Day Zero.

The only thing harder than beginning is beginning again. And trying to get someone to eat at a fondue restaurant a second time. That’s very hard in its own unique way.

The truth is that as scary as the blank page might be, the harder thing to deal with is the one you’ve already drawn on.

That page is covered with marks and mistakes.

There is history there.

There are scribbles and lines and cross outs.

You understand that. You woke up in a career that didn’t feel like it had anything to do with your major in college. You woke up in a dating relationship that should have ended a long time ago. You woke up in some part of your life that you wish was some how different.

The problem is, when you wake up one day and realize it’s time to begin again, what do you do first?

That’s what Jenny and I have asked ourselves over and over again this last month. (I’ve been suggesting queso at each turn. I feel like queso fixes a lot of things. That’s also my second melted cheese reference in case you’re playing along at home.)

I wish I had a complicated answer. I wish this was going to be a first day post like none other in which I spouted so many tweetable, Newsies-style statements that we brought down Twitter. I wish the idea I was about to share was so surprising that people made it into beautiful images on Pinterest that had kittens in them and people standing triumphantly over mountain vistas.

It is not.

Here is the simple truth about starting over:

Starting over is impossible without friends.

I don’t know if this is the first time you’ve read something from me or the 100th, but the most important thing I can say is simply, “Thank you.”

You tweeted us. You signed up for the  newsletter. You said “heyyyy” on Facebook.

And you were ready before we were. You knew that something fun is going to happen, that the best concerts always have encores, that tomorrow always starts the day after today.

There are new stories to tell.

There are new adventures to have.

There are new mountains to climb.

New places to go in the middle of the day that are outside of this house. You’re kind of cramping my style. Mondays are when I work on the laundry, can’t you go to the library or some hipster coffee shop?

Jenny made me add that last one in.

But today is a second chapter.

And every second chapter is born from the end of the first.

Jenny and I are ready.

Are you?

P.S. Stuff Christians Like is a work in progress. We’re trying to figure out what to do with the 2 million words of content and will definitely be leaning on you guys for some ideas.

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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff


  1. Kimberli Nelson (@kimbi352)

    Well, you and Jenny have a “friend in me”…Oh the Toy Story flashbacks I am having! New beginning, new start…we are behind you both 100%. Rockin #AcuffStyle! #TeamAcuffFTW #AllTheSingles

    • Jon Acuff

      Thanks Kimberli! We’re always up for a Toy Story reference.

    • Definitely feeling the energy and momentum over here! Yes…restarting sucketh!! I’ve done that. But, whenever you’ve done it before, some of the pieces fall together a lot faster. Whenever you’ve been a friend, your friends realize how much you mean to them and when you need them, the really loyal ones stick in there and support your dreams, buy that cup of coffee, invite you into their extended networks and just pour love on you…like sugar! <— see what I did there? Lol


      Ps:plenty of tweetable moments in there!

    • April Harrison


  2. Welcome back bro. And “yes please” to the hipster coffee shop. Greetings from Portlandia!

  3. Jon and Jenny an army of supporters and encourages are here for you each step along this new path. Great post and stay strong Acuff family because the next chapter I am sure will nothing short of epic.

  4. So glad you’re back, Jon. You’re an encouragement to me as I pursue my own dreams even though I have a lot of trouble “starting”. Praying for both you and Jenny this AM.

  5. Laura Calbert

    Welcome back…you were missed…greatly missed!

  6. Congrats on the new blog, Jon.

    Although transitions can be a new opportunity to both refine and redefine, there are is muscle memory that quickly takes over when fatigue sets in.

    New years resolutions are forgotten. Diets are given up.

    You have a fresh chance to write something new. To share your unique voice. To point out to all of us something worth looking at.

    “Hey, did you see that over there?”

    Be bold. Take risks. Challenge us.

    You’ve got this.

  7. Thanks Jon (and Jenny – Monday is my laundry day too). I made you a nice pretty mountain top picture with an inspirational quote on to celebrate and put it in the facebook group 🙂

  8. …every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end….sorry, seemed appropriate.

  9. Big congratulations on the new site. Excited to see what you’ll do with it.

    Maybe the old SCL material could be arranged into a encyclopaedia style site sorted by topic? There is so much awesome stuff there it would be a shame for it to not be easily accessible. Or maybe there could be a second SCL book?

  10. It is good to read your writings again. Glad you are back. Today is a big day for me as well and this post hits the spot. I know as I move forward I can’t do it alone. This next chapter for me has to be so much better than the last one.

    • Jon Acuff

      Really? What are you working on today Amy?

      • Today is my birthday and instead of writing down what things I want to do this next year of life, I’m going to write down what type of woman I want to be at this time next year. Another D&B blogger wrote a post about this idea. I have sin and mistakes I need to cast off so I can become the woman I need to be. I figured my birthday is a good starting point for this next chapter of life.

  11. Lean in, Jon. You have no shortage of friends.

    Also, when you go on your next speaking tour, Appleton, Wisconsin has a fondue restaurant. Just putting that out there.

    • Jon Acuff

      The crazy thing is that I’ve never once been to the state of Wisconsin. I’m beginning to think Wisconsin has sworn a vendetta against me.

      • Renee

        On Wisconsin! I certainly would make the trip to Appleton! I have enjoyed and shared your quips, decisions and stories for a long time. It would be wonderful to see/hear you in person! I’m originally from the south, and I thought Wisconsin hated me for years, until I realized people were just frowning because of the cold! There are some good solid dear hearts under all those layers of long underwear, ready to take you in!

      • Chrissy

        No vendetta that I know of. But, who knows what could have been written on the law books that I didn’t hear about on the local news. 🙂 Come to Wisconsin! We’ll support you…and join you at the Melting Pot!

  12. Thank you for consistently hitting singles. You move us around the bases that way.

  13. Welcome to your new home, Jon and Jenny. Can’t wait for the next chapters!

  14. It’s good to see you back writing! And I look forward to reading more about the adventures of Jon and queso.

  15. Fondue restaurants wouldn’t be so bad if they’d give you a bit more than a square of bread to dip with a chopstick.

    Give this guy a turkey leg and a barrel of queso and I’ll be seeing you daily.

  16. I too am starting my 2nd chapter right now. You are right, we can’t do it alone. Just as we all respect you there are people out there that respect each and everyone of us. They want to walk with us. Jesus was not a loner therefore neither should we be loaners. Great “first” post Jon. #toGodbetheglory #ihashtagonblogs

  17. David Norton

    Glad you’re back!

  18. Katie Cline

    Welcome back Jon. No complicated answer needed, just something real and true, which is always what we get from you. We’re excited for you and for what’s to come…crossing my fingers that some queso will be in your future along with many other awesome things.

  19. Good to have you back, Jon. Queso does fix a lot – but what fixes even more is knowing that you’ve got a passionate group of people who believe in you and your message. Here’s to the next big thing my friend. Let’s grab coffee soon.

    • Jon Acuff

      Thanks Matt, good to hear from you. I ran into Micah the other day, great knowing you guys are in and around Franklin too.

  20. Brad L

    It’s great to see you’re back at it

  21. Congratulations, Jon and Jenny! So awesome to see you rise above the challenges and start (oops, can I say that?) over!

    Thanks for being that inspiration to all of us. May all your dreams become reality, and may the queso never stop flowing…or is that too redundant?

  22. Glad your back! Ready to roll along with you. Was expecting to see a beard with the hibernation and all.

  23. Meghann

    Welcome back! Can’t wait to see where this leg of your journey takes you!

  24. Jon

    The Acuff is back, life can now resume its normal insanity 🙂

  25. We are with you all the way Jon. All the way to the lighthouse in Maine! You spurned a huge movement that is changing the world, you are capable of mighty things! I’ll stay tuned.

  26. Guess who’s back? Back again?
    Acuff’s back. Tweet your friends.
    Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back…..

  27. Welcome back Jon. You catalyzed a movement of dreamers and builders, and we’re happy to be there for you and Jenny. Can’t wait to follow along with whatever’s nexr. #teamacuff

  28. Sheryl

    So happy to wake up to this post this morning! Welcome back and we are so happy you chose to be friends with all of us starters! #alltheawesome #teamacuff #winning

  29. We are behind you and ready to see you in this new phase. Thank you for being brave enough to begin again in front of us.

  30. Welcome back! My family has been in a process of starting over these last few months too. And, I do think it would have been much more enjoyable with big bowls of queso. Excited to see what is next for the Acuff family!

  31. Glad you’re back! Thanks for always keeping it real.

  32. Ryan Stroud

    Welcome back Jon! In the past several years, I’ve learned that attitude is everything. Your positive attitude and refusal to dwell on the negative is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  33. Heather Villalta

    Hey Jon,

    Your journey has been a great thing to see and be a part of, especially these most recent chapters! Behind you all the way!


    PS – You quitting at the Dave Ramsey company gave me the courage to consider quitting my safe, boring insurance job. Because of that, I just applied to a one-year internship in Missouri (I live in California) that would give me some necessary skills and knowledge for my dream. I I get it, I will be moving in December across the country, to a place I’ve never been before, to live and work with complete strangers. It is terrifying, but it will be so amazing.

  34. What good would a book be with only one chapter anyway? Looking forward to many more to come!

  35. Jon, inspired by your drive and determination to begin again. You have an army of friends, followers, and fellow queso enthusiasts.

    Just put one chip in front of the oth… foot. One foot in front of the other and we’ll be right behind you (sorry, I was thinking about queso again, is queso an acceptable breakfast?).

    Okay, gotta go before I make some cheesy joke about queso again… Dangit… What I wanted to say is, we’re friends, we’re behind you, and we’re excited for the new chapter!


  36. “Starting over is impossible without friends.”

    Jon and Jenny thank you so much for creating a community of people I now consider friends. A community of friends so large that I have more in common with them than I do with my high school or college networks.

    You and Jenny are showing us that the journey isn’t complete without your spouse. My husband and I detailed out plans for my dream this weekend. I needed to hear that what I could bring to life was worthy enough, that it mattered and that he was supporting me along the way… which coincidentally included our own “we’ve got laundry” conversation.

    Your honesty is appreciated which is why we are happy to support any adventure you decide to take.

  37. Welcome back to your new home! All of us Dreamers & Builders are excited to have you back and are on the journey with you.

    As your new journey begins, you have my friendship, you have my support and you have my queso! #subtleLOTR-juke

  38. Bob Brundrett

    Welcome Back Jon!
    It’ll be good hearing from you again. You know you’ve got (at the very least, based on the Facebook groups) hundreds to thousands of people behind you and Jenny as you transition…

    Best wishes, and good luck!

  39. Liz Ellenbarger

    If you need to get out some pent up anxiety about so many unknowns, you’re more than welcome to nail me in the back with a dodgeball again…Arkansas is always happy to have you!

  40. Melissa Bergstrom

    Is that “Friends” by Michael W. Smith I hear playing softly in the background?? 🙂

    Welcome back Jon. Praying for your journey!!

  41. Welcome back Jon! Looking forward to what the future holds for you and Jenny.

  42. Jon,

    Great to hear from you again! You are so right when you say “Starting over is impossible without friends.” And thanks to you taking a risk, I’ve met so many wonderful friends who have helped me start over and accomplish amazing things. Looking forward to what Chapter Two holds in store!

    PS: Don’t forget to reference the chart when you use that many “y”s!

  43. It’s SO great to have you back! Thank you for living out what you teach – it makes you even MORE inspiring!

  44. John

    Glad you’re back and good word about having friends. Being in transition the past couple of years has really taught me to rely one my family and close friends to help me through.

  45. Yay! This is so exciting and its a joy to be able to follow along!!!

  46. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings. May the Afterword of your book be an inspiration to us all.

  47. Lindsey Hartz

    Over the last few months, it has been a true privilege to be part of a community filled with the type of friends you reference above. We were not made to live this life alone — and our lives are so much sweeter because of the people that surround and support us when the path seems narrow and crooked and full of the great Unknown. My favorite part of this post and your journey recently is the guts it has taken to start over and not compromise YOU. We’re all here to cheer you on!

  48. Heyyyy, Jon! So very glad you’re back. Can’t wait to see what comes next! #TeamAcuff

  49. Melissa

    So glad you are back! #TeamAcuff full steam ahead.

    I hope SCL content is preserved. The day before the site disappeared I had my co-workers take the “Christian Wedding” point quiz. It was quite the day in the office (one of my co-workers is the pastors daughter.) As I bragged about how cool you are, your content was gone!

    I have a feeling this new adventure will prove to be a success. (Did you know YOU would need the machete and passport too?!) Best of luck to you and Jenny…. amd please make it to the west coast sometime!

  50. I still remember, a feat since I’m 40, you tossing skittles at people as you took the stage.

    I knew then we were experiencing someone who had what it took to do something amazing.

    I still do.

    Keep throwing skittles Jon, you have a lot of friends that will catch them.

  51. Love the comment Jenny made you add. I spent a little extra time at the office this weekend and my wife informed me that is why the house was so clean (no husband to cramp her cleaning style).

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and Jenny!!! May You both prosper in everything that you do!

  52. Welcome back Jon! It’s good to have a place where you can write your thoughts in more than 140 characters. Twitter & Instagram are perfect for queso pictures (which I had some ridiculous steak queso last night. Yes. Steak in the queso…) but it’s nice to see you with a new home.

  53. I am so excited to be reading your content again! I enjoy being a part of what do! It encourages me to push on, to wave my machete around and charge (mostly in an empty room because I’m not proficient with that thing at all). Thanks for pushing forward. Now, charge ahead!

  54. Jon, I am learning from you. You see, I’ll be starting over soon as a widow which will change life as I know it. Everything will change. Every aspect of my life. At my age, that’s scary, just as stepping out in faith and obeying God (and probably Jenny) was for you. I am SO PROUD and SO INSPIRED by #allthecourage. You are helping me believe that things can and will be okay. Way to go, buddy. We’re here for you. 🙂

  55. Great first post! All the Acuff staples! and look at that! lots of comments! I’m really so blessed to know you and call you a friend. Thanks for all the support from “The Experiment That Shall Not be Named.” 🙂 You’ve still got it, dude! Have a great day and stay away from the Analytics! 🙂

  56. Feels good in here. I like what you did with the place.

  57. Chuck Chalfant

    I’m so excited for the next chapter in the Acuff Adventure. You are such a fresh voice of hope & courage & reason in a time of such hype & hopelessness.

    Rock on, Jon!!

  58. Stephen Gutshall

    Mmmmmmm, queso…..

    Sorry, got distracted there. Awesome way to star, err, begin the week. Thanks for letting us travel this road with you my friend!

  59. Andy

    I’m behind you all the way…especially you love of Gordos….its my weakness too.

    I may not know what my dream is now, but you’ve inspired me to jump out and start a journey away from a career I’m not fond of into something new and exciting. Thanks, I’m so excited to see what next for you and Jenny.

    Oh yeah, Go Red Sox!!!

  60. Welcome back. I’ve missed this.

  61. Welcome back!! And heyyyyyy. 🙂 I’m excited for you and Jenny. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  62. Allison

    Loved your first post back! You and Jenny are always in my thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to see what awesomeness awaits your family! Loved the “heyyyy” too. 🙂

  63. Not gonna lie – I’m pretty pumped about this reboot.

    I’ve been in the Dreamers and Builders group, learned a lot, made a lot of connections, and been encouraged at a time I really needed it.

    Here to help, Jon, in whatever way I can!

    PS – pretty sure we were in communications classes together at Liberty. I think I remember your name in roll call a few times – but to be honest, I never went to class, I was too busy playing guitar and walking around barefoot, and being cynical about whatever cheezy chapel speaker they had brought in that week.

  64. Welcome back Jon and Jenny! Glad to have you back!
    This post resignates so much with me, as I am having a hard time closing one chapter and beginning my next one.
    Thank you for always being so transparent and always trying to show there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!
    I look forward to reading your posts, friend!

  65. Rachel Rivers

    I have been a longtime follower of SCL and have been so impressed with how you (along with your amazing wife) have chased your dreams and pursued the calling God has placed on your heart. It has been incredible to see you grow as a writer and speaker and I am cheering you and Jenny on!

  66. It was good to meet you last week in Utica. My son had suggested I go to your Meetup and I’m glad I did. No offense … I’ve read some of your books and read many of your previously blog posts, BUT after listening to you speak in a hotel lobby amongst 15 people at a table I felt like I was getting to know the real Jon. The one with ideas and hopes and dreams. The Jon who looked a little nervous, who didn’t have it all figured out and seemed very relatable. I’m looking forward to the new blog and the next chapter for you and your family. I have a feeling it’s going to be great!

  67. Welcome back Jon, and good luck on this next chapter for you and Jenny and the girls!

    You got many of us moving this summer, and it’s awesome seeing you work thru the same type of process yourself. Looking forward to seeing where it takes you!

  68. Kristen

    So proud of you, brother! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and Jenny. I’m grateful to be along for the ride!

  69. Thanks for living a life that inspires and encourages those around you. It is such a gift to see someone with the courage to take this kind of risk, and it gives others around you a freedom to think differently — “Hey, if he can do it, maybe I can too.”


  70. Rodney Eason

    Unlike Bill Watterson and Dave Chappelle, you dropped the mic and then picked it back up.
    You are the man.

  71. As Halloween approaches I’m reminded of the first time I reached out to you a few years ago to tell you of the glory that was my church’s Halloween Event, H.A.T.C.H. Night. God Bless Hixville Church in Dartmouth, MA for giving me the gift of Hixville’s Alternative To Carnal Halloween.

    You’ve been so gracious with your platform to me (and so many others) since then. Excited to see this next chapter unfold because I believe in you guys and know it’s going to be great, both the ups and the downs.

    Like the new digs here…may I suggest a queso fountain in the sidebar?

  72. You’ve been a part of my story and I’m excited to continue to watch yours unfold. Thanks for living transparently and in community that we can benefit from your journey. I’m working on the outline for my first Bible study on Peter & Purpose and you have played a big part in inspiring the “start” and the message that I believe needs to go out. Thanks.

  73. Laura Danella

    Woo Hoo!! You’re back! I know that many of your friends are waiting, cheering and praying for #teamacuff. Can’t wait to see where you go from zero. Personally, thank you for an invitation to adventure and for inspiring and for asking more of me than I was currently giving. Good to have you back!

  74. Sandy

    Ahhhh…another beautiful “real” post. Happy you are back up and running.

    I am so excited about this next season for you and your family!

  75. Andrea Saffle

    Jon! So good to have you writing again! Looking forward to what God’s doing with #TeamAcuff in this new chapter!

    Also… Umm. Four Y’s? Did you consult the Y chart? 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  76. Does this blog smell like wet paint to anyone else? Pretty sure Jon put the last coat on last night before greeting us at the door this morning.

  77. Jon I have only one thing to say. “Income helps.”
    (My wife made me do it.)

  78. Julie DeVisser (@juliedutch)

    A lot of your words resonate with me today. Starting over is definitely something I need to do… but the fear of it (and the unknown) has stopped me until now. You and Jenny have inspired me to dream bigger than what I have right now.

  79. Angie B

    Woohoo! So happy you’re back!

    Thank you, back. For friendship, and for community. And for finally letting Jenny have her own book.

    Can’t wait to watch this journey unfold.

  80. Glad you’re back, Jon. I have missed your writing. So inspirational and funny – keeps me motivated to move forward every day and to sucker punch every obstacle in my way.

  81. Jon, thanks for starting up again. All I needed was more competition. Yeesh. Let the little guy build his platform would ya!

    And just in case anyone misconstrued that as serious. Maybe you should read some of Jon’s stuff.

  82. Lacy Orser

    What do you do first? Coffee. Always coffee. (And middle of the day on Monday apparently you do too, says your wife.)

    You guys are doing great things. And so glad you’re blog is back!

  83. Luckily, real friends don’t expect perfect pinnable, tweetable posts… They just want you to be you. 🙂 Thanks for your authenticity Jon & Jenny! I’m looking forward to your new dream unfolding. We’re pullin’ for ya!

  84. You know what I love about this post the most? It’s here, written and published and alive. And it’s a beautiful next color of thread in that tapestry that makes you worthFULL and valuable and meaningful. And what I love even more is that this is now a family thing.

    Because God-crafted family in all its forms is the best thing.

  85. Such great words! I’ve loved following what you’ve been doing since the early days and I’m excited to see where the next chapter takes you!

    Thanks so much for all you do to inspire and equip folks!

  86. Welcome back Jon!

    I am on the board that is putting together a Summer Speaker Series for 2014. I wanted to check your availability so I called the 800-296-2236 on your speaking page. Congrats I won a vacation to the Bahamas!! (I think maybe the number you have posted is wrong) Although, if this is where I need to get my machete out, I will call back. I did send you an online request form too.

    If anything, I hope this helps iron out the bugs in the new launch. I look forward to listening in on your uniques sense of humor again!


  87. Finally, a Jon Acuff blog post! The world has genuinely missed your thoughts, one line paragraphs, and references to queso.

    Please tell me SCL will be back soon! In the words of Gollum, “We needses it! We wantses it!!” (But obviously we need Jesus more. #JesusJuke)

  88. Cheering for you both! I am a firm believer in the truth that God wastes nothing…especially the harder seasons in our lives.

    Your family is inspiring and encouraging all of us to pursue our dreams with courage and humor.

    Believing in great things ahead for #teamacuff!

  89. Woohoo for new adventures!

    Keep posting pics of Boston and Durham and you’ll be all good.

    (You and I flipped. I was born in Boston and moved to Durham at age 12. And from reading Richella Parham’s blog last week, it suddenly clicked that your mom is Libby. I’m not usually so slow to make connections.)

  90. Excited you are back!!

    If there’s one thing I learned in the 80’s that has stuck with me it’s this…friends are friends forever if the Lords The Lord of them… 😉

    Any Michael W Smith encounters lately?

    Welcome back Jon!!!

  91. It’s great to see you turning that page and starting a new chapter. When it comes to the blogging world, and the kick in the pants to get started and pursue a dream, you’re definitely a huge inspiration and role model. Looking forward to seeing what chapter 2 (and beyond) holds!

  92. Jon and Jenny, you guys are an inspiration to me! Thank you for being such honest leaders and path-pavers for so many. You’re #alltheawesome and I can’t wait to read about #allthethings! 🙂


  93. Jim

    Jon, this is so true. In the back of our mind we are always asking a “is this better than what I’ve done before?’ and this can paralyze us. The truth is this–you never know until you just dive in. So excited and proud of you and Jenny. Thank you so much for all you do!

  94. A new canvas is what sits before you, ready to be splattered and swiped with the new colors and lines that were dreamed up in-between masterpieces. You’re not back at the beginning, you’re right in the middle of your path, exactly where you’re supposed to be. If you look behind you, there is a trail of art and hope that only you and Jenny could have paved. That’s the great thing about destiny. Now, it’s time for a new perspective, a new way of seeing and sharing your world. And no matter what shows up on that new canvas, like Bob Ross says, “There are no mistakes, only Happy Accidents.” 🙂

  95. Alex B.


    Welcome back my friend! It was so refreshing to read your new blog this morning. We so thrilled to have you back, and I’m SUPER stoked for what’s in store for the future!

    Here’s to much success for you and your family!

    Thanks for all that you do.

    Your friend,

  96. Hold on a sec… Monday’s aren’t supposed to be this awesome? Welcome back #teamAcuff, you and Jenny just may have made a dent into an old Monday “Cliche” that will never carry the same weight. It won’t be long before we see bumper stickers with “Thank God It’s Monday.” Well played you guys. Glad you’re back!

  97. Marie Adams

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today! So glad you are back and excited to be part of the journey.

  98. So excited to see this post this morning. I’m behind you. You’re an excellent writer; your skill is not tied to a domain name.

    Can’t wait to see what is next for you. Or for me. And I thank you for that.

  99. BOOM! You got this! Great, now I want Queso with my coffee.

  100. You’re back! I love it. I was a little lost there for a while – waking up and having no morning giggle to start my day with.

    I’m so excited for this new chapter of your life. So excited for you and Jenny and the girls!!

  101. “open the gates and seize the day, don’t be afraid and don’t delay, nothing can’t break us, no one can make us give our rights away, arise and seize the day” and then start a Newsies style dance…that is the way I imagine you started your morning…

    SOON has arrived and as Ben said you have an army of supporters behind you…

  102. Jon and Jenny –


    You have LOTS of friends and supporters and we believe in you and what you are doing. Your books have changed lives and helped people (ME) begin to dream, you have helped people (ME) figure out what their passion is, you turned this 44 year old night owl into a morning person so I could get up and HUSTLE before work. God has used you as a tool…. an imperfect tool, as we all are… but He has used you powerfully in SO many people’s lives! We thank you. We love. you. We support you. We will eat queso with you (well, I will anyway!!)

    And just remember two very important things I recently read in some book called “Quitter” by this awesome author… #measureyourhustlebeforeyourstats! 😉 #WelcomeBackJon


  103. It’s nice to have you out from under the invisibility cloak, Jon. I have appreciated your humor and quick quips over the last little bit, but I also miss you sharing your boldness and courage for QUITTING and STARTING! We’ re on the trail with you guys and look forward to walking it with you! Welcome back!

  104. DeAnn Cope

    You know, it’s funny how community has shattered the cold, clicking, beeping of the digital age. SCL may be up in the air on paper, but for so many, it belonged to US, the readers. We’re anxiously waiting its homecoming. Have you noticed how the ownership changes when your content is no longer content, but fosters community? The people that were part of an experiment and/or marketing tool for a book and set of conferences and/or a fan club – that COMMUNITY decided that when the forum for encouraging one another had to close, we wouldn’t go quietly. We all just assumed “OK, friends – let’s start over with a new name and keep going.” No drama, no one dictating it would be so, we all just assumed we would keep going anyway, and we would have done it without you. When you inspire people so much with systems so replicable, THAT is leadership. When your presence is valued, playfully mocked (DEWDS!), but entirely unnecessary, you know you’ve built a team of people who will carry out your vision because they have the tools to do so, and because the vision is so powerful. I’m proud to be on #TeamAcuff.

    • Jon Acuff

      You’re right. It’s awesome when it becomes a community thing not an individual thing.

    • So well put. Your summary helps me understand why I like these Acuff folks so much – and all the friends who follow them online. Looking forward to whatever may unfold here. Please keep commenting! 🙂

  105. Jenny Acuff

    So fun to see folks again on the blog! Thanks for all the support!

  106. So glad you’re “back.” And yes, we were all ready before you were. But isn’t that the way it always goes? Others always have much more faith in me than I do. And even though you’re the guru of all things quitting and starting, you’re still human and things can be scary.

    So proud of you and Jenny and thankful for the example you’re setting as a team, working towards your audacious dream!

  107. Jon, you know I give you guys all the love! So proud and excited for you!! Keep being brave, and thanks for sharing this with all of us!!

  108. Welcome back, Jon! You’re a baller and a shot-caller. You’ve got this! Thanks so much to you and Jenny for pouring yourselves into your tribe over the years. Looking forward to the great things to come.

  109. Jeff Bevan

    Stoked to have you back! It felt like Christmas morning when I saw this post! Your words really resonate with me. I appreciate your work and wish you best of luck on your future!

  110. The new home looks great! I’m so excited for you and Jenny. Her book is going to be awesome! Looking forward to all of the amazing things to come from the two of you. I’m honored to support #teamacuff!

  111. Amanda Leszinske

    Aaaaaand – HE’S BACK IN (public) ACTION!!!!

    SO glad to again read your musings in something longer than a tweet or facebook blurb.

    You motivate and center me like no other. Plus, I totally appreciate your love of all things melted cheese-related. (No one has ever had to twist my arm to return to a fondue restaurant. More please!!!)

    Current thoughts include: mountain vistas, kittens and queso. Trifecta of #alltheawesome.

  112. Sing it with me… “Friends are friends forever…” That’ll be in your head for today. You’re welcome!

  113. Seeing Jonathan Acuff writing on my monitor again: a site for sore eyes. You’ve been missed, Jon. I’m looking forward to what the next chapter looks like for you. I’m praying it will be better than I think it will. And I already think it’s gonna be excellent.

  114. Welcome back, Kotter.

    From your brother in queso,

  115. So good to have you back, Jon! We’ve missed your inspiration.

  116. Hi Jon – I’ve been waiting on your new “Start”. I read your book and was so excited about meeting you in Nashville last month at the Alabama Association of REALTORS® convention. Needless to say, I was disappointed you were not there due to unknown circumstances. Regardless, I’ve continued to follow you on FB and look forward to watching you and Jenny grow in your new adventure. Your enthusiasm and brave attitude is inspiring. Go forth and prosper! Here’s best wishes to both of you. If you ever get to the Montgomery area, I’d love to meet you. Carol

  117. Welcome back Mr. Acuff!

  118. Glad to know you’re back doing what you do best: helping people and adding value. I hope your new path, whatever it might be, creates a life of freedom and purpose your whole family enjoys.

  119. I think you almost broke the internet because people were so excited about your return. When I got your email this morning and clicked on the link, it said “page not found” and I had to refresh about ten times before it loaded. Welcome back.

  120. Welcome back, Jon! Glad to be here and support you. Let us know how we can help you in this next chapter of your life. After so much laughter and inspiration that you’ve brought us over the years, the least we can do is buy books, read blogs, or promote the crap out of your stuff.

    Take care!

  121. I’ve been reading since the early SCL days. Glad that you’re back and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

  122. amy

    My Monday has been made with bopping over to this blog and seeing your first post! So many of us are stuck in the rut of wanting to change but not sure how to change or even if its possible to change. Thanks for taking out the machete and carving the path through the jungle for us!

    I hear Sam Cooke in my head reminding me that “a change is gonna come!”

  123. Welcome back!! We’ve missed you!!

  124. Mandi


    “You understand that. You woke up in a career that didn’t feel like it had anything to do with your major in college. You woke up in a dating relationship that should have ended a long time ago. You woke up in some part of your life that you wish was some how different.

    The problem is, when you wake up one day and realize it’s time to begin again, what do you do first?”

    Gold. Glad you’re back.

  125. BTW, where’s Michael Wong? Feel like this triumphant return, astride the back of a golden unicorn, isn’t quite complete without him.


  126. Awesome to see new content! So glad to see you back on the world wide web. You’ve been a huge help and support to all of us. Now its time for us to support you. Consider us your man support… http://seinfeld.wikia.com/wiki/Bro

  127. Sometimes it’s too easy to see someone with NYT bestseller list credentials and sell-out conferences status and forget that they are human like the rest of us. I think it’s awesome that you are willing to be so transparent and so real with all of us. It’s a great reminder that the journey isn’t always easy or discernible, but it’s always, always worth it.

    You inspire and encourage and you entertain and make us laugh along the way.

    Cannot thank you enough for the words you write that speak into people’s big dreams.

    Cannot thank you enough for speaking hope into my heart and my dream as I work on putting shape to my dream.

    Looking forward to see where God leads you and Jenny as you begin this newest chapter. Will be praying for you along the way.

  128. Becca Bailey

    Welcome back!!! Can’t wait to see #alltheawesome!! God has great things in store for you & Jenny – thanks for letting us be a part of it!

  129. So happy to see this new chapter begin for you and Jenny! Day Zero is more like Day Awesome! Jeff and I are totally behind you guys on whatever projects you do. #teamacuff

  130. Glad to have you back blogging Jon!

  131. I’m eating Paleo this month, so queso is out. Can I raise some guacomole instead? Glad you’re back.

  132. YES! Thank goodness you are back… so good. so good. Now go to the hipster coffee shop so that woman can get her laundry done in peace. Geez. Take the queso with you.

  133. Carri Russell

    Kimberli mentioned Toy Story…I’m feeling Michael W. Smith. Because friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of them…

  134. Jon, I took the day off work today just to be ready for your new blog post today. Looking back, maybe not the most productive decision I’ve made, but ah well. Anything to support your dream dude.

    Love me some Acuff!!!!!!!!!

  135. We were created for community. Thanks for the reminder of our need for each other. Glad to see you back in the world of blogging!

  136. John, I’ve been following you since we went to church together at North Point, and had a really cool online conversation from your Prodigal John blog. It was fun then, and it’s fun now. All the best! I think you will find that you have more faithful followers and fans than you could have ever imagined. Thanks for keeping on!


  137. Brandi

    Yes, I have have read over 100 other times, and it’s nice to read again. Jon Jenny & family- you got this. It’s all be great and I wish you the very best. {Virtual side hug}

    P.S. Thanks for the melted cheese. Bonus points awarded.

  138. Glad to see you back, Jon. I’ve read you for a while but don’t know that I’ve commented much before. But you were definitely missed.

    Thanks for giving us all proof that a second chapter IS possible.

    And while you may not have taken down Twitter with your return, it appears Facebook DID suffer some kind of temporary global failure during which no one could post status updates, send messages or even “Like” anything. Maybe you took down Facebook instead. 🙂

  139. John Waldo (@johnwaldo)

    Welcome back Jon! Glad I got to shake your hand on your way into Woodside in Michigan last Tuesday.

  140. Jon and Jenny,
    I was that friend that you probably didn’t want to hear from as I was critical. Your voice is so unique and strong I felt it was getting lost in a brand. But in that season you launched a dreamer I mentor and she’s off and running thanks to Start. And for that, I’ll always be rooting for you.

    May you find blessings beyond your dreams. Provision, resources, and divine opportunities. And lots and lots of side hugs.


  141. Welcome back – Feedly hasn’t been the same without you 🙂

  142. Steve Hawkins

    Good to have you back Jon. Looking forward to reading your next chapter. And perhaps a queso recipe?

  143. Great to have you back Jon! Your prayers are with me as you move into this next phase of your career. I’m positive you will do great!

  144. John Anderson

    Congrats!! My wife and I just welcomed our second child into the world a few days ago so we can relate so much to your nervousness and excitement to your restart. Thanks for all you guys do to make a difference in this world!
    God Bless!!
    (Written from a hipster coffe joint…)

  145. Lucinda Munandar

    Welcome back and congratulations on your 2nd chapter, Jon!

  146. Welcome back Jon!

    I guess since you encouraged all of us to “Start” it’s ok for you to “Restart” (maybe a name for the follow-up book?)

    Anyway, just so you know my wife also asks me to leave the house (I work from home) sometimes. She says she is more productive and I don’t mind a trip to Starbucks.

    Best wishes for continued success!!


  147. Jon,

    Spent a good bit of time this weekend rereading “Punch.” Not only was it inspiring for some new ideas I’ve been kicking around (and educational about how and when to pursue those dreams – aka the wife comes along) but also how to do and be more awesome in my current space and within the current confines of my position.

    Thank you for being real, thank you for punching and yes, always cheese. Always cheese.


    P.S. Along the lines of what Jon said in Punch, if anyone would like to have someone who is passionate about kids, orphans, third world, adoptions and mission work guest post on their blog, let me know. (Shameless plug – sorry)

  148. Welcome back – ’bout time! Looking forward to lots of giggles, smart observations, and things that make me go “hmmmmmm?”


  149. Yes!! – finally you are back to help me through my reverse Superman Mondays. (Today is definately one of those days) Welcome back and thank you for sharing what you do with us, it has made an impact on many of us.

  150. “Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” – Steven Pressfield in The War of Art

  151. Josh Nelson

    Welcome back, Jon. I think you’re crazy for doing this, and I mean that in the best way possible. Cheers to your continued success.

  152. Sometimes I like to pretend I am a search engine and scan sites for content and determine what a site is about.

    So far I have dreaming about melted cheese. Right?

    Joking aside, I was a fan before the last chapter, I was a fan during the last chapter, and I’ll be a fan of your next one, the next one, and the one after that.

    Keep doing what you do, Jon.

  153. carl

    I too use queso to make things better. Queso doesn’t fix everything but it sure helps! God bless, praying for your new start.

  154. Cat Martinez

    Perfect way for me to come back from a 3 week social media hiatus-your first new post for this season….congrats for having the courage to make a fresh beginning, and inspiring others along the way.

  155. GREAT to have you back. Always love your twitter feed but it’s nice to read the words! I just started a little blog of my own and have been waiting for my “mentor” 🙂 to be up and running again! You’re so positive and I’ll tell you this. You’re the only person i follow who actually responds.! That’s amazing! Says a lot about you!

  156. Not to be arrogant, but I feel me and my friends helped bring you back. We all have these rings and say, “Let our powers combine!” I’m the heart ring…
    #90s #captainplanet

  157. Paul Graves

    I have just started again, throwing out my financial plan for my family. Life & jobs & economy have not turned out as I expected – not good or bad, just different. But it’s taken me a good while to admit I need to do something different. So here’s to the new thing!

    Cheers Paul

    p.s. can you let me know where my copy of Stuff Christians Like is? I lent it to a friend who gave it to the pastor who passed it to another friend who … well I’m not sure after that!

  158. It’s great to have you back in my inbox regularly. New beginnings can be challenging, but I’m sure with enough queso, you’ll be up to the task. I’m looking forward to being with you in the beginning of this journey.

  159. Welcome back, Jon. I’m ready.

  160. Sarah Beck

    Good to have you back, Jon. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride! I’m actually really looking forward to seeing you strike out on your own. I mean… start something new on your own. Not strike out… Jon Acuff doesn’t strike out, he can do anything. Except resist queso.

  161. As the starter of many abandoned blogs, I think that “hello world” message that comes preloaded from WP is one of the most inspiration killing things out there. I’ve stared at it for hours trying to come up with something better to say than “well, hello back.” There’s something about a blank canvas that just sucks the ideas out of my head. I get it.

    But in your case, the world really was waving and watching and waiting. And now that you’ve posted, we’re all commenting “well, hello back.” I’m eager to see how you shape this new canvas to suit you.

    But for now, go get some queso or something – Jenny needs her peace. 🙂

  162. Good to see you back, Jon. New chapters are exciting, nerve racking, and sometimes confusing but at the same time, tons of fun. A lot like the second time at a fondue restaurant.

  163. I’ve been waiting for you Obi Wan, we meet again at last! Congrats on the new start…also enjoying reading your stuff that’s longer than 140 characters.

    You were a big inspiration to me when I began my blog. A death in the family a year ago knocked most of the “hey, let’s write funny stuff!” out of me…but it has crept back and I’m LITERALLY (note correct use of word) going to start posting this week.

    Nice to be starting (again) the same week as you! After all, our initials are both “JA,” so we’re like brothers.

  164. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you guys! You’re an inspiration to me as I will soon be starting something new. I’m with you!

    Thanks for all you do,


  165. Audra Kate

    No better way to start a new blog than with a queso reference.
    So glad you’re back!

  166. Cherri Johnson


    It’s great to have you back! I’ve been reading Start, and it’s been motivating me to look for new opportunities! You are great at everything you do, please keep it up!

  167. Love seeing you back on the web, Jon. Have admired your example of grace in the waiting. Warmest of wishes to you and Jenny for what comes next!

  168. Stacie

    So excited for this new chapter, Jon. Behind you 100%.

  169. We’re so glad you’re back. And when I say we, I mean “team smith.” We just launched a website that fear was keeping me from for a long long time – thesmithsgopaleo.com. Ultimately it was your book, Start, that encouraged me to keep going. So thank you. Welcome back.

  170. “Are you ready?” Yep, bring it, friend! Love the new site, love the new content, love being on the West Coast and waking up to 176 comments before 7 a.m. No fear. The future is now. Believe in you guys!

  171. Glad to have you back, Jon!

    I wonder if JonConQueso(dot)com is available?

  172. Glad you are back. I gain so much inspiration from you and this group – really helps as I start a new chapter too. Look forward to much more awesome!

  173. “The only thing harder than beginning is beginning again”….those words will resonate with me for a long time. Cool to watch this journey for you and more importantly, participate in with you. And what I am liking more is that you are including Jenny in this so much. Wise move. We are a community that supports you and is encouraged by your willingness to “begin” again. If you’re ever in Charlotte, I will let you buy me some barbecue. Deuces

  174. Was listening to the end of Chapter 6 of “Start” this morning in the car! Passing by Love Field airport in Dallas, actually, when you whipped out the Herb Kelleher quote, “we will miss you.” That was pretty damn awesome. Cheers to this Monday!! Can’t wait to follow your blog.

  175. denise scoles knettler

    Welcome Back!!! Looking forward to journeying together again!

  176. John Carnes


    My wife and I quit our ministry positions seven years ago after having been in the same place for 13 years. It was the hardest, most excruciating decision in our lives. But it was the right one. It had to be done to maintain our own spiritual, emotional and physical health. And we also learned the same lesson that you and Jenny are: your friends are what make it possible to move forward (of course, Jesus, too…duh) The only thing I would add to your post is that you find out who your *true* friends are in the transition between chapters. And those true friends are who you lean on. You grieve over those you thought were your friends, but move forward with the support of your real community that rises to the occasion and stands at your ready. Now my wife and I work in different places than we used to and have “start”-ed our own church plant, so the adventure continues, with many of those same true friends we found when the last chapter closed. Looking at all the comments, I see the same is happening for you, and I bless it. Thanks for leading by example, even when it’s hell to pay. God knows and sees and walks with you. Blessings!


  177. My BWI airport meet in person friend! Such a great day for you and Jenny. Love the look of the page and the words on the page even more. Looking forward to even more inspiration for my journey – and yours. All the best.

  178. First line…. “The only thing harder than beginning is beginning again”… hit home hard for me… didn’t even need to read the rest to start my week of right (I read the rest anyway… primarily to see if there was an LL Cool J reference)… Good to be part of your community…

  179. Yes! I’ve been looking forward to this day! Congratulations on this fresh start. Indeed, starting over is truly the most challenging. Graduating this year has taught me this very thing. Being a college perpetual student for 17 years trained me to operate within “pre-made for me” parameters rather than allowing me to discover how to operate within the parameters I can fully function in to be me, and to create. This is truly a new season for me, as well…so here’s to new beginnings, fresh starts, and awesomeness on the horizon! May we never give up in good doing!

    Love what you are doing, Jon! You’ve inspired me for nearly 3 years to never give up. Thank you for this. (and thank you, too, Jenny!)

  180. Dave Hogue


    I’ve been looking forward to the return of your presence on the interwebs! You have inspired me to dream and to dream big! You are truly a blessing to all who listen.

  181. Welcome back Jon! I wish you and Jenny all the best in your new adventure!

  182. Carla Musarra-Leonard

    So glad to see you blogging again. I was having a serious Acuff jones! (Do the kids still say that?) How amazing it must be to see all the support you have! We love you, what you do, and are grateful for all the blessings you bring to us. We hope to bless you too.

    Congrats on your new Start! Hold on to your hat because this is going to be a great ride 🙂

  183. Congratulations Jon! I look forward to reading your posts soon.
    I hope you they show on twitter as usual!

  184. Chris Neiger

    Your Quitter book was “kind of a big deal” for me. Cant’ wait to see what you have planned next. Keep going!

  185. Michael Davis

    Welcome back Jon! I’m very excited to see where your new path takes you. Thanks to “Start” I am taking the necessary steps to become a certified personal trainer. You were just the motivation I needed.

    I’m equally excited to read Jenny’s book! (She needs to be on twitter) I feel like I relate to you while my wife relates to Jenny so I look forward to some entertainment and insight from the other side of the dreams.

  186. Stewart Boyles

    Once Apon a time this guy with some very big scissors came to town and for his opening act this other guy gave out a bunch of side hugs. Well since we were there to see scissor guy, wife and I decided not to get side hug guy’s book and then signed. We weren’t ready for the awesome. Well. Side hug guy, BRING THE AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait.

    Also, Cadbury Cream Eggs are the best candy item ever.

  187. Welcome back, brother!!!! We are excited about the future for you guys and the changes that are coming soon for us too… tgb

  188. So excited for you, Jon. I feel like my story has mirrored yours since Quitter came out. As I was reading that, I was just quitting my job in corporate America to go on staff at my church doing Communications. Then just as I hear about you leaving Dave Ramsey, I’m in a transition out of my own dream job and moving to a new city with my wife and newborn baby to start over. So yeah, I don’t know the details of your circumstances but I feel like I can relate either way.

    I’m looking forward to starting this new journey with you and starting a new one of my own!

    P.S. Would you consider moving the comment box to BEFORE all the comments? I think I got carpel tunnel just scrolling to the end of the comments to write this. 🙂

  189. My hubby and I had to “start over” back in 2009. It was one of the hardest things that we have ever had to do. He was in ministry and was asked to resign. We felt betrayed, hurt and abandoned, and mostly ALONE. We decided to move and start over and God has blessed our socks off. While he is no longer in “ministry” in a church setting, we feel like we are serving God in a whole new way and can’t imagine life any other way. We lived in such a bubble before and now we are free to go and be as God created us. I hated the process but I love seeing where God has taken us and how he is using our story now to bless others in their journeys and marriages. Love following you on FB and Twitter! Hubby and I talk about you a lot… you queso loving funny guy! 🙂

  190. Kathy McDaniel

    Woke up sneezing with 2 sick middle schoolers and was dreading the day to start! Now I’m looking forward to a new day! Thanks for the smile and the reminders! God bless your new endeavor!

  191. Hey you know what’s awesome? Doing something with your spouse. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I’m totally inspired by you and your wife Jenny taking on this project as a team and not just as Jon Acuff the accomplished author. I’m loving Jenny’s position in all of this already and I’m really excited to watch how she grows in this space too. There’s just something so powerful and true about two being better than one and I love a good inspirational marriage! Thanks for letting all of us watch as you two live out this part of your dream together.


  192. My husband Scott and I are SO EXCITED for you and Jenny. Hubby and I, too, are bracing ourselves for a coming shift (once the shift presents itself, we’ll be sure to let you & Jenny know the details) … We’ve long felt that 2013 is our year, and START has been a big part of that process … We definitely look forward to following your next steps …

  193. Glad you’re back – we’ve missed you. 🙂 My husband, son and I saw you at Catalyst Dallas this year and you were one of our favorites – so encouraging! You’ve been a big encouragement to my son as he pursues his dreams.

    BTW – if you ever want someone new to listen to, here’s a big part of my son’s dream pursuit – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/onward/id650023165. He wrote every song, saved every penny, sweated every drop of blood that brought it about. He’s definitely a dreamer like you. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do to invest in others.

  194. Excited for you today.

    I came across this post this morning written by a friend here at CFA – seems appropriate for you today as well: http://biteanelephant.com/3-lessons-from-a-harvard-graduate-michael-lage/

    Good luck in your new START. Can’t wait for the journey.

  195. So great to have you back. I’ve missed seeing you in my inbox. Looking forward to watching you and your family grow in this. Good luck!

  196. You have been sorely missed!

  197. Kara Stokes

    Very excited to see you back. Thanks for being game for the selfie in the sanctuary a couple weeks back at FBS, MA. Your launch is helping me answer that question : What’s next? BIG THINGS Jon – BIG THINGS!!!

    -The Stokes Family

  198. Victoria

    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back….
    So happy to see an Acuff blog again and I know there will be plenty of good stuff in store from you!
    As you encourage so many of us to start and follow our dreams we will be behind you in yours!
    Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and your entire family Jon!
    Many Blessings! – Tori

  199. Welcome back, Jon. We missed you. How good did it feel to hit “publish” on this post? 🙂


  200. Brian C

    Community, community, community!!! It’s all about community!! Thank you for being obedient and sharing His message. I have learned so much about relationships in the last several months through Pastor Craig, yourself, and His word. You’ve nailed His message to a T. Thank you for all you’ve shared, and thank you for the amazing community that you started (D&B)! We will forever be blessed by being a part if it! You’re the “BOSS”, Jon!

  201. Callie

    Welcome back to the land of blogging Mr Acuff! Beginning again is something I’ve been fearing the past week, as I am now on the hunt for a new career. That being said, I’m excited to be beginning again alongside you and Jenny! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next 🙂

  202. Welcome back my friend. I want you to know, an I’m certain you already do, that we have all been keeping our dreams alive while you were out. Also, we have been praying you through to yours.

    Cheers, my friend. Let’s begin again; together.

  203. I feel like this whole post should have had complimentary chips & queso. I did listen to ‘Back in Black’ while I read it. I’m so glad you are back, the internet is not the same without you!

  204. AHHHHH!!!! You’re back! I have been counting down the days for your wit to comfort my soul…bring on Chapter 2!!!! I am elated that you and Jenny are back at it and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you guys.

  205. Jon,

    SO glad you are back to blogging! I have been praying for you through this transition. And, can I just say, that the poise with which you and Jenny have handled this transition has been incredible to watch! So blessed by the two of you! My wife and I can not wait for Jenny’s book to come out! When you told stories about Jenny at the last two “Conferences of Which We Do Not Speak”, my wife would elbow me because she has told me the same things! Thanks for all that you all do!


  206. Total sigh of relief to be reading your writing again. Your stuff really inspired me to get my own writing going, so I’m so, so glad that you’re back in it. Blessings to you and your family!

  207. It makes me so happy to see you back. I’ve been praying for you and Jenny that God would make your path clear and it looks like that’s happening.

    I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  208. Brittney

    Congratulations on your new beginning! I’m excited to see what awesomeness you have planned for us. You never fail to entertain me with your witty tweets or to encourage me with you words of wisdom. Thank you for that! May God bless you and your family!

  209. Jordan

    So glad Acuff.me is live! I have been anxiously waiting for your return, your encouragement and insightfulness. (Not sure if that’s a real word, but I like it anyways)

    Now if I could only figure out what my dream is… so that i can get started already! Time is ticking!

  210. Katie

    Congrats Jon!

  211. I’m not an old friend, but hopefully a new one. I just discovered you in the past couple of months, and I have been slowly reading “Quitter.” I’ve been waiting for your new adventure to pop up on the interwebs! Good luck with everything from a new friend.

  212. Jon,
    You inspired me in your books and with your kind words at the OKC FPU coordinator/ legacy journey launch. You are an amazing role model for me and I am happy to support and learn from you whenever and wherever you go.
    We’ve got your back,

  213. Huong

    I am so happy and excited for this new chapter you and Jenny are starting! I LOVED your Quitter book because I finally feel that it’s okay to be a Quitter. I can’t wait to read Start soon! 🙂

    Thank you for telling the truth, for mistakes that you’re not afraid to make and use to teach us, for always pushing us and knowing our dreams before we even know it. Oh and thank you for your humor on Instagram because it got me through the long wait for your new blog to launch, haha!

    Can’t wait to go on this new adventure with you and your family!

    P.S. If you want good queso, Tex-mex is the best so that just means you’ll have to come back to Texas. Particularly in Dallas. Just sayin’.

  214. Monielle

    We are SO excited about your new start, and as a wife and mom, I am SOUPED to see how you and Jenny are doing this together and we get to hear more from her.

    This is gonna be UBER GOOD! And is very encouraging. I just told my husband I don’ t know why I love you guys so much, but it’s refreshing and just…a party! lol Thank you for being courageous and making moves 🙂

  215. I like that you’re running the mile you’re in. Speaking of running…

  216. Glad you’re back! Excited for what God will do with this new venture. Praying for immeasurably more than you can imagine. Thanks for being obedient, for walking the talk, for inspiring others.

  217. Laci Urcioli

    Best way to start over is with a ‘Thank You’…and you did it flawlessly! Queso is the second best way…and you’ve clearly done some of that too! Haha

    Congrats on the new adventure! You have shown courage and class throughout this transition which has made me love this community even more (wasn’t sure that was possible).

    Cheers to the dreamers and builders that have inspired so many to get up and hustle their way to another step.

    I cannot wait to see this grow and BOOM like everything else you have done!

    Yay #teamacuff! Acuff said knock you out!

    Your friend from Vegas,

  218. I love this post, and I’m so glad you’re back!

    I needed to read this today. “Starting over is impossible without friends.”

    I’m moving back into the work force with the launch of my start-up. I’ve been home with my children for several years. Sometimes I think I can start over on my own, all by myself. Or maybe I wonder why my friends would support me.

    But they do. They want to. And I need them. Thank you.

    You’re back!!! And it is good!!!

  219. Leslie

    I feel like your slightly-concerned-but-ever-hopeful-and-proud mama! All the best to you and Jenny and the girls! Count me among the friends, please!

  220. Hi Jon! I’ve been with you since back in the early blogspot, sticker exchange days. (BTW, mine never arrived…..!) Looking forward to bigger and better things 🙂

  221. Jon! So happy you’re back. We’ve missed you in the blogosphere! You’ve officially completed the hardest part: taking the first step. We’re proud of your determination and willingness to punch fear in the face!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  222. Starting over was the hardest thing my husband and I ever did. Especially since it was a month before having our second baby. But we knew it was time and did our best to trust God through unknown, pain, confusion, and hell we went through. I would do it again though. He has a dream job now. I read this quote a lot during that year of unknown. “We’re not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” C.S. Lewis. Glad to have you back Jon! -Alanna 😉

  223. My mama taught me to never trust a skinny chef.
    You’ve taught me to never trust a writer with clean hands.
    Thanks for not just writing your words.
    I trust you.

    Here’s to abrupt stops, fresh starts & new beginnings!

  224. Heyyy! Are you kidding me? We love you, Jon! And not in the shallow “we-love-celebrities” sort of way. You’ve made us laugh. You’ve challenged us to love. You’ve invited us to peek into your world, and brought so much sunshine into ours. And truth..hard truth. Friends do that. Not celebrities so much. And we feel like you did that not as a marketing ploy, but because you’re just a good friend, most of us haven’t actually met. Friends don’t jump ship when things change…we stay on the boat, riding the waves, looking to enjoy the next adventure together. So glad you’re back.

  225. Andres

    Be fearless Jon. You have #Acuffnation standing behind you!

  226. If you don’t write a series of children’s books about two llama’s getting into hijinks and making cheesy pop culture references along the way called, The Adventures of Queso and Fondu, then I don’t even know what.

  227. Ron Wolffis

    You should do a road trip and do another “Talk” at Northridge!

  228. Thanks Jon.

    Your words inspire, and entertain. As they have for years.
    Here’s to years to come.


  229. Congratulations. Day zero – new beginning – I say, it’s a step on the path God has given you. As we grow, we change – as we change, we need to make changes. This is just a change and change is never easy (quit scary for me).

  230. Hey Jon-Look at it this way: you re-starting something new is much easier that Friends trying to make a comeback from 1996. Hop to it friend. The “internet thing” is here to stay. (Chandler Bing reference)

  231. Amanda Moody

    I love seeing you do what you’ve encouraged me to do – START! Day 1 is always the scariest, but you’ve taken the leap and seeing you begin this new chapter gives me courage that I can do the same. On Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and now on your new blog….there’s no one else whose posts brighten my day like yours. Best of luck to you & your family as you begin this new adventure!

  232. Glad you’re back! Still confused about what happened but definitely glad you’re still around! Good luck! Hope you guys are more than okay!

  233. Happy Zero Day, Jon and Jenny!! Can’t wait to see what God is going to do through you in this next chapter. I’ve been strangely prompted to pray for you over the past few weeks. Strangely because I don’t often feel the urge to pray for people I don’t actually know in real life. Not prompted to pray strange prayers. ANYWAY. I’ve been praying and am excited to see what’s next for you!

  234. Juliann Rager

    Dear Jon and Jenny,
    Thank you for sharing the rawness of “next” with us. I feel like I’m riding down a river with a bunch of other rafts and you guys are in one of them. We’re all swept up in the current, and the ride is messy and wet, bumpy and unpredictable, but we’re all together… cheering each other on, sharing our fears and celebrating passing the last set up rapids still intact!! I don’t have the magical words like some others do, but I want you to know that your journey touches my heart and I’m so humbled to be able to watch the story unfold.
    I love you guys.
    Thank you for being real and vulnerable.
    PS The website is BEAUTIFUL!!

  235. Sharen

    Queso party!

  236. Kay

    Squeeeee!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting. So glad this day is finally here. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  237. I’m incredibly excited to see you back in the blogging game Jon! You’re definitely one of my hero’s that I look up to, especially when it comes to writing. Excited to what is next from you! (I wouldn’t mind if it was all covered in queso…:D)

  238. Jeff

    Jon you are a very funny genuine person and you have encouraged me in so many ways. I am newbie on the Jon Acuff scene but t is one of those things that is better late than never!!! Thank you for showing us all that it is never to late to pursue your dreams on this side of the dirt. You rock!!

  239. Jon (leaving the 'H') for Hannah

    I think it’s time for a new cutout instead of the old Stuff Christians like one. I think one of you standing on a table, holding a bowl of queso and singing Seize the Day from Newsies will suffice.

    Make it happen!

    Welcome back!

  240. What I like about your work is it is always true to life, genuine, and funny. How often do you get those three together? Thanks for letting us all follow you on your journey and can’t wait to see you again when you make it back to New England.

  241. Brandon

    Like scarves in the fall/winter (not in the summer). Jon Acuff writing again just makes sense. Glad to see you back!

  242. Looking forward to your new adventure on here!

    Although I must say, I’m a little shocked the URL isn’t queso.me. Seems like a missed opportunity.

  243. Dave Wonders

    I am toasting your return with some queso at work today! Glad you’re back 🙂

  244. Jon Levesque

    And they’re back! And dang it feels good! Ready for this next chapter with you and Jenny, Here to help, here to learn and here to eat some queso! On the mountaintop, or with kittens!!

  245. sarah

    I’m very excited that you’re back!! And glad you’re keeping it real and being honest. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and Jenny!

  246. Shane

    Just wanted to say that I think you’ll do great. Your humor and way that you put things in perspective have helped me with my walk in the past and I’m looking forward to seeing where this new blog leads you.

  247. We are with you Jon.

    Welcome back!!!

    You were truly missed and dearly loved by so many!

  248. Steve

    Glad to see you are back up and doing what you love. It sucks starting from the very bottom . I know because i’ve had to do it before. What especially sucks though is that you should not have to but its great to see you back and you will have even bigger success before.

  249. David

    Welcome back Jon! New beginnings always reverberate with the echos of the old way of doing / thinking / being (much like the way Friends are Friends Forever echoes the hours after church camp ends). Last year I read Quitter. Then I decided that I was going to quit my job. Not because I hated what I was doing (I loved what I was doing), but because the environment I was in was killing my love of my profession. Quitter helped me to put things into perspective, and for that…I owe you a debt of gratitude. New beginnings are hard, but worth it. #TeamAcuff all the way.

  250. Amanda G.

    Yay! Welcome back!

  251. Paul Haworth

    Looking forward to a new era of thought provoking laughter…welcome back Jon!!!

  252. I’m so glad to see you back at it. Your story has encouraged me before and it continues to inspire me. Beginning again can be extremely hard, but it can be pretty beautiful as well. Praying for you and Jenny and believing God has something even better in store for you guys.

  253. Colleen

    Welcome back! Your blog is like an old friend, it’s always good to see. Looking forward to seeing more of what’s to come!

  254. Hal

    Great insight!
    Starting over is hard, but from what I can tell, we’re gonna be starting over a lot in life.

  255. I’m so glad you’re back, Jon!! You are the real deal. I know you have lots of awesome things in store for us, and I can’t wait to attend your next conference. I’m still on fire from START. Keep being awesome!!!

  256. I can think of no better theme song by a Japanese Michael Jackson-esque boy band – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kyG5tTZ1iE&feature=youtube_gdata

  257. Jon,

    It’s been a long time since we shared I think a total of 3 emails after a Catalyst several years ago. You asked me if you could send me the first two chapters of a little book you were working on. When I saw Stuff Christians Like I knew you were on to something true and hilarious. Been following your journey ever since. Never read a post I didn’t identify with. Glad to see you’re on to a new chapter. Hope it’s everything you dreamed of and more, looking forward to the ride.


  258. Congrats Jon; the new site looks great! We’re excited for new things. Best wishes to you and Jenny!

  259. I’ll be reading, Jon. I am among the many that started something after reading your books, in my case a blog. I’m not shooting for the bestseller shelves, just reminding myself that I actually like to write; it’s not just part of my job. So, thanks for sharing your experiences, and God bless the next step.

  260. Welcome back Jon & Jenny! I look forward to what God has in store for your NEXT chapter. I am sure it will be a blast for you send us. God bless!

  261. Matt Stidham

    I’m excited for you Jon! We look forward to this next chapter!

  262. Clay Price

    Looks like we’re starting over together, Jon! I recently received a copy of Start, and am looking forward to reading what you have to say. Wishing you the very best in your journey! I’ll be keeping an eye on your blogs, too.

  263. Loved this post, Jon. Congrats on your new journey 🙂 I know that success looks much differently from within-that it has lots of unexpected struggles and triumphs that come from the strangest places. But there is always beauty in the mess, and indeed, tomorrow always comes. Welcome to today. 🙂 We love what it holds!

  264. Jon, I have been following you for quite some time. Because of you I have started looking at other avenues in my life. I started blogging a month and a half ago. I started looking for a new and better job. I have started being more intentional with my family. I started to discover my purpose. I have never commented on your writing up to this point, but I couldn’t resist. I’m glad to see you back. I hope all is well with you and your family. I really look forward to seeing where you will go next! BTW, one of the greatest days in my young blogging career is when you followed me on Twitter! Sorry, I know… Thanks for everything.

  265. Jon,

    Welcome back!!

    Ugh, finally!

    Truly, I missed you on the Interwebs. Excited for your journey and to see where God is taking you. Looking forward to all the humor, insight, and inspiration you have for us all.


  266. Well, this is exciting! Glad you’re back. Looking forward to the next chapter with you and Jenny. Thanks for being brave and authentic and living out the words you write. And, by all means, give Jenny her space on laundry day.

  267. Dan Glading

    RE: What to do with 2 million words of comment in a possibly out-of-date home/format/etc.:

    Check out squarespace.com. They’ve got some great website creation / content management tools, with fantastic visual styles (I love the vibe of your site, by the way…), and fantastic ease of use. My understanding is that they have great tools for migrating content as well.

    No, I’m not paid by or in any way affiliated with them, I just like what they’re doing and spread the word when I think I see a fit. Best of luck on your new adventure. =)

  268. Dan Glading

    RE: What to do with 2 million words of comment in a possibly out-of-date home/format/etc.:

    Check out squarespace.com. They’ve got some great website creation / content management tools, with fantastic visual styles (I love the visual vibe of your site, by the way…), and fantastic ease of use. My understanding is that they have great tools for migrating content as well.

    No, I’m not paid by or in any way affiliated with them, I just like what they’re doing and spread the word when I think I see a fit. Best of luck on your new adventure. =)

  269. Kelly Douglas

    I started listening to Love Does this morning. So as Bob talks about Randy, I want to say “I’m with you”. Really, we ALL are. Here’s to the next story!

  270. Jan

    Been following you for years, so glad you are starting a new chapter. Cheering you on from a middle school teacher’s lounge (sala de maestros de la secundaria) in Monterrey, Mexico. Not so exciting as a hipster coffee shop, but kinda cool it’s in own way.

  271. Jon, I’ve been following you and your journey on Facebook. Leaps of faith are scary, yet so rewarding! Just don’t trip on a rock while you’re making the jump…. ;). God’s got this. (believe me. I know from experience)

  272. Shawn

    Glad you are back Jon. Excited to see what is in store for this place. There are no cobwebs in the corners needing to be brushed away and no dust on the mantle – and you don’t have to worry about the way things were done for however many days you were in the old place. This place is shiny and new. I’m a long time follower and I know there are pretty cool things in store for you here. New beginnings are great!

  273. Glad you’re back, Jon, and glad to be your friend.

  274. WELCOME BACK! We’ve missed you!

  275. Roland

    So great to see this. Excited to be along for the ride in this next chapter.

  276. So excited to read all of your posts! This is going to go great. No pressure.

  277. karen

    I am so excited to see what is NEXT for you, Jenny, and the Acuff-lings. 🙂

  278. Welcome back! I wholeheartedly agree with Jenny having a self-employed husband- get yourself out of laundry day way!
    And the real point of this- you must give me a new link to the explanation of a Jesus Juke to share with people when I need to ‘splain the reference!
    Oh and you have the best pins ever when things are going well- find those gems of awesomeness again!

  279. Welcome back! And thanks for making me crave queso yet again! You always have a way of reminding us what is important in life (queso). Oh, and stuff about dreams and risks too!

  280. Hey Jon!
    In this age of social media and technology I find it interesting that people online are becoming friends in the traditional way. I have added friends that I have never met, yet feel like I have a lot in common with. I wish to meet all of them someday and share a big hug with them. Until then, we have this wonderful place where we can come together for community, support, and love for one another. Sometimes I find myself cautious when it comes to social media… how much should I share? Should I show pics of my kids? Can I be really honest with these people I don’t know??

    Having said all of that, I think that you have been such a great example of someone who is using this technology for good. You have touched people and have motivated them to pursue their passions. I am one of those people and I am grateful! I love that you are humble and think that friendships are important. What a wonderful perspective! So, all of that to say that, you and Jenny have a friend in me 🙂

    Good luck with your new venture!

  281. Love the new website! Climbing a new mountain is quite exciting isn’t it? Only a few steps up and the view is already different. And remember, during times when it feels tough, there are lots of sherpa’s here willing to help you get to the top. You’re not climbing alone.

  282. Julie

    Welcome back, Jon Acuff! Maybe Taylor Swift’s song “Begin Again” was meant for this post. Thanks for being an encourager as we all sojourn down the beginning again road.

  283. J.J. Musgrove

    Jon, I wish you guys the best and I am looking forward to going along for the ride. I absolutely loved your Stuff Christians Like book and blog. As a long time follower of Jesus you have helped me learn to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously, so thank you. I also enjoy following you on Twitter. Though I don’t know you personally, I feel like I do, and have no doubt if we would be great friends. Thanks for all you do.

  284. Matt Schroeder

    I’m new to your online world, Jon! I look forward to seeing all that comes and the fun days ahead!

  285. Lisa

    Welcome back!
    This is perfect timing for me. Just yesterday we got a call and now my family is facing the very probable possibility of returning to my hometown. We left there 8 years ago and going back is pretty unsettling to me. We got comfortable. We made friends. We love our church and school. Now what? Where do we start? Lots of unknowns. Lots of choices. Lots of preparation ahead. It makes me want to crawl back in bed. But your post has allowed me to see that starting over can be a good thing. New adventures. New friends as well as old ones. Baby steps. I can do this.

    Thanks for coming back!

  286. Welcome back. Life is all about new beginnings. I just try to make each one better than the last!

  287. Elizabeth Rose

    Wow.. Just wow. So happy for you. So glad you’re back. Request.. bacon with the cheese please. So grateful for you and Jenny. So grateful to be on this journey with you. xoxo

  288. Jon M

    So this is my first ever Jon Acuff blog read, and I am looking forward to many many more. I don’t know much about you, but I do wish you the best in chapter 2, and beyond. Praying for you guys!

  289. SO glad to see you back! Can’t wait to hear more. I’m reading “Quitter” right now preparing for my transition. I would love for you to unpack your recent journey along the lines of what you wrote in the book. Thanks so much!

  290. I still have to say I’m more excited to hear more about Jenny’s book then anything else (I’m a fan of you, Jon, I promise – but we all know behind every witty man is an even wittier wife who is supporting him and believing in him every step of the way and I’ve been telling my husband for months that I wish I could be friends with your wife)

    Thanks for letting us all be a part of your guys’ journey to awesome.

  291. “You’re kind of cramping my style. Mondays are when I work on the laundry, can’t you go to the library or some hipster coffee shop?”

    This is the kind of non sequitur comedic genius I’ve come to expect from you. Glad you’re back 🙂

  292. Great to read your awesome, encouraging words, once again, Jon! Excited for you and this new beginning! Looks like it is taking off with a big BANG! Congrats! 🙂

  293. I love you and Jenny’s courage and resilience. It is encouraging for those of us who need to fill that blank page.

  294. Thanks for the reminder. I need to change out the wash before it stinks.

    Excited for your new adventure. Thanks for sharing.

  295. Jon!!!
    I know all this time you were sharpening your machete for the new journey ahead. Welcome back and thank you for letting us be your friends on this journey. Big Awesome Stuff ahead – possibly with queso at regular intervals. 🙂

    You should turn SCL into a one man show. Or a series of really hilarious skits. Whatever you do it will be awesome!!

    Welcome back. I hope you’re getting laundry done with all these comments. 🙂

    -John Paul

  296. Yay! (not eloquent, not mature, just happy)
    I have to say that ever since the ‘s’ experiment sign up, this empty nester world has turned upside down with ADHD like creativity. The shot in the arm was well aimed, the encouragement precious and the community spectacular. God knows what He’s doing with you. Keep listening.

  297. Glad you’re back.

    2 Legit… 2 Legit 2 Quit

    (You must do hand motions when reading the line above).

  298. Glad you are back. You were missed- although not too much since you were still tweeting away. So, I guess I missed seeing more than 140 characters of you at a time. Anyways, looking forward to walking this road with you. Change is an uncomfortably wonderful process. Glad you are willing to stretch and encourage those of us doing the exact same thing. Best of all to you on Day Zero and beyond. Amy

  299. Is it weird that I am so excited I think I peed a little? Either way, color me pumped! Welcome back Acuff clan!

  300. K B

    Hi. We’ve loved following you for a long time and enjoy your humor and outlook on life.

    You can’t know how timely this post is for me today. My husband quit his job recently and your statement, “Starting over is impossible without friends,” is right where we’re at! This is scary and we don’t know what’s coming next, but we have supportive friends and what a difference that makes!

  301. Sounds like another book in the making…..I smell a series….Quitter, Start, Quit Again, Start Again.

    You can do this! Look forward to the motivation!

    You are blessed!

  302. Welcome back. And I’m pretty sure that “starting over is impossible without friends.” is quite tweetable. I’d venture to say that everything is impossible without friends. Sometimes they’re the most unlikely ones- the ones that are never seen in person, or the ones that step in when those you’d never believe would step out did. So glad to be part of the small army of people here welcoming you today.

    p.s. Your restart helps me remember that I can do this too- I can launch my dreams. Thank you.

  303. Natalie

    Hey John! So glad you are back on the blogasphere. It’s a tough place to find your place in but by the lavish amount of comments within the first hours of reconnecting, I have to say things are looking great.

    I too am feeling the tug to start over with a book that I have already wrote so much for. I felt that God asked me to put it down to be fully in my season of engagement and then marriage. Now, I know it’s time to start at it again and it’s quite scary looking at the remains. Starting over is the only viable option.

    Thanks for your post.

  304. Welcome back, Jon! Hi Jenny! I’m so excited for you as you embark on the next leg of your life’s journey. Your courage is remarkable. Keep going…

  305. Four years ago I started a rock’n’roll worship band named Maywood, and wanted to make my dreams of being a recording and touring artist come true. The band was all on the same page. We made a record and started playing gigs. It was great! Eventually we took our record traveled to Nashville to talk with a well known management company. They shot us down (in a truly caring way) and we went home confused. Members started quitting left and right. It was down to two of us in the band. We were crushed. Recently the Lord told us (pretty clearly I might add) to make another album, but this time for Him and Him alone. It may never amount to anything in the eyes of the world. But this time we don’t care. It’s a little scary to start again with the same band name knowing how much we’ve failed over the past years. It’s nice to see someone else is in the same place: Restart. I’m praying for you and you’re new endeavor.

  306. Kaylei

    I’m reading and writing this to you from China (where there is no cheese fyi) because you showed me that the page I had lines on, wasn’t complete. The marks and the history were just a small part of the big picture. Can’t wait to see how your picture will be made more beautiful as your story continues.

  307. mona

    J for Jon, J for Jenny, J for JESUS. How more awesome can this be for He held you in the palm of His Hands.

  308. As soon as you mentioned kittens and mountain-top pics for Pinterest I started dreaming about kittens scaling Mt. Everest wearing backpacks and scarfs with “Jon Acuff” logos on them. Sounds like a new line of products you should be developing right about now.

    New beginnings Jon.

    New beginnings. 🙂

  309. Lori Sipes

    Jon, so glad you and Jenny are up and rockin!! You have inspired me to start stepping out of my comfort zone! Freaking out over possibly changing careers after 18 years!!! You have given me the courage to punch my fear IN THE FACE and see what life has to offer. So excited to see where this new adventure takes you and your family. Thanks for everything!

  310. Yay! You’re back!
    Starting over can be exciting as well. I often think about how I would do Jr. High or High School differently with all the wonderful knowledge I have now!

  311. You know what I hate. Adventure. Starting over is adventure….like roller coasters that make you throw up or a zip-line that you know if not rated for your weight. That’s the starting over ‘adventure.’ The ‘this thing will either be a once-in-a-lifetime thrill….or, you’ll plummet to your untimely death.

    It’s the ultimate tension between the adrenaline rush and the need for CPR.

    Our family is with the Acuffs. We get it. Long, slow, deep breaths or you might hyperventilate and pass out…..which, coincidentally, is the only way you’ll ever get me on a zip-line. 🙂

  312. Talk about community, I see lots of DnBers commenting. It’s cool to that rally around one of our own, and really the person that brought us together.

  313. Three cheers and amen. So excited for y’all.

  314. Fred

    Jon – welcome back! We can all be inspired by what it must have taken to leave good and comfortable to strike out on your own. Never stop dreaming.

  315. Leah

    So so so SO happy that you are back! The inspiration and laughter that you have provided has helped me through many days. Thankful for your new beginning! Prayers for you and Jenny on this new adventure.

  316. Glad to see you back, Jon – the blogosphere has just not been the same without you. And I am so looking forward to reading Jenny’s book. I’ve wished, with others, for a long time that we’d see a blog or some kind of writing from her – she’s got too much wisdom not to share it. 😉

  317. Well done, Jon. The blog looks great. Clean, easy to navigate…I’m going to subscribe in my Feedly. Plus, you’ve written in a way that is honest yet professional throughout this new “home base.” Queso to you! (figured that’s even better than Kudos.)

    Having been through more than one interesting career transition myself, and currently underemployed because of an unexpected one, I can testify that there is joy and long term wisdom in handling such things with grace, peace and professionalism. Thanks for being an example of diligence in transition (I’m working on finishing my latest book and the background of re-doing my home base during mine) and showing your readers that you don’t have to wallow when a change is made….and you also don’t have to pretend you are superman/superwoman through it. One can be real while also being responsible and diligent.

    You, Jenny and the girls will be just fine!

  318. Jon.

    So happy you’re back. So excited for you. So encouraged by you. As the great Kid President has said, can’t wait to watch you “create something that will make the world more AWESOME.”


  319. Excited to see the blog up and running. Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  320. Welcome back to the land of blogging. Punch fear in the face!

  321. Alex

    At the surprising end of one really big chapter, I read “Start.” I devoured every word as I mourned the loss of one dream for another. It was really scary–but your book helped me dream again. As the wife of a dreamer, I’m excited for Jenny’s new book!

  322. David

    Welcome back, Jon. Look forward to hearing/seeing/reading what the next chapter looks like for you and Jenny.

  323. “Heyyy….look who it is.”
    I reserve this comment for friends who haven’t been over to the house in a while, so it seemed fitting. Welcome back Jon, I look forward to seeing (and reading) about all of the crazy-wonderful-awesome plans God is going to bring to fruition in your life.

  324. I’ve purchased on of your books. But I still have not figured you out. Are you a Christian comedian or blogger like Time Challis?

  325. Shari

    Congratulations first to Jenny…my husband and I both work at home – I think anything that takes you to a hipster coffee shop or ANYWHERE else but underfoot is cause for celebration on her behalf!! As for you Mr. Acuff I have the utmost respect for you. Leaving a job you like with good pay and benefits is so courageous and inspiring. You let go of one bar on the trapeze and you are sailing through the air reaching for the next. I know we will see some great tricks in between. You have a huge safety net of followers who believe in what you do, in part because it challenges us to believe a little more in ourselves. Well played author of Start and Quitter…well played. Looking forward to watching you play on!!

  326. So excited for this new blog!!!! I am thrilled by your new chapter; in some crazy way, you starting over, gives a little credibility to my new adventure.

    Also, personally pumped for this because since the Start conference I have been referencing “Jon & Jenny” like we are old friends; my husband kindly reminds me we have not actually met in real life. 😉 Details! Anywho thanks to social media and this new blog, my “Acuff” content just skyrocketed! Cheers to new adventures!

  327. Welcome back!! Super excited to see what’s ahead.

  328. Kristen

    I read Start a few months ago – at a really pivotal time in my life – and it was just what I needed. I’m going after my dreams now. Better yet: not feeling bad about it! When things get tricky, I have a notebook of take-aways written down that I revisit.

    I’ve read your blog(s) for years now and love to see how you live what you write. I can trust an author like that.

    Thanks for your message & trailblazing.

  329. So awesome. I’m starting over in my life too, so this is encouraging and inspiring to me! I mean, I’m terrified about it, but way beyond excited because it means I haven’t given up on trying and learning. 🙂

  330. Beautiful words. Encouraging. I will be sure to continue reading. Been married for three years, having our first little girl in a few months. Even though we are not “starting over” but instead starting a new chapter in life, and new adventure, so much of what you said rings true!

  331. Welcome back, Jon. It’s good to see you blogging again. Praying for you and Jenny as you start this new adventure!! You’ve inspired a whole raft of us to go around punching, kicking, and drop-kicking fear. Thanks for giving us the encouragement to start and then to keep us dreaming and building!!

  332. Theresa

    Jon, I have followed you since before Twitter and before Facebook (what…there was a time before those two things?!?). You had just started your Stuff Christians Like website when I first found you, so much like my husband claims that he discovered Guns N Roses before any of his friends, I tell people that I discovered you before the rest of the world. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you! So glad to see you and Jenny back.

  333. Wow…seeing ALL these people comment is amazing. Jon. Congrats on coming back to your roots.
    I can only hope to inspire these many people one day with my Music…
    I’m sure it’s the same feeling you’re getting like when I see some one I don’t even know…singing my song in the crowd…
    God is too Good Always…

    God Bless!

  334. Welcome back, Jon! The internet is a better place with you around.

  335. I’m so glad you’re back. The site looks great. You have taught me that it’s never too late for a new beginning and here you are living it out! I look forward to reading more and adventuring with you and your family!

  336. Great to see you again. Looks like you’re in the market to re-brand and esp to broadcast your NEW URL. I’ll try to put the shout out about <>

    Time to build your own empire, right? kudos for taking the leap from the comfortable to the adventurous.

  337. Great to see you again. Looks like you’re in the market to re-brand and esp to broadcast your NEW URL. I’ll try to put the shout out about <>

    Time to build your own empire, right? kudos for taking the leap from the comfortable to the adventurous.

    Looks like to have tons of fans so it shouldn’t be too hard!

  338. JD Dargai

    It’s awesome to see you back Jon! I’m excited for you and Jenny taking on the next adventure. Are you planning on revealing the story of the transition out of the Ramsey team and what inspired the turn to the second chapter?

  339. Nate

    I’m more excited than a homeschooler at a Carman concert! Welcome back.

  340. Stephen Wilkinson-Gruber

    Great to have you back, Jon! The past few months have definitely taught me the value of friends and community. Thanks for all you and Jenny do!

  341. Welcome back Jon! I briefly met you as Blissdom in Texas this year and I’ve been following you ever since. I know that God has a plan for you, and it’s going to be BIGGER than ever! So happy to have you back online and blogging!

  342. Julie Padilla

    Thank you for all you do! I am so excited to see that your wife is writing a book and together #teamacuff will ignite more dreamers and doers to pursue their God given dreams! I pray for you and your wife and your girls! Wisdom, clarity and blessings! 🙂

  343. Greetings from foggy Southern CA. We’re glad that you’re back in this digital format… you’re one of the good ones bro!

    God bless

  344. David

    You have inspired me in many ways through your books, Quitter and START. I have switched things up in my life and I am striving for awesome. I have switched careers and I am making progress toward finding my dream. I am excited to see what awaits in your second chapter. Rooting for you and for your success. Thank You for what you do. David

  345. It’s really a shame that no one has commented on this article. Wink.

    Is it weird for me to say I’m proud of you? It takes guts to do what you’re doing. According to the undeniably accurate and reliable source that is Twitter, I know you’ve had criticism. Don’t listen to it, don’t buy in to self doubt. Sounds like you went with your gut, your intuition (and that of your wife also–women’s intuition is better and stronger anyways, so well done). And you know, listening to God, that’s always a good idea. It also sounds like you’re taking your own advice, from your own books. Job well done, my friend.

    Looking forward to Day 1.

    Mrs Bipolarity

    PS I’m thinking your wife is a smart, smart woman for telling your team that you should not have access to Google Analytics.

  346. Hey Jon! Excited to see what you have in store! I just started my blog and it is exciting! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  347. This is the greatest comeback since Brett Favre unretired for the 4th time. Your writing has changed my life in big ways. Most of them have been positive.

  348. Ronda Seward


    Thanks for showing us how it’s done! With your encouragement my husband and I are moving toward a new “start” in January ’14. I bought the calendar..we’re almost ready 🙂


  349. Joe Castillo

    Your words are awesome. To the point that I have listen to your audio book (Quitter) 3 times in the last month and a half during my training runs for a half marathon.

    PS. Thank you for the side ache while laughing five miles in a ten mile run!

  350. So proud of you for flowing through and into the re-start. One of the fun things I’ve learned is that each one brings me closer to who I am … who God created me to be. Those things are never easy, but they are exciting and terrifying and inspiring and … well … all of that stuff … Christians … ummm … like. Friends and family make it easier. I’m so glad you have such a wonderful girl who walks through these days with you.

  351. Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere, Jon.

    So glad that you and Jenny are embarking on this new chapter. You’ve taken some amazing steps along the way but I think now you are truly stepping into God’s dream for your life. And it will be even more awesome than it’s been.

    Keep dreaming and building. We’re alongside you!

  352. Proud of you, Team Acuff! Looking forward to Day Inifinity (and beyond!)! 🙂

  353. Melissa Ogden

    Congratulations on beginning your second chapter. I am inspired by the Acuff team and happy to be following along on your journey of dreaming and building!

    Best of luck and glad to have you back!

  354. Welcome! And congratulations. LOVE the look and feel of the website and excited to see and hear and EXPERIENCE what happens next!

  355. Hey Jon,
    Glad you’re back. I always enjoy your words. I’ve missed them this last month and am really looking forward to what’s next.

    What if you made Stuff Christians like part of this blog? Not sure what you’re think about this new space but I’m sure it’ll involve social media, writing, fear, and leadership. Maybe Stuff Christians like can be another category of this that you write on once or twice a week. That way you’re only managing one blog instead of two.

    Thanks for helping all of us punch fear in the face.

  356. Angela McKinle.

    First of all, you’re hilarious. Second of all, new beginnings or new blog or new job or new life – it doesn’t matter, i would follow you guys anywhere! (Not in a creepy, stalking way I promise lol) you will succeed at whatever you end up doing and I am cheering you on every step of the way! Thanks for taking a risk and being an example for all of us “somewhat- normal” humans. 🙂

  357. Michelle White

    It’s always scary to take that first step towards something new, even when you’ve taken a million first steps in the past.

    That’s all I’ve got, no encouragement or “fortune telling” predictions about how well things will go for you.

    It’s scary and it’s hard but it’s always worth it. Success or failure you learn.

  358. What? You call yourself a queso lover and have never been to Wisconsin? So glad to see you back and really excited to see Jenny being a part of this! Love the partnership there and looking forward to awesome creativity!

  359. WELCOME BACK!! Can’t wait to see what is to come. Praying for you, Acuffs!

  360. Welcome back, Jon.

    May your future kittens stand triumphantly over mountain vistas.


  361. Jon, Good luck on this new exciting journey. Keep fighting for your dream and helping others with theirs. Blessings!

  362. Yes! I’ve been looking forward to your triumphant return. Enjoyed getting to meet you in Dallas at the B&N book signing before Catalyst this year. In all my years of following you I have noticed that I don’t believe you have made a visit to New Mexico yet. We need to get you out here and show you how queso is done my friend. Green Chili is as bountiful here as guitars in a Nashville airport, and goes great with melted cheese. Thanks for starting again!

  363. connie

    Thanks for your bravery in “starting” again. My husband and I foster children and each new child brings a new “start” for us. It is scary for me because I don’t do well with change at all….sometimes I think I am more scared than these fragile children are. I have been blessed to have met you in person and to have read your book. Thanks again for showing me how God is in control and that where He guides, He provides. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family. – connie

  364. I’m thinking LL Cool J—you always knock me out! I always look forward to your encouraging words, insight, and very entertaining comments!

  365. Anthony Carpenter


    So glad to see you back writing. You truly are an inspiration to so many people.

    The funny thing about a transition is that you must have a past and a dream of a future. Otherwise there is no point in transitioning. So here is to you and Jenny may your future be prodigious!

  366. Melody

    For the 5th time in 19 years my husband and I are starting over. When we first married I really thought things would be different by the time we were in our 40’s but God obviously had different plans. A bank buy-out, real estate market collapse causing another bank to collapse and a few things in between and/or after here we are. Starting over. Fun times. By the way, we had queso yesterday.

  367. Yeah-yuh!
    He is back!
    I have looked forward to this day for a bit. Every since discovering your book SCL in Barnes and Noble and literally doubling over in laughter in the aisles while people sipped on their caramel macchiatos and green tea lattes looked at me like I was crazy, oh did I mention that I read the entire book whilst in B&N?

    Ever since my college and career group at church remade your SCL videos…I thank you for making Christianity fun 🙂

    Can’t wait to see where you take this blog! Your writing is encouraging and you inspire many.

    Wahoo to a new START !

    And I would like a bracelet from L.E. …just saying ! 🙂

  368. Hey Jon, wish I could have watched you work over the past few weeks – how you made decisions, how you brainstormed, etc – I bet it would have been inspiring and real. I’m looking forward to watching your progress – the line has been crossed – you’ve started! Peace.

  369. western ky pastor

    I for one will never forget the day, when your friends came together to build orphanages. That and other projects we did together changed the lives of hundreds of folks. And that was just Chapter 1.

    What God has planned in Chapter 2….well, I for one cannot wait!

  370. Jon,

    Totally made my day when I opened up my inbox and saw that your new blog was now live.

    I’m making some huge new transitions in my own vocation (like I’m right in the crunch week of it), so I think it was just apropo….God’s timing that you launched today. It gave me an instant boost and a reminder to believe in the work I do and the value I bring.

    And Heather and I are asking ourselves our own questions about whether or not we are living the “story” God is calling us to live.

    So thanks for being an inspiration and living out what you have preached.

    I still go back to interviewing you 4 years ago for a conference…I had to be up at 5am to interview you. You were living what you preach back then. Thanks.


    Hope to connect sometime soon.


  371. Isabel

    My son needs to read your book ‘Quitter’. He’s in a relationship that is going nowhere and a job that is sucking the life out of him. The job is not what God has for him so I need to get that book into his hands right away. Glad you are back up and running again. God bless!!!

  372. Katie H

    Thanks Jon for your transparency and always, humor. It is exciting to see you and Jenny starting on a new journey, and being willing to share it with the rest of the world. But it does provide hope and a real example to the rest of us who are still breaking out of our shells, still working on punching fear in the face. God be with you, can’t wait to see what He does!

  373. Sending dozens of misappropriations of Philippians 4:13 your way, Jon! #JesusJukingMyself?

  374. We missed you!!! Glad u r back. I’m starting over myself and need to share encouragement… What’s the alternative? Staying stuck where we are, becoming stagnant and not doing the work of the Kingdom that God has for us? NEVER!

  375. Suzy Roberts

    Hurrah ! Cannot wait to see what amazing things God has planned for you! “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever, amen.” Eph 3:20-21

  376. Shannon

    So excited to see what God has in store for you! I had your book, Quitter, signed by you at the Dave event in San Antonio last year for my husband. He is five months into his new self employment venture! You are an inspiration!

  377. Chris

    Welcome back Jon! Thank you for continuing to encourage us to dream, even when it gets tough!

  378. So glad you are back Jon and Jenny! You’ve been telling us how to punch fear in the face and now you’re showing us. I love the honesty and transparency. We’re all on this journey together and I couldn’t imagine a better group of friends to travel with. I can’t wait to watch your dreams come true!

  379. Jon

    You don’t know me from Adam. I was amazed recently when you replied to tweet I sent asking you to lunch while I was in Nashville. Amazed that youre reply was that you’d probably have that lunch had you not been in Boston.
    I’m 46. Pretty sure I will be ask to leave a pastorate of 16 yrs. I have no idea what comes next. I am scared…for my family and myself. I feel like a remora, following you around for crumbs of adventure. Thanks for letting me tag along. Grateful to hear you need us. Glad to have you around as well

  380. Garrett Haley

    Awesome new blog, Jon! It’s great to have you back. As Chris Tomlin says, “Let the future begin!”

    And as far as Stuff Christians Like goes, why not publish at least some of that content in a new book? I know I would buy it.

  381. You are trying to make me cry (again) and I don’t appreciate it. 🙂
    We are so fortunate to have someone like you being transparent about the ups and downs of pursuing and and discovering our dreams. Thanks and best wishes.

  382. Jen


    I am so excited for you. You aren’t just a Wow guy… #alltheawesome shows you have some How in you as well. Jenny is rubbing off on you and vice versa. Nice when spouses are friends and can learn and grow to be more whole. 🙂 Love you both!


    PS…I would like to formally invite you and Jenny to join the #Moffia.

  383. Hey, you got to keep the faux hawk at the new site!

    Glad to see you’re up and running again. Not sure what the next step would be after this, but I think it’s clearly time for a meta-post about Stuff Christians Like.

    Stuff Christians Like: Stuff Christians Like.

  384. Christy Allen

    Thank you SO much for the encouragement of your example. You hare handling your transition and new beginning with such class and excellence!!!

    For some reason all I can think of is Charlotte’s Web and the Farmer smiling and saying “That’ll do pig .. that’ll do.” It’s more encouraging in my head than it sounds I promise…. ha.

  385. Welcome back man… You got some big fans you have inspired here in Akron, OH. Praying for you and the fam.

  386. Robert Ryman

    Restarting and changing your life to be something you can wake up in the morning to is very difficult becuase your old life is comfortable. I am in the process of changing a comfortable job to a new business and it is very scary. You have always been in my prayers and will continue. Looking forward to reading new stuff from you.

    P.S. “The End” was my all time favorite post!

  387. So great to see you blogging again! Always enjoy your stuff! Blessings in what’s ahead!

  388. @ChaseDonahue

    Man, this was refreshing. The past 3 months have been a huge transition of starting over for me. Spending a lot of time reevaluating dreams, goals, and desires. As I started to write, one thought continued to come up: our dreams are worthless if they don’t involve the people we love. Glad I’m not alone in that. Glad you understand it. Glad this new chapter of your life will continue to mentor to me.

    Hope I have a chance to meet/chat with you when you’re in Minnesota (early December). Thanks, Jon. Seriously.

  389. Matthew Habuda


    All I can say is thank you and welcome back. The last few months within the Experiment has catapulted my consulting practice from a “must do” to a “get to do”. You have brought alive something that was nearly dead. I’m grateful for your willingness to allow it to become what it is. The Dreamers and Builders group is a valuable part of my life and the network it has provided me has been priceless. In a few short weeks http://www.Habudaconsulting.com will be up and running, the blog will be merged, and graphics will be visible. I’m working with more business builders and dreamers than ever and I’m running with them to make their dreams happen. This is my second chapter as well and I’m thankful for your encouragement along the way. Many blessing to you and Jenny.


  390. Punching Monday in the face here in San Francisco!

    Actually, my wife and I punched this past SATURDAY in the face. We walked in a local ministry’s fund-raiser and aimed for a (measly) $2000 goal. God brought us to over $3300 in less than one month of fund-raising for Alpha Pregnancy Center’s annual Walk for Life event! He’s good at exploding our tiny imaginations.

    In our city, over 16,000 babies are born every year. Sadly, over 18,000 are terminated. We want to support this store-front ministry that is aiming to provide free ultrasounds for expectant mom’s to help influence them to keep their child.

    Our family experienced a recent loss as our daughter was stillborn in July. She had a chromosomal condition called Trisomy 18. Thanks to the faithfulness of our God, we have been able to grieve and mourn with hope, and through telling our story on our blog, and a strong community of support, we have been able to keep living day-to-day with joy and by grace.

    Grace to you brother (and to your Red Sox and Patriots) as you START this new journey.

    From San Francisco (that’s Giants and 49ers country),
    Pira Tritasavit

  391. Trisha Keehn

    Powerful stuff in that little intro–19 rewrites was worth it! Well all I can say is we were here for the first, and we’ve stuck around to start the second chapter with you guys. God is doing a good work through you, delivering smiles, hope and encouragement for new beginnings. Thank you Jesus for all things new!

  392. Yay! Little did you know that all of us who signed up, signed on for the long haul. Complicated answers can sometimes get boring somewhere in the middle, and if I get too bored, then I also end up contemplating the wonders of melted cheese. Sometimes, it’s just better to do than to say.

    New chapters, same awesome.

  393. My philosophy is if cheese can’t fix it, chocolate can. 😉

    Welcome back. And thanks for introducing us to a bunch of new friends. Looking forward to see what happens next. Cheers!

  394. My family and I are in the same boat, Jon. We just moved back to Nashville after 13 years away, and I’m working on my career as a mix/recording engineer. On paper, it looks like the odds are against me in this town that’s already saturated with many great engineers, but I know what God has told us to do, so we’re back. I hope to be able to glean some things from your new adventure, and perhaps I’ll discover some things to share with you along the way!

  395. Tamy

    Queso and Kittens; the building blocks for a perfect world. Great post.

  396. KMR

    I’ve missed you! Glad you’re back!

  397. Ben

    Congrats on your new adventure. Big life changes are scary, but not having a “next thing” is even scarier.

  398. gosh, i remember hearing about scl 4-5 years ago, when it was a blogger hosted website. you’ve been on quite a journey since then, and i’m looking forward to following along again. 🙂

    “now is the time to seeeeize the daaaay…”

  399. Great to see you back… on your own! But you’re really not on your own, you’ve got us and Amy!

    Reinventing yourself and starting over is tough. I know. I’ve done it three distinctly different ways/times in my 59 years! Great stories come out of overcoming challenges and following dreams. Can’t wait to read more of yours…..

    With ya’ on the journey,

  400. Dawn

    Jon (and family), I remember when I first found “Stuff Christians Like” and I’ve followed you ever since! You’ve even encouraged my son’s dream of becoming a pastor! Thank you so much for being willing to share your mistakes, your revelations, your kindness. You’ve made me laugh, cry and inspired me! I cannot wait to see what you’ve got. 🙂

    p.s. Please come back again to New England (Connecticut)… I missed you in Mass.

  401. Ashley

    I just felt a little sad for SCL to be ending, because Jon and I met there. But I think it’s cool that in the same way that we are moving on and starting new life in marriage, you’re starting a new life, too. God is good.

  402. Di


    Your posts are helping me find my writing voice. I want people to enjoy reading what I write, as much as I enjoy reading what you do. Thanks!

  403. Jon Acuff. I get you. You had me at trying to return to a fondue restaurant twice. LOVE the new blog. Love your work. Love your wit. Love that I am inspired to start over. LOVE where my life is right now. Thank you for helping me start again!

  404. Henry

    Awesome man! I am just glad you started with 0. My programmer brain feels so much better.

  405. I saw (and heard) you rock the mic in Arlington for AdvoCare. It was hilarious but more so important.

    I’d like to rap battle you though.

  406. Start book gave me the push I needed to end a chapter and start a new one. I think starting over is exciting. It’s scary but the possibilities – WOW…endless! New chapters are always necessary for a great story to progress – and I love your story so far and I am reading along! Blessings!

  407. Mona P

    Jon and Jenny didnt stop being Jon and Jenny just because you decided to change a situation. Still love reading your stuff! Cant wait to keep reading and learning from you both!!

  408. Kenneth

    Perhaps a title for your next book? “Restart”

  409. Jessi

    If change was easy, we’d all be able to eat endless queso and never worry about the consequences…or running out of chips. 🙂

  410. Todd Probus

    I read this post with Carman’s “The Champion” playing in my head.

    Then again, I read pretty much everything with Carman’s “The Champion” playing in my head.

  411. Randy K


    Thanks for this. It is a great reminder that even when you are successful at something, you may have to start over. I really needed to hear that.
    We got your back, bro.

  412. Andrew Bessey

    It’s been a while, but good to see that you are back and ready to somehow distract and motivate us at the same time. The land of In n’ Out and frightened children scared of well-dressed mice is glad to see that you are back and eagerly awaits your next book.


    P.S, If you ever get the offer, you should come speak at BIOLA University.

  413. Pops

    He’s baaaaaaack! The Ahnold of Queso! Congratulations! Now let’s get going!

  414. Impressed by your humor, courage, and unique ability to make us think and laugh. The world needs more people who can blur the line between the entertaining and the profound. I appreciate your ability to write about significant subjects in a manner that is both disarming and enjoyable. Best of luck to you and your fam in this new chapter of life!

  415. Remember,

    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…..

  416. Tim Wieneke

    Two more things to add to Stuff Christians like: New beginnings and queso. Especially queso (Midwesterner’s fondue).

    People are a mosaic, where each individual piece of history doesn’t necessarily make sense until they’re put together. With your recent piece of history completed, I’m curious what you’re going to come out with now. Good luck.


  417. Ah, yes. Love this post!
    I have some thoughts around beginning again too! Excited for your new kind-of-unknown-but-work-in-progress-adventure.


  418. As one of your followers from, perhaps, a minority of those closing in on 60, I want to ditto the others and encourage you that there is no end to beginnings. Every new day is a new life, or new chapter, and as you said, each builds on the last. I can’t even count the number of new chapters, roles, careers, or seasons that God has unfolded in my life–maybe because I’m closer to eternity than I am to college algebra class. Keep pressing on, in all you do. And most of all, keep pressing on in the Lord. He, and we, are cheering you on!

    Blessings, Friend (sounds like a LOTR salutation)!

  419. Congratulations and God bless! I like the clean look of your site.

  420. Proud of you, dude. Time to fly.

  421. Glad to have you back, Jon! I have missed your posts.

    I really relate to starting again when the page is scribbled on instead of blank. I’m a Fine Arts Director, and when my students graduate high school, I sometimes wish that I could have that moment again of a fresh start, full of big dreams before life’s obstacles or failures have knocked some of the wind out of me.

    I’m cheering you on! Looking forward to reading more!

  422. Jon,

    You have done a great job of branding yourself prior to switching umbrella brands. I consider Dave to have been an umbrella brand. He’s great. Your content is also great. Your content will stand alone well and I’m excited to read future posts – and books.

    All things are better with queso.

    Puppies are better than kittens.

    You’ve changed the way I view my future. I encourage all my friends to read Start.

    Thank you.


  423. Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

    And phew! I had to scroll thru so many comments just to be able to comment. Glad we’ve got such a crowd here.

  424. amy bryant

    The Bryants are with you! (and the queso.)

  425. Welcome back to the blogosphere! A few weeks ago, I had just read Start and was excited to see what else you had on your blogs. That was the day your blogs went dark. So glad to see you back up and running. Was in such withdrawal, my husband and I drove an hour and a half to see you in MA. Well worth the drive.

  426. You’re book Start was really helpful, though my Mom — whom I live with, I’m 22 — took offense at one part. She didn’t like the 5am club idea. I have no Idea why. After explaining it to her, I only said I was thinking of using that time to again learn how to play the trumpet. I didn’t say that seriously. I made it clear I was joking and my mom thought it was funny, but anyway thanks again for the book. After this past spring’s semester at college I decided to take time off from school and re-evaluate what I wanted to do with my life, I knew what I was studying (history) isn’t what I wanted to do. Reading your book helped point me in the right direction. So now I have a some ideas of what careers I might enjoy and just have to figure out which one is best for me, but I think now with your help I’ve narrowed them down to all ones that I’d be ok with. My dream (novel writing) isn’t likely to pay my bills at least at first so I knew I had to find something that would and at least wouldn’t be so draining that I couldn’t also persue my dream. Thanks, I look forward to reading this new blog.

  427. woohoo! it’s great to have you back, jon! looking forward to #alltheawesome that is to come. greetings from the dusty desert that is phoenix!

  428. Sammy

    You always have such amazing things to share!! When are you coming back to Liberty so we can hear your thoughts in person?? Yours is always our favorite convo.
    Keep writing and we at liberty will keep reading. 🙂

  429. Jon-
    It must feel great to be side-hugged with all this love and enthusiasm for your return! I hope you’re in the moment and scooping it up like a chip in queso.

    Dadgumit, now I want some queso.

    Great post 1.

  430. Congrats! Glad you are back!

    “I’ve been waitin’ and debatin’ for oh so long…just starvin’ like Marvin’ for an Acuff…” 😉

    Welcome back Jon! You were a friend to all of us through your writing, we are all ready to go on another ride with you (and Jenny this trip)!

  431. Wasn’t it Shakespeare who once said, “Queso covers a multitude of sins”?

  432. Jon, it’s a pleasure to see you blogging again. Your blogs were a huge inspiration in my own decision to re-start blogging. I’m sporadic at best, but with your every post you remind me of the power of words. Thank you, and best wishes as you begin anew. I can’t wait to see where you take us next!

  433. It takes courage to start again. Welcome back John. Thanks for the reminder: “the second chapter starts at the end of the first”.

    So appropriate even as I look ahead to the start of my own “transition period”

  434. Great first page of your new chapter. We’re with you, praying for you and ready to carry on.

  435. Glad to have you back, Jon. You were missed. Best wishes and prayers as you move forward on this new path.

  436. Mary Rasmussen

    Yaayyyy! Jon’s back, Jon’s back! Welcome back & can’t wait to take the next leg of this journey with you! Queso all around!!

  437. Yay!! So glad to see you are back! 😀 Looking forward to new and awesome things!

    As for old content – hmmmmm….. For the posts, maybe it could be a journal-type book? With your notes about some of them in the footnotes?

  438. Oh, I can’t wait for Stuff Christians Like to return!

  439. Katie

    Thanks for coming back to us! We missed you!

  440. Demetria

    Well you had me at “queso”. And this may sound silly…but your posts on FB always lift my spirits and put a smile on my face. So thank you for that. Look forward to seeing what you and your wife have to share with us on the blog.

  441. Glad to see you back, Jon! We’ve missed you!

  442. stoked that you’re back – i always get a smile or a kick in a good way from what you’ve written – i just finished START and QUITTER, in that order, and loved it. everyone needs to read START i’m glad you guys are starting a new chapter – excited to see how it plays out (in a non creepy stalker way) Blessings, Claire (New Zealand)

  443. Welcome back, Mr. Acuff. Looking forward seeing your next chapter unfold before our eyes.

  444. It’s like opening a super early Christmas present. Good stuff as as always Jon!

  445. Easily my most exciting email today that your blog is up! Can’t wait to see what’s coming! And speaking of Mama said knock you out… good luck getting this one out of your head 🙂 http://youtu.be/NZazJ36rRNU

  446. Rebecca P.

    I can’t wait to see the new chapter of John & Jenny – I know it will rock our socks off! Your previous blogposts have been very encouraging to me during this last year of college. Please keep it up and if you two are ever near Blacksburg VA, come by and say “Heyyyy” to Hokies! Praying for you guys~

  447. Welcome back, and good luck to you. I still like you.

    (From that Caffeinated Faith podcast that you were on that one time…)

  448. Great to have you back Jon! Have missed the words of encouragement. I’ll be reading as you start chapter 2.

  449. Randall Harris

    If the half hour I just spent scrolling down the comments is any indication, you’ve got plenty of friends. Those friends are now hungry for fondue and queso. We’ll be over at six. 🙂

  450. Patrick

    Hey Jon, love your honesty and being real with your audience. Your an awesome christian following Gods sometimes uncertain calling, but he will guide you and prosper you. Also you have made a friend in me, love your work

  451. It is wonderful to see your words again. Many blessings to you!

  452. Nikki Moore

    I am glad to have you back! My morning routine has been gone without getting to wake up, read your blog, and get inspired to be awesome for the rest of the day. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you next.

  453. Way to be a Quitter. Way to Start.


  454. Amanda Bischof

    My life has been incomplete without the top ten lists of ways to less awkwardly hold hands with that stranger next to you in church… or the top five reasons you’ll never be as hip as your worship leader… or the top 12 reasons that top 10 lists rock. Welcome back! You complete me… but not in that weird Tom Cruise jumping on a couch way.

  455. Jeff Johnson

    “Every second chapter is born from the end of the first.”

    That is going somewhere in my house! Brilliant, Jon. As always. Can’t wait to see the ripples of your new beginnings. Love to y’all from the Johnsons!

  456. Welcome Back! I’m sorry I just missed you in Tulsa but now we all get to hear you everyday.
    Best wishes!

  457. Erin in Ohio

    Welcome back!!!!!!! You have been missed.

  458. Glad you’re back at it! We were sad to have missed you at Catalyst but were more hopeful and prayerful that you and the family are in good health and doing what you love.

  459. Sacha Cabral

    So excited for your new start and looking forward to all that you have to share! All the best to you and Jenny! I’ll be following along.


  460. You just became human to me. Thank you!

  461. Yay! Been waiting to hear about where you’d land. Praying great things lie ahead for you, your fam, and your dream. My hubs and I read “Quitter,” and we are working to grow our dream jobs while we continue to work our day jobs. Mine is a speaking/writing ministry…just landed in the blogosphere. Here’s to leaping into the future as wisely as possible!

  462. Michelle Treece

    Go Team Acuff! So very happy to see this in my inbox this morning. You have been such an inspiration to me.

    Also have to tell you this: I read your blog this morning as I was waiting for them to take me in for surgery. When I came out of the anesthesia and the nurse asked if she could get me anything, apparently I asked for a large bowl of queso!!! #becausequeso

    Thank you for the awesome community you started!

  463. Bryan Johns

    Thanks for being you. Resigned church as pastor effective end of year to move to where we have no defined ministry, only lots of hard work and opportunity. I had told God i would go if He opened door. Door opened. Told God He would have to tell wife, He did. Thanks for encouragement in dreaming and following those God given dreams even if it means giving up security and familiarity of the life your living.

  464. KJ Yaksich

    I have loved your blog for the past few years via introduction from a friend….we sent our son to your Quitter seminar, but I was not prepared for the emotional catch in my throat when I read your wife was writing a book on being married to a dreamer. I cried, hyperventilated and got the chills all at once. I too am married to a dreamer and I walk a lonely road and have few friends that actually believe that I am still married to my man. This book cannot get published fast enough…..and I now have a sliver of peace knowing someone else has publically admitted being married to a dreamer!

  465. My sister began forwarding some of your post of SCL a few months ago and I realized I had your book on my desk. I have time to read a blog or 5 a day, but a book… That may be a hard one. I will say that now you are officially on my RSS feed so that I can check every morning to what you may have to say. Thanks for all you do and keep it up. Oh! I almost forgot… I say take all the SCL posts and compile them into a book. What a great bathroom book that would be!

  466. Welcome back again Jon. I’m about to arrive at Day Zero too…much earlier than I had anticipated. I know we’ll be alright but I’m not really sure how or what that will look like. I am inspired by your courage to start again. Time to lean in and press on into the unknown! Thanks for what you do mister.

  467. Lorrie Harden


  468. Jon, you don’t know me, but I’ve appreciated your work a great deal!! You’ve challenged me to go for and helped me see the foolishness of many of my fears. Blessings to you as you Re-start–I’m sure the best is yet to come.

  469. Michael Campbell

    Jon, It’s great to have you back. You have been such an encouragement to me in both my business and in focusing in on my dream of speaking and writing. (which has taken many forms over the years but now is more focused) In the last 6 months I have been able to see with more clarity, mostly by following your simple yet profound advice. Thanks for all that you do and beginning this incredible community of people that encourage each other. God Bless.

  470. Melanie

    Well, I was going to make a kitten pin, but Becky is too on the ball for me! Starting over is hard and scary and kinda exciting so I hope this day is exceeding your expectations. So I’ll just cue “Climb every Mountain!” and say “Please pass the queso!” i am SO hungry suddenly!

  471. Tiffany Foss

    There are so many comments that I would ‘like’ if I could.. just know the Foss clan is excited for ya– and walkin’ through scary and exciting with you….Cheers!! — eager to see Jenny’s book too! 🙂

  472. Kristin

    It is so good to have you back, Jon! I’ve followed you for a long time, reading your blog, reading your books and following your tweets. But I’ve always been a lurker. Now it’s time to tell you what an inspiration you’ve been to me. You’ve give me hope to start again. I’m a professional in a lucrative career but I’m getting ready to start again….the next chapter. Thanks for leading the way!

    • Jon Acuff

      That’s great Kristin, sometimes it’s hard to step away from lucrative situations, but wealth means a lot more than money.

  473. I’ve got mad respect for you Jon Acuff – you and your family.

  474. Hey Jon,

    I’ve had to restart several times. It’s always hard. I’ve gotten stuck for the last 10 years on my last restart. You’ve helped me start moving again. I’ll be praying for your next big adventure.

    God bless,

  475. Marty Himmel

    Congrats to both of you on starting this new chapter! I know there’s plenty more awesomeness ahead. And as many have already said, I’ll throw mine in now – Thank you! The inspiration you’ve given through your books and the Facebook groups has driven me to following a wild new dream and call on my life – a friend and I are starting a business together. So, again, thank you and here’s to all the future awesome adventures!

  476. Michelle

    What you are doing is crazy. Completely insane. Possibly stupid even. But most of all incredibly brave. Thanks for taking the chances some of us aren’t brave enough to take. Maybe eventually it will rub off on the rest of us!

  477. Steve (fsucurran)

    Jon & Jenny,

    So glad you are back live. I am excited to see where the next part of your journey leads. It’s almost as if this starting over thing is really just stepping on the gas after waiting at a really long red light. It may take a while to get back up to speed, but it doesn’t change the destination…Awesomeland!!


  478. Janessa

    So glad to see you blogging again Jon!

    Congrats on the new chapter in your life! God bless!

  479. Becca Oursler

    I get what you said about waking up one day and being like “ok, I’m not supposed to be doing this. Time to start something else.” It’s scary, it’s challenging, it’s exciting and it’s freeing all at the same time. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  480. Libby Acuff

    Your Chapel Hill family is very proud of you and Jenny!

  481. Tori

    Have your queso and eat it too! Real food queso. No Velveeta. Pure AWESOMENESS! http://www.foodrenegade.com/creamy-mexican-cheese-dip-without-velveeta/

  482. Maryanne

    I’m glad you guys are back online. I’m looking forward to following you on this new journey. Keeping your family in my prayers! God Bless you!

  483. This is going to sound corny… alas, I must say it. Jon, your blogs have changed my life. I’ve been reading for years… since high school. I’ve been reading since before I decided to major in Accounting. It encouraged me to see the good in this “waiting” time of studying awful theory that I hate, hah. It helped wake me up that there is NO waiting time. Every time is an opportunity as we work for something “better” and towards our dream. I just wrote a blog today on dreams and it is completely inspired by you; it’s called “Dreams, Degrees, Loans: The Narrative” lol. I’m Jaymie. I’m an accounting major that wants to be a fiction writer. I’m twenty-two and I follow you on, like, every social media tool possible.
    I totally believe in you. Because you do more than talk. You inspire people. God has clearly given you a talent and I’m glad that you don’t intend to waste it. I really look up to you. My story didn’t end the day I realized I hate my major. It only started working towards a new direction.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m excited for your new start.

  484. Leah Bakker

    Jon, Your posts have always brought a smile to my face, and inspired me to continue to move towards God. SO I’m glad to see your back and writing!

    Good Luck On the Second Beginning….Know that you have lot of support and encouragement Up Here in Canada 🙂

  485. Lindsay Hill

    Happy to see another Acuff blog! Can’t wait the hear what’s on your mind, in the hipster coffee shop or in the fondue restaraunt. I think you have a brave heart that says what so many think, which is awesome! Best of luck on your new adventure!!

  486. Happy Day Zero to you both!!!! And yes, queso seems to make everything a little better. Now onward to amazing things that come with second beginnings. 🙂

  487. This post was made of awesomeness, hope, joy, and a great anticipation for what is around the next bend. It’s great to see you back in the blogosphere and to see more of Jenny.

    Thanks for encouraging me so often to keep on pressing on (and to finally start hustling on some dreams!). I so appreciate it.


  488. michael c

    In June I left a company I had been with for 9 years. I was making great money. It wasn’t my dream job. I was doing everything I could to make it my dream job, but it wasn’t. I am not sure what is in front of me. We saved and prepared for a sabbatical of sorts. I’ll likely end up working in another role on the way to that elusive dream job. All this to say… I get it. Blessings to you my man. I am excited for you. It’s time for you to have your own platform where you lead and bring others on. I can’t wait to see what you do. I’ve learned a great deal from you. Isaiah 26:3 – keep your heart and mind organized.

  489. Kittens…vistas…

    My wife and I enjoy you both and look forward to following your adventure.

  490. Ryan Gutowski

    During your Start Webcast was the moment that my wife and I knew we had to move forward with the vision God gave us to start a network of home churches in our city. God has used you and your family to inspire so many around the world.

  491. Bobbi Greene

    As hard as they are, I love new beginnings. I’ve been following you for a good while… you’ve brought many smiles, laughs, and truths. The best is yet to be! Blessings on the new chapter!

  492. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes

    Welcome back, Jon! I can’t even begin to imagine every emotion that you and Jenny have been through lately. Congrats on the next chapter in life – I look forward to seeing where God leads y’all! 🙂

  493. Ahhhhh!!!! #TeamAcuff is back!!!!! Jon, I had know doubt you and Jenny would Punch Fear in the Face and land back on your feet. My page? Yeah, it’s full of line-outs and scribbles and food stains… kinda makes opening up a queso stand look like a not so bad idea sometimes. Glad you are back in the game. I missed not seeing emails from Jon Acuff in my in box in the morning. Looking forward to whatever the next grand adventure holds. <3 to you both!

  494. April

    Happy Day Zero! Thanks for continuing to make your (and Jenny’s) awesomeness available. Ya’ll are inspiring! I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

  495. Andrew

    Congrats buddy! I can’t wait to join you in the life after the “reverse Superman”!

  496. JP

    Welcome back jon…never knew how much I liked you till I couldn’t find you online….

  497. Paul Gustavson

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

    Great think about that — is if you’ve done it before — you know you can do it again —

    BUT THIS TIME even better!

    God Speed

    Paul G.

  498. Beth

    Wow – a post about queso AND Jon (& Jenny) returning all on the same day – and a Monday at that?! Can’t get much better! Many, many blessings to you. Looking forward to the laughs to come.

  499. I’m not really sure why this blog is not called #AllTheQueso after 2 references in the first post. (You’re welcome for that next book title.)

    So excited for you & Jenny and this new wild adventure.

    And even though I’ve been a little more hush-hush than I should over on The Start Experiment…. ahem…. Dreamers & Builders, formerly known as The Start Experiment…you should know something.

    Day 32.
    It changed my life.
    No, seriously.
    Because of Round 2, Day 8, my family’s financial life will forever be different.

    My husband and I will have a better marriage.

    Our kids will have no limits to how big they can dream.

    Life will not no longer be the meek life I was imagining on Day 31.

    Thank you for that. You & Jenny will forever be a part of our family’s story, and I’ll never stop being grateful.

  500. Esther

    Favorite part about this post: the “we” language.
    Love the reminder that husbands and wives accomplish great things when they act as a unit. Reality is – It’s never “you first, me second” but always “together.”
    P.S. Super excited to see Jenny’s upcoming book!!

  501. I see where you were going with the whole queso reference but a veteran like yourself should know no social media traction has ever been gained without paying homage to the almighty #Bacon Despite this rookie mistake it is my sincere wish that you enjoy all the success you seek and blessings beyond your wildest dreams. Best wishes Tim

  502. Elissa

    Jon, I have been so sad to not have your blog to read. Absolutely stoked that you are back!

  503. Jaclynn Gossett

    Followed you for years, attended the 1st Quitter conference & it changed my direction in life! Welcome back! Looking forward to more wisdom & laughter from that creative brain of yours. You’re my motivation for not Quiting on being a Quitter & starting my awesome life by switching into drive from idling in neutral for years!

  504. So glad you’re back! You inspire me to figure out what I really want to do. And, I’m so relieved to hear Stuff Christians Like isn’t gone forever. There are so many of those posts I want to share with friends! As long as there are archives available somehow, I don’t care how they’re arranged 🙂
    P.S – Had restaurant queso last week and thought “now I know why Jon Acuff is always talking about it! Yum!”

  505. Glad to have you back in “daily content mode” Jon!

    Since nobody else is asking the big question though, I’m just going to do it. Put it out there. Create the faux pas. Get to the heart of the matter (and other Don Henley songs). Shake the tree. Be “that” guy.

    I know I’m not the only guy dying for the straight scoop.


    How do Pop Rocks work?

  506. Lazo

    Welcome back!

    But seriously…don’t start fresh…by hanging out in hipster coffee shops.

    No, really…

  507. Lily Tjhang

    More than words to say

    *tired of scrolling*

  508. You need to go to the fondue restaurants in Gramado, South Brazil. Amazing. Been back a few times.

  509. Caro

    Welcome Back Acuffs! Can’t lie; I’ve been in withdrawal from SCL because that helped me so much when I was a baby Christian. I felt like I had entered a completely different world and reading all those posts (seriously I went back and read the entire archives!) helped me start a lot of conversations with my friends and Pastors. Last year when work separated us for most of the year, my wonderful boyfriend would send me new SCL posts or favorites from the archives to cheer me up. I feel like I’ve grown up or progressed right along with y’all through Quitter and Start which I know, both personally and through friends, are changing lives. Jenny – wicked excited to see more about your book because I know you must have some amazing wisdom to share! Keeping the whole Acuff family in my prayers and good luck with this exciting new chapter – really can’t wait to see what’s next!

  510. Hi Jon and Jenny –

    I love it when people faithfully step out of the proverbial boat and trust in God’s plan for their lives.

    I actually never read “Stuff Christians Like” because my wife read every word to me before we’d fall asleep at night. (Most of the time, she was gasping for breath and wiping tears from her eyes.) Last year, I picked up a copy of “Quitter” and gave it to a friend of mine. Your book, among other things, helped encourage me to start a t-shirt company called LightenUpGear.com. My friend, is making pottery and selling it. We may or may not make t-shirts and pottery for a living, but we’re doing something that satisfies our hunger for significance and that’s all that matters.

    Anyway, I just wanted to put a plug in for Des Moines, Iowa – the greatest city in the world. My in-laws moved from Nashvegas to Des Moines to be closer to us and have never looked back. You should too. 😉

    Grace and peace,

  511. Debbie Davis

    Welcome back Jon & Jenny!

    I’m a 55 year old retired nurse and my sweet daughter is 27. We came out to Nashville for a Quitter conference, and it was such an inspiration to both of us. We have both read your books Quitter and Start, and I have purchased additional copies to share with others.
    One of the incredibly helpful things about the Quitter conference was when you let folks ask Jenny questions at the end about what it was like to live with a dreamer. Now, when my daughter is talking to me about her co-workers in her corporate job she will say something like “My CEO is the “wow” and the executive VP is the “how”.
    Thanks again for your blog, your courage to start again, and your daily efforts to fight against fear.
    Sending love and hugs from Utah!!!

  512. Keith Wright

    Nice to have you back. Since I’m not a tweeter and I reserve Facebook friendship for those I really know, I had to Google you every day to determine if you were back on the market. Hope it didn’t cost you too much money.

  513. Annie Hayes

    Wow so glad you are back!!! Missed the daily emails full of wisdom. Congrats to you and Jenny for starting the next chapter and letting us come along for the ride!!

  514. katerat

    I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve truly missed the thought-provoking end-of-the-day (for me) posts. Looking foward to many more thoughts to ponder!

  515. Vicky Cox

    We have waited for this day for far too long! So glad to have Jenny along for the ride, too!

  516. Elise

    I’m loving your new website design – and as a graphic designer, I’m also currently geek-ing out over your font choices… Nice job on the new page!
    You should totally come to California and take a look at some of our mountain vistas!
    Great to have you back. =]

  517. Welcome back!…………….ahem, now please tell me you have THE “ridiculously-smooth-and-creamy-and-drinkable” Queso recipe from the Restaurant Cheese gods–or name of product. Please, oh, please, Mr. Acuff, tell me you have it.

  518. Dan from Gerogia

    Welcome Back, Jon!

  519. Denny

    Romans 8:31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
    God always has a way of working out all circumstances. His plan is always perfect. The best is yet to come!

  520. Dan from Gerogia

    BTW Jon, not sure if you will read this far down, but good format for the comments. I may be in the minority, but I really don’t care for the up/down vote format of may comment sections of blogs out there. Like your new website too!

  521. Jon,

    Welcome back bro! Excited for the future!!

  522. JDub

    Let me guess – you saw the size of DR’s house?

  523. I’m looking forward to your new Stuff Christians Like content, and also being able to read back through some of the old stuff. Will you be republishing it? I hope so! Side-hugging as a welcome back! 😉