomerypace

  342. Brian Reply

    Please add me too. Sounds like fun! bhope32 is my username.

  343. Emily Reply

    My pinterest username: surprisedpenguin

  344. Jason Reply

    Pinterest: veritas1977

  345. Melissa Reply

    My name is HuskMelissa and I’d love to be a part of this group.

  346. Brooke Reply

    Love this! My Pinterest name is ledbetterbrooke@gmail.com

  347. I’m in. Amyepatton72 on Pinterest.

  348. I think I’m going to need a lot more than one shelf! lol I do need to clean out my bookcase though, and I probably need to be more purposeful in what I read anyway. Not to mention, how cool to keep track of everything you read in a year!

  349. I’m an avid reader and actually had decided I was going to track my reads this year just to see how insane the # is. This is even better. My pinterest name is karenzeigler

  350. Julie Reply

    Me too! Great motivation.

    Pinterest = thestripequeen

  351. I’m in! My pinterest name is martimusprime.

  352. Steven Holt Reply

    Count me in! Pinterest – stevenwesley

  353. Nichole Reply

    My pintrest name is: nicholeovington

  354. Jessica Reply

    Jasturner is my Pinterest name.

  355. Linda Reply

    Love this idea… My Pinterest account is lfrancia.. May have to use the good read shelf idea though because I do get a lot of books from the library and remade books occasionally

  356. Dana Reply

    Well, seeing I refuse to get a Pinterest account (because I am too busy reading, writing, dreaming, and creating), I will not be participating in this as a “group project.” I already started something like this in July by listing all the books I read. Plus, I have never played well with others…I do not need others to challenged myself and to meet said challenge.

    But good idea for all the social media people out there.

  357. holly Reply

    love this idea! pinterest name is hfrees

  358. Tres Kennedy Reply

    My Pinterest name is Tres Kennedy

  359. BCM Reply

    Making this a bulletin board in my classroom for the second semester. Students will pin thumbnails of book covers on to the board as they finish reading them. Empty Shelf Bulletin Board!

  360. Laurel Reply

    I love this idea!
    Pinterest: laureldorsey

  361. Jacqi Barker Reply

    Please add me too. My Pinterest name is jacqibarker. Thanks!

  362. Tome Reply

    My pinterest name is: tomelodies

  363. Brittney Reply

    I am in! I already cleared my shelf. My Pinterest name is Brittney Moore Creel.

  364. Elissa Reply

    This challenge starts with a challenge of emptying a shelf. That will be the first victory. I’m in – add me to the Pinterest Board – Elissa Holder – http://www.pinterest.com/ga6peach/

    Now…off to begin reading.

  365. Dana Reply

    I LOVE this! I am challenging my students to participate as well.
    My pinterest name is: dausbrooks

  366. I’m in! Especially if I can put One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish on my shelf, along with every other book I’ll read my son. Might need two shelves…those cardboard books are awfully thick.

    Pinterest name: jmariebrondyke

  367. We are so in! @avwillis @zwillis

  368. Ashli Reply

    Count me in! My Pinterest username is Ashaloolu.

  369. Love the idea, but I need to tweak it. I want to read the books I already own and EMPTY some shelves this year. I’ll collect them in one spot, (add my notes about kindle books) and donate them to charity next December.

  370. John Reply

    Can you add me to the challenge? My pinterest name is johnhouchens.

  371. Megan Reply

    I have SO many books we have shelves double booked…Can I use the top of my dresser? That’s where I was planning to keep my books I wanted to read this year. My Pinterest is meglettx.

  372. Jon, Don’t laugh, but we have a lot of books…but no bookshelf! I have them in bins, and in stacks everywhere. I keep asking BUT, long story (you need not know) we don’t have shelves, yet. SO, how about an alternative? Empty, crate, or stack? I know it’s not as nice to look at, LORD, I know. BUT, well…at least a girl can participate! Love your idea. And the getting more people involved thing- YES! So true. Thanks, Dawn

  373. Kym Brown Reply

    Im clearing a shelf today!

  374. I’m in two book clubs AND I read a ton for fun! What a great goal.

    erinmc316 is my pinterest name.


  375. My Pinterest username is: mamierose

  376. Amanda Reply

    Awesome idea! My Pinterest name is cullensmama.

  377. Bailey Reply

    I just joined Pinterest for this, my name is Bailey Crawly. I have one board called the Empty Shelf Challenge, and my current display pic is of Homer Simpson.
    I would love to get in on this challenge, but I don’t have any free shelves, so I will take pics of all the books I read and at the end line them up and see what I have.

  378. Bailey Reply

    I guess my name is baileycrawly199

  379. Carissa Reply

    I’m in! Pinterest name is carissaad.

  380. Coley Logan Reply

    I’d like to do this to. My Pinterest name is n1elkyfan.

  381. Caleb Reply

    Cool idea. Pinterest name: calebeshoe

  382. Sheri Reply

    Love… Love… Love this idea.. I tell myself every year in going to read more. Great incentive. :)

    My Pinterest name is smayo70

    Sheri :D

  383. Nicholas Roziee Reply


    Pinterest: nwrozier

  384. Heidi Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest ID is txredraider96.

  385. I will never forget looking at Billy G’s shelves in utter amazement … bout to empty one!


  386. Stacey Moran Reply

    my pintrist name is Stacey moran

  387. Ashley Toth Reply

    My pinterest name is atoth75! Add me in!

  388. LOVE this idea!! And I’m glad you added the part about digital books. I read most books on my Kindle. My Pinterest username is megandryann.

  389. kayla Reply

    Mommacrump on pinterest, I wanna try to do this!

  390. My username is ericworships
    Please add!

  391. Lisa Gill Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name is Lisa Gill.

  392. Lisa Gill Reply

    Oops, my Pinterest name is actually lmgill.

  393. I’m so in for 2014! My Pinterest name is justthatgirl71. Thanks, Jon. :)

  394. Nikki McMaster Reply

    I’m in too! Pinterest name is nikkimcm

  395. Great idea Jon! Thanks for including us all.
    Pinterest user name: http://www.pinterest.com/momcomplicated/

  396. Love this! My pinterest name is ‘fekete’

  397. Pattie Ekman Reply

    Great idea! Now I need to go find a shelf.
    Pinterest name– pnekman

  398. Kaela Reply

    Add me please. Pinterest name is kaelamorgan. Thanks!!

  399. Katrina Reply

    Love this! Starting today! My pinterest name is CreativeProKat

  400. Oooh, please add me. My username is jenndiggy

  401. lauren Reply

    My pinterest username is bwhisp. I’m in!

  402. Jim Reply

    Pinterest name is JokerJim… I’m using GoodReads to track my reading which will be both paper and ebooks. This is a great idea.

  403. Scooter Buck Reply

    Count Me In!!! Pinterest name Scooterbuck3

  404. Cameka S. Reply

    I’ve become a “collector” of books over the years which is sad because i used to love to read. This is a welcomed challenge!
    My Interest name is: CShelbyLPC (I think, Lol).

  405. This sounds like a challenge I can actually commit to. I just graduated from college after working towards this goal for nearly 20 years. I am so looking forward to reading for pleasure again.
    My fifteen year old daughter wants to get in on it too! Excited for us to do this together!
    My Pinterest username name is sgcwarren and hers is girlnamedgrace.

  406. Rachel Reply

    Yes! Count me in! My pinterest name is: andreth01

    I love to read!

  407. Connie Reply

    Great idea! My Pinterest name is @savedbelle thx!

  408. This sounds really interesting! I’m on Pinterest – Jannette Binder

  409. Charlene Reply

    Sounds good. My Pinterest name is Charrob58 (Charlene).

  410. Brent Reply

    My pinterest id is brentnissen

  411. Stephanie Reply

    My Pinterest is polm76. I would like to join the challenge!

  412. Rebeka Reply

    My pinterest name is Rebeka Vaughn. Already finished my first book so my shelf is no longer empty.

  413. Jen Reply

    I love this idea! I’m an English teacher — always looking for fun things to do with reading. Please add me to the Pinterest board; I’d love to participate! My username is jnlondon.

  414. Laura Reply

    my pinterest name is luvmyadopted1

  415. Tisha Lord Reply

    I’m in!! Pinterest name: Dave N Tisha Lord

  416. Great idea! Count me in! Pinterest name is rebeccabover

  417. Anna Reply

    I would love to be a part of this. My pinterest name is annajohnsonme.

  418. Abby Reply

    Could you add me to the Pinterest page? My Pinterest name is abbybrosche. Thank you!

  419. Sounds awesome! My pin name is ericmandrews

  420. Kris Kerr Reply

    Please add me to the Pinterest board. ID = Rowdyreverend


  421. Leslie Reply

    I’ll do what I can, Mr. Acuff. I’ll pack more books away so I can join the reading party.
    Hopefully books that you’re already reading count.

  422. Connie Reply

    I am Connielam1723 on Pinterest, I will probably do either a shelf on Goodreads or a new board on Pinterest. I am looking forward to this!

  423. Sounds like fun!! Count me in! My Pinterest username is amcilovehp :)

  424. lacie Reply

    yay! reading is super! my pinterest name is modustee :)

  425. Sarah Cait Reply

    Yesss!!! My Pinterest name is kardiacharas, please add me!

  426. Ashley Reply

    Pinterest is arw615

  427. Shannon Minner Reply

    Great challenge…now just to clear off a shelf. My pinterest ID is murphy1620

  428. Sheila Eskue Reply

    My user name on Pinterest is seskue..I am a little confused about what I need to do to participate!

  429. I am ready! Pinterest is prgpins

  430. Shea Reply


    GREAT idea!

  431. Rhonda Yarbrough Reply

    My Pinterest name is Rhonda Yarbrough

  432. Phil Reply

    pinterest: thephilipbrown

  433. Katt Stephens Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name is katt17

    I’m mostly an E-Reader, so I’ll probably just do my own Pinterest board rather than a shelf. If anyone has any good ideas about how I could do a shelf-like challenge, I’m open to ideas!!

  434. Roxy Reply

    Mine is Roxaroos. Love this idea.

  435. Wanda Reply

    LOVE this idea! Please follow me at: http://www.pinterest.com/wandilly/


  436. Christopher Gorby Reply

    If it’s not too late count me in!

    My Pinterest name is gorby1911

  437. Okay, you’ve all talked me into this! I don’t know how clearing a shelf was so easy for all of you… pinterest.com/aspiringashley

  438. Stephanie Quick Reply

    Challenge accepted. Pinterest name: Stephanielquick

  439. Sam Reply

    Pinterest name: Samtastic

  440. Lindsey Reply

    My Pinterest name is lindseyjm
    Looking forward to the challenge!

  441. Mamie Kester Reply

    Please add me as well.

    Pintrest name: Mamiedk

  442. Erin Mullaney Reply

    please add erin_mullaney :-)

  443. I’m in. please add me to the board. Pinterest name: Resseguie


  444. Laura Brown Reply

    Please add me. My Pinterest username is lbisme

  445. Wade Thompson Reply

    I was already planning on keeping a list of the books I read next year – an old and good habit I let die a few years ago. This might help.

  446. Please add me to the Empty Shelf Challenge. My Pinterest user name is Heather Thompson.

  447. Heather Reply

    I’m in! Another no bookshelf geek, but I will hit up the local flea market for one. Though I will likely add before that happens.

    heyraet on Pinterest.

  448. Looking forward to being a part of this challenge…. pinterest: thejackiestyle

  449. Carson wheat Reply


  450. Meghan Reply

    Pinterest name: meglynw

    Now – to find a shelf!

  451. Cool idea, but as a guy, I can’t bring myself to set up a Pinterest account. I’m afraid I’ll lose my man-card.

  452. Pinterest name is gregorybyerline

  453. Caron Reply

    Please add me. My Pinterest name is Caron Tindoll. Thanks!

  454. Amber Leach Reply

    I’m in. Pinterest name is Amber Leach.

  455. Laura Reply

    How do I make a new shelf in Goodreads?

  456. Jill LaFaye Reply

    Pinterest username: richiesgirl

  457. Laura Reply

    Pinterest username is laurakwr

  458. Yes, yes, yes to this idea! My Pinterest name is Glitzngrits. I’ll have to take a pic and upload it. I just finished a “spring cleaning” why wait till the spring and bring all that clutter into the new year?!?! I have a stack of books waiting to be read and an empty shelf waiting to be filled.

  459. Tracy Watson-Brown Reply

    please add me – teedubyahbee

  460. Amy smith Reply

    My name on Pinterest is amyjonessmith
    Love this challenge..already started my first book!
    I also use goodreads to track my reading and will use a screen shot of that :) or of my nook!

  461. Cindy Malone Reply

    An awesome idea! I have “intentions” of being a prolific reader, but need some structure. This plan provides it!

    My Pinterest name is lifewriter.

  462. Laurie Reply

    Love this! Pinterest – lauriemcsorley

  463. Amy Reply

    Please add me. mamabearamy

  464. My Pinterest is MonicaAyers. Thanks for the add!! This sounds more fun that the one I did on Goodreads this year. :-)

  465. Jessica Reply

    I think this is a great idea!! I love to read, but I let other things get in the way and I haven’t finished a book in a long time. Starting with ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. :)

  466. I just finished “Start.” :) I bought it for my dad for Christmas, so I had to finish it quickly before we celebrate this weekend. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

    QUESTION: When are you going to write a book called “Finish.” I’m really good at starting…

    So along those lines, do we have to FINISH the books before we put them on our shelf? :)

  467. Just looking at that picture appalled me. I saw it on Pinterest and thought my heart was going to stop. So I came to this page and I’m now in love with the ‘empty shelf’. Following you on Pinterest, I’m http://www.pinterest.com/miscramblings

    Thank you for the motivation to play this game called life just a little better!

  468. legobenj Reply

    Please add legobenj.

  469. Elizabeth Vander Esch Reply

    Please add me to this challenge! My Pinterest name is eveapple, at least I think it is. I can never remember.

  470. Michelle Vaughn Reply

    Please add me to the Pinterest board – username momvaughn

  471. Nulaanne Reply

    My Pinterest name is Nulaanne. This is going to be fun

  472. Please add me! My username is Erinjoys.

    Thanks so much!

  473. My Pinterest name is Anne Pelchar. This looks awesome! Thanks!

  474. Donna London Reply

    Pinterest : Donna London

  475. I’m out of town and won’t be able to actually clear a shelf until after the new year, but look for Dava White on Pinterest.

  476. Nique Reply

    I’m in! My pinterest name is niqueslc . I don’t have an empty shelf… have to see if I can do something about that. :-)

  477. I would love to participate! I just followed the board, and I’m at http://www.pinterest.com/ramseystreet/

  478. I disagree that waiting until January 1 is stupid and fake. It’s a ritual, and there is power in rituals. There’s something symbolic about starting fresh on the first day of a new year.

    That said, I’ll still take that dare. My Pinterest account is pinterest.com/kimtracyprince. I already finished two books since you posted this!

  479. Nancy Reply

    I’m in. I will be keeping track on pinterest since I am a digital reader. My handle over there is knottynancy

  480. love this idea. my pinterest name is booksbycorine

  481. Matt Sanders Reply

    I’m in! Pinterest name is TMSanders316.

  482. Jake Reply

    What a great idea! My Pinterest account is jakeschweich . Please add me to the Pinterest board.

  483. Amanda Buero Reply

    My Pinterest name is mandylee14

  484. pinterest name is @kellycain

  485. Kimberley Reply


    Please add me, love this idea!

  486. Michael Green Reply


  487. Arona Reply

    I’m in! My pinterst name is Arona Martin, I think.

  488. Ryan H Reply

    you can add rharam

  489. Min Reply

    Fun! I’m MamaMin on Pinterest.

  490. Mandy Reply

    Thanks for the challenge! My Pinterest username is blessing06.

  491. Donna Reply

    Please add me. Pinterest name is donnamaui

  492. Spring Stout Reply


  493. Suzi Reply

    Please add me to the empty shelf challenge my Pintrest name is: suziketch. This is a great idea!!!

  494. Ashlea Reply

    I use my name, Ashlea Davis, on Pinterest. Shelf is READY!

  495. Tim Cox Reply

    I’m so in! Almost finished with my 2nd book. My Pinterest name is timdubyacox


  496. Anita Reply

    Pinterest username: anitashawaii

  497. Charla Reply

    I’m in!!
    My Pinterest name is charmboxstudios. Thanks :D

  498. What a cool challenge! I love the idea of creating a physical space but as a digital reader, a Pin board is a great way to make it a little more tangible.


  499. Ashley Feather Reply

    Love this idea! My Pinterest name is ashleyfeather. Can you please add me to the group?

  500. Love this! I’m “A Picture’s Worth” on Pinterest.

  501. My Pinterest username is drothamel

    Already started reading, looking forward to see what others share!

  502. theresa jones Reply

    I just started following the board! Can you add me? What a great idea! tlj4361 on pinterest. I’m gone till after the 1st but will add a pic when I get back. Can we post titles and brief review so others might find new books? :-)

  503. Sheila Eskue Reply

    Please add me Pinterest name seskue

  504. Ginger Boyll Reply

    My Pinterest profile is gingerboyll. So looking forward to this!

  505. My pinterest name is mattbeeman

  506. Amy Behrends Reply

    Please add me! My Pinterest name is creativeamy. Thanks!

  507. I would love to join in! Thanks!

    My Pinterest username is survivingstores

  508. This is awesome! My Pinterest username is kaela_moore.

  509. Hayley C Reply

    My Pinterest name is hayleycrowell. Thanks!

  510. I would live to join the challenge! Megan Underwood on Pinterest!

  511. Cassie Lawson Reply

    My Pinterest username is cgrlawson. Cleaned off my shelf today!

  512. I would love to join! Megan Underwood on Pinterest.

  513. Angela Reply

    My Pinterest name is angresh.

  514. My Pinterest name is Denisse Warshak. Thanks!

  515. Colette Reply

    Pinterest name is Colette Greene, the one with the yellow tulip for a profile pic.

  516. Terri Henry Reply

    Thanks for adding me to the #emptyshelf challenge on Pinterest! http://www.pinterest.com/terriannhenry/

  517. Thanks, I’d love to play along! My user name is EmbracingBeauty or else you could use MrsAshleyWalkup@gmail . com.

  518. Josh Simpson Reply

    My name is pastorjosh11. Please add me. Thank you!

  519. Pamela Rhodes Reply

    My pinterest name is Pamela Rhodes

  520. Sandy Reply

    Please add me! I’m starting with Chasing God by Angie Smith.
    Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sandyp/

  521. David Lerner Reply

    Pinterest name: davidlerner75

    Just joined today… for this… because of you. Well played, Jon Acuff. Well played… [slow clap]

  522. Totally doing this. Thanks for the idea and community, Mr. Acuff. :)

    Please add me on Pinterest: TraciTakesTea


  523. Judy Reply

    pinterest name judyint

  524. Suzi Reply

    Can’t wait. Actually started today with LOVE DOES!!!

    My Pinterest name is toctic

  525. I’d like to be added

  526. Tori Wehunt Reply

    tori_wehunt on Pinterest!

  527. Caron Reply

    My Pinterest name is Crayon2

  528. Ashley Reply

    Pinterest name apblackburn

  529. Stephanie Beltran Reply

    Please add me to the empty shelf challenge – stephinprogress

  530. Add me, please. Pinterest name is Donna Eisenbath.

  531. Jill Stoltzfoos Reply

    Add me please!


  532. I’m just about to follow you, Sue Anne. It will be Diane Muir or pinterest.com/nammynools! Thank you! I look forward to this!

    What a great idea, Jon!

  533. Holly Tillery Reply

    This is so great!! My Pinterest name is Holly Sanders Tillery. Thanks!

  534. Britt Reply

    Pinterest name is : Britt

  535. Vox Populi Reply

    Please add me on Pinterest. I am youknowmeAl.

  536. Abby Reply

    ksgirl81 – please add me to the Pinterest board, thanks!

  537. Ross Reply

    You can add me, rsskng. Already started.

  538. christy parker Reply

    Not sure if you will see all of these, but if you get to my name I would love to be on the board! This is a great idea!!!

    I feel nerdy but I am not sure if my screen name is other then my actual name, which is Christy Parker.

    Thank you!

  539. Rebecca Reply

    This sounds like fun. I have really slowed down my reading. I believe this will be a good jump start and provide continued motivation and inspiration. Thanks :)

    My Pinterest name is revkajewel

  540. Shane Reply

    My Pinterest username is Norman. Thanks!

  541. Christina Reply

    I love the challenge…I’m in. My Pinterest name is Christina Lint.

  542. Angie Reply

    Sweet! My Pinterest name is angiediss :)

  543. DJ Reply

    Looking forward to getting started! My Pinterest account is semicolon1996

  544. Great idea! My Pinterest username is brandimajor
    Thank you!

  545. Challenge accepted!
    Pinterest name: kkc4h

  546. Cheryl Reply

    Please add me – cherylpond

  547. Please add me to your Pinterest board! My user name is creativemel. Thanks!

  548. My username is KyleMacon. So excited about this challenge!

  549. Carla Frey Reply

    My pinterest name is cfrey77. I think this is an awesome idea.

  550. Susan Stone Reply

    My Pinterest name is Susan Stone. May I join the challenge?

  551. Carrie Reply

    I’d love to be added! :) Pinterest name is Carrie Kintz! :)

  552. Betsy Reply

    Pinterest name: goldfly02

  553. Kimberly Reply

    Kimberly Merrell-Pelletier My husband and I both are going to do this. We might even encourage our 3 children. We might have to resort to baskets or spaces… all of our shelves are taken.

  554. Ashley Reply

    Love this! My Pinterest username is ashleyncanipe

  555. Eileen Orona Reply

    Love this idea. If I can manage to place more than 1 book on my #emptyshelf, I’ll consider it a success! My Pinterest name is my5coronas

  556. Dionne Thomas Reply

    Please add me my pinterest name is hoopjunky.

  557. Danielle Reply

    Love this idea! Please add me. My user name on Pinterest is yrfavoritehswf .
    Thanks for doing this.

  558. Stacy Reply

    Please add me! My Pinterest name is istacy1011

  559. Denee Menghini Reply

    My pinterest name is Denee Menghini

  560. I’m in. My Pinterest is fabionass

  561. latrice ross Reply

    Pinterest name: triceross

  562. Dana Reply

    My Pinterest name is gradschoolmom14
    Thx and happy reading to one and all!

  563. Samantha Moran Reply

    Hi! My pinterest name is Samantha Moran.

  564. Heather Reply

    Excited about this challenge! I’ll actually be able to track my reading :) please add me- @heatherhilbert on Pinterest!

  565. Erin Reply

    Excited to fill up my shelf!
    My Pinterest name is erinmillerjones

  566. I followed you – here is my Pinterest link

  567. Hi, great idea! My Pinterest name is


  568. Pamela Reply


    Pinterest: mspamela1220@yahoo.com
    I am a digital reader

  569. Mary Ann Reply

    Please add me to the Empty Shelf Challenge List! My pinterest name is maryanngee.

    Thank you!

  570. Jeremy Reply

    My Pinterest name is jeremystuard.

  571. Anna Reply

    Pinterest username is annagracewright

  572. My pinterest name is sarahcatesmiles!!!

  573. Laura Phelan Reply

    Please add me to the board! I followed you Sue :) http://www.pinterest.com/lauraphelan

  574. Jessica Reply

    Love it! My pinterest name is: Jessica Richie

  575. Pinterest username: writerEmilyRyan


  576. Angelle Reply

    Pinterest name: AM Cope

    Great idea!

  577. adrianselmon1: pinterest name

    Started reading “Start” how appropriate.

  578. Kathy Byram Reply

    Hey Jon! My Pinterest tag is Byramstudio.

  579. Pinterest is StuGray

    Reading Write. Publish.Repeat.

  580. Kathy Magri Reply

    Pinterest name: kehill24

  581. Ashley Reply

    I’ve got my shelf ready and I’m debating whether my “how to” book should be the first one on the shelf. (I’m almost finished reading it).


  582. Dan Hedges Reply

    My username is danielhedges

  583. Kevin Reply

    Add me to your empty shelf challenge. Kevin Penner

  584. Patty Reply

    Very excited for this challenge! Please add me:

  585. Love this! I’ve just started (today) tracking my books on GoodReads for this purpose, but I’d love to be on the Pinterest board too. My username is jenochej!

  586. Hayley Reply

    Awesome idea for motivation! Pinterest name is hebarnett

  587. Trisha Reply

    my pinterest name is trleonard4 Thanks.

  588. FUN!!!!

    My Pinterest alias is AMichT


  589. Denise Edwards Reply

    Going to be some major accountability for me…damexray on pinterest. :)

  590. Kaycee Reply

    My Pinterest handle is sonkist1. Thanks!!

  591. Jalal Reply

    Add jalal_hoehler please!

  592. Doris Nash Reply

    I’m on Pinterest as dorisnash. I followed the Empty Shelf board–is there anything else I need to do?

  593. Bree Reply

    Great idea! Here’s a link to my Pinterest profile: http://www.pinterest.com/bree_mooney/

  594. Laura Reply

    I love reading, so I’m in! (Laura N on pinterest).

  595. Just joined Pinterest. Either Craig Harmann or Harmannymusic.

  596. lynndell sligh Reply

    my pinterest name is slighzone …anxious to start

  597. My pinterest name is rachael_lou (Rachael Davison) – so excited for this challenge!

  598. Christi Brown Reply

    Greatjoy4 I’m pumped!!

  599. Lezlie Reply

    Count me in…Pinterest name is lezlieellis67.

  600. caseyzager is my Pinterest. Thanks!

  601. Jill Reply

    Can’t wait. Pinterest name: geckomama

  602. Pinterest name: ajthebanker Thanks!

  603. Shannon Reply

    Pinterest name is shannonvrnr. Thanks :)!

  604. Toni Reply

    My Pinterest name is tonibethscott.


  605. Terry Reply

    My bookshelf is cleared and ready to be filled! My Pinterest username is commowife08. Please add me!

  606. April Reply

    I’d love to join! Pinterest name: aausmus

  607. Pat Youther Reply

    My Pinterest name is pwy. Trying to figure out where I can make an empty shelf . . .

  608. Dan Mahalak Reply

    I’m in!!
    My Pinterest name is : danthesecond

    Good luck everyone!

  609. Cheri Reply

    I don’t have a empty shelf, so I found a corner in my bedroom that’s clear to put books. Really excited for this challenge. crothenberg on Pinterest.

  610. Emity Reply

    Please add me to this challenge. My pinterest name is Emity.

  611. Karen Brotherton Reply

    Great idea. Pinterest name is kariebro.

  612. My pinterest account: http://www.pinterest.com/oddlysaid/ I think I got skipped earlier in the thread. Thanks!

  613. Ooh, I love this. (And I love how The Silmarillion is on a lower shelf–good choice!) My pinterest name is “pioneercynthia”

  614. Amanda Carter Reply

    Please add me on pinterest. bellaboosmomma

  615. Would love to join this challenge!!
    @CWeiler4 is my name. Thanks

  616. Meredith Weingarden Reply

    My Pinterest name is goldeylocks. This sounds like fun; please add me.

  617. Spencer Reply

    Great idea! My Pinterest name is SpencerPittman

    • Sue Anne Reply

      What’s your Pinterest user name? it didn’t find you under SpencerPittman.

      If you follow me (Sue_Anne), I can follow you back and add you to the board.

  618. Laura Calbert Reply

    Pinterest name: Laura Calbert

  619. Laci Reply

    I’m in. My Pinterest is : lacivegas

  620. Missi Watts Reply

    I’m in. http://www.pinterest.com/miswatts/empty-shelf-challenge/
    Most of the books I read are from the library so I’ll just pin my books.

  621. Bryan Grant Reply

    Pintrest username:

  622. Pinterest name is Michael Kenan, Very original I know.

  623. My Pinterest name is januarydiva :)

  624. I’d love to be a part of this!

    Pinterest Name: donnamacpherson

  625. Cindy Reply

    My Pinterest name is deadendmoon! :)

  626. This sounds interesting. On Pinterest I am mwtsoftware.

  627. Such a great idea, my pinterest name is jeanniecapellan

  628. kingoffree

    Please add me to the board, it’s the only reason I’m keeping the shelf.

  629. Melissa Reply

    My pinterest name is tinkerbell9902.This challenge is going to be fun.

  630. My Pinterest name is Kayla Grant
    URL: http://www.pinterest.com/kaylasgrant
    I’m already following the Empty Shelf board.

  631. Judy Reply

    Pinterest user name: judithathomas

  632. Erica Reply

    My pinterest username is ericalynn

  633. Amy Reply

    I’m in! Pinterest name: Amycate

  634. Thanks Jon, my Pinterest name is Sue A Stevns

  635. Drew Curry Reply

    Love to take part. Joined Pintrest just for this. My pint rest name is drewcurry7

  636. My wife and I are in! Our Pinterest handles are:

  637. Shawn Lindstrom Reply

    My Pinterest name is shawnlindstrom1. Looking forward to this challenge.

  638. Lisa Reply

    Great idea!! I may have to buy a new bookshelf! Pinterest name is Lisa Kunelius.

  639. Judy Johnson Reply

    Wonderful idea. My pintrest name is jjohnson26.

  640. I love this! My pinterest is @smuddles. I’m going to do a digital goodreads board.

  641. Valerie Reply

    Pinterest name is nuenglandchick

  642. Bel Reply

    My Pinterest is belmwilson
    And this is a brilliant challenge I’m excited to be apart of! :)

  643. Katy Reply

    Please add me : katykc33


  644. Jen Reply

    My pinterest name is ltmom. Awesome challenge! Love it! Thanks!

  645. Can’t wait. My Pinterest name is TheSimpleLifeDe

  646. Andrea Reply


    Can’t wait! Halfway through Book No. 1 now. I’ll be reading all year long in all kinds of formats, so Good Reads and Pinterest will document the journey!

  647. Katie Murphy Reply

    my pintrest username is klmurphy88

  648. I would love to do this! Pinterest username is jordanforty. Thank you! :)

  649. I think it’s cute that you color code your bookshelves! In a completely masculine, macho, manly way, of course!

  650. Angela Boone Reply

    Oh John, I applaud you for getting folks excited about reading and challenged to read! I won’t be taking part in that challenge because I fill up one of those shelves (figuratively) about every other week and I read almost everything from the library. I will really look forward to hearing how folks are progressing!

  651. Mandy Reply

    I’m in! My username is Mandy Schwertner

  652. Kobie Reply

    Pin @ kobieventer

  653. Aurora Hamm Reply

    Love it! Great idea! My Pinterest username is rorygir1.

  654. Trisha Reply

    Thanks! Pin name is trishaametz

  655. lissa Reply

    Pinterest name is Elisabeth Robinson Goss

  656. Lisa Reply

    my pinterest name is lisapippus

  657. Kristal Woods Reply

    I’m in! My pinterest name is velma96

  658. Erin Reply

    Pinterest name erinsmootjones

  659. Bonnie Crocker Reply

    Please add me. My username is auntieb7. Thank you.

  660. Robert Ward Reply

    I’m in. Pinterest name rnward377

  661. Love it! My Pinterest name is heatherlow. Just finished my first book tonight!!

  662. John Reply

    I’d love to get on board with this. Pinterest name: johnthesixth

  663. Phil Rhodes Reply

    I’m in! My Pinterest name is pjrhodes. Sheld cleared and photo posted.

  664. Amy Reply

    I’m ready for the challenge! I fell short of my personal goal of 25,000 pages read for 2013, but am ready to try again. Please add me to your Pinterest board: Amy Hinds

  665. Tintin Reply

    I love that so many people are taking this challenge! Please add me, my pinterest name is kat3namp

  666. This is fantastic! My username is muziqfreak1. Can’t wait to see everyone’s progress!

  667. Greg Carter Reply

    Looking forward to it, Jon, thanks!
    “Cartocracy” on Pinterest.

  668. Yolanda Reply

    I’m in on this challenge! Great idea an thanks for sharing it.

    On pinteredt I’m simply –
    Yolanda Caro

  669. Erick Ashley Reply


  670. please add me, jennielynn16

  671. Beth Reply

    Please add me. I am bminish on Pinterest. Thanks!

  672. Libby Butero Reply

    I’m in! Pinterest name is Libby Butero

  673. Bryan Riggs Reply

    I am in! Pinterest name, BryanARiggs.
    Thank you!

  674. My pinterest ID is mariahkw


  675. Janice Stpehens Reply

    Please add me to the board. I can’t wait to get started. Maybe I will finish more books this year.

  676. Mamie Kester Reply

    Please add me to the pintrest board.


  677. Alysa Reply

    My Pinterest name is abcbuckeye. Thanks!

  678. My pinterest user name is cricketsdeligt. I finished my first book last night – Spring Fever!

  679. Nicole Reply

    My pinterest ID is nicolegrisham

  680. Colette Reply

    My Pinterest username is Cocopufffs

  681. Megan Reply

    I love this!!! My Pinterest name is mhobbs8! :)

  682. Jenny Griffin Reply

    My pinterest name ! Thanks

  683. Cheri Reply

    My pinterest name is cheritn

  684. Melody Reply

    Great idea!! My Pinterest name is melodious201.

  685. I would like to be added to the Pinterest board. Hopefully it will keep me more accountable. My pinterest name is Arbocal. (http://www.pinterest.com/arbocal/empty-shelf-challenge/)

  686. anne rowell Reply

    Love this idea. My pinterest name is Anne Rowell

  687. Annette Reply

    I’m in. 3Pugsrule

  688. Anna Reply

    My Pinterest name is ak06

  689. Opened a shelf on good reads since nearly all my reading these days is done on device. My Pinterest name is laughingmouse. :-)

  690. Looking forward to it . Pinterest: jamesrogers0027

  691. Dana Carlton Reply

    My pinterest name is Dana Carlton

  692. Lanette Reply

    My Pinterest name is lanettesc

  693. Ali Reply

    I’m excited to participate! My pinterest name is: afbruso :)

  694. Jimmy Reply

    Awesome! I’ve already started a couple books! My pinterest name is: jimmyjt3

  695. Erica Pefferman Reply

    Please add me to the Pinterest board! Username is epeff

    Thank you!

  696. Larry Marshall Reply

    OK, I just cashed in my man card and joined Pinterest…because I want to do this challenge. I’m not 100% sure if you search for my name, but I think you search for “larzmarshall”. I’m not sure how to follow anyone, but I’ll figure it out…

    Oh, and in tribute to Jon, my Pinterest picture is a picture of Tom Brady crying.

  697. Hi Jon, can you add me to the challenge as well? I’m MrsGixxer http://www.pinterest.com/mrsgixxer/

  698. My pinterest name is jessloftus

  699. I would really like to do this and left a message earlier and on facebook but I am not able to pin to the page ….



  700. Taryn Reply

    I’d like to join in! My pinterest name is tarynliz.

  701. Savannah Sullivan Reply

    I’m in! My name on Pinterest is chroniclestudio. :)

  702. Courtney Reply

    I’m excited! Count me in. My Pinterest name is csr320

  703. Mikelyn Rochford Reply

    mikeybeth94! Thanks!

  704. Please add me Jennjwoodward thanks!

  705. Melissa Reply

    So Excited. My pinterest name is mel1322

  706. stephani Reply

    I’d like to participate. My Pinterest name is stephanicochran. Thanks!