The #1 word that kills dreams.


Fear is a powerful poison but it’s not the most dangerous toxin when it comes to dreaming.

That title belongs to a surprisingly peaceful looking word that actually ruins more dreams than any other obstacle.

What dragon is this? What demon lurking just outside your door?

It’s the word “someday.”

Someday is where most of us store our dreams.

Someday I will write a book.

Someday I will start a business.

Someday I will ask her out.

Someday I will let him know how I really feel.

Someday I will go on that trip.

Someday I will lose that weight.

Someday, someday, someday.

If we said, “I will never chase my dream” the finality of that would shame us into action. But we don’t, instead we believe the lie of someday. (Steven Pressfield writes brilliantly about this very thing in The War of Art.)

Though I’ve written about this word before, I’ve never said what I am about to tell you.

Today is someday.

Scratch out the word on today’s calendar. It’s wrong. It is not Monday or Tuesday or whatever day it says.

Today is someday and my buddy William Warren illustrated this idea perfectly for me. You should follow him on Instagram. He gets it.

He knows that every day, your actions determine if this will be someday or just another ordinary day.

I choose someday.

I choose that this is the day that the dreams of tomorrow are supposed to begin.

I choose not to hide my hope in a future that will never arrive.

It’s here.

For me and you.

Today is someday.

What are you going to begin?

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Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff


  1. For one task that’s been nagging my brain for too long, the “someday” comes next month. In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I will be writing a novel.

    I have no idea what I’m getting into, besides an unknown adventure.

  2. My calendar works the same way. Someday is always today…or else it’s never.

  3. When I was at school, I had met this awesome girl. I liked her a lot. HUGEST crush ever.
    I had grand plans to ask her out someday.
    Even worked it out so that our guys dorm and her dorm would be “brother/sister” dorms for the next school year.

    She died that summer in a car crash before I ever got to ask her out.

    Kinda wrecked me. (sorry, Jon, had to use the word)
    The good news is – I learned a lot from that experience ..

    I met another girl the next semester and wasted no time in telling her how I felt.

  4. Today is Someday — love this thought, Jon. No better time than the present. We are certainly not guaranteed any other day…

  5. Awesome word. Someday never arrives. Action must begin today.

  6. Favorite quote ever is by Martin Luther (Reformer, not King): “How soon not now becomes never.”

  7. You just quit that being all inspiring AT me, Jon Acuff. Now I’m all hopped up on insane motivation to conquer the world today.

    And I kind of love it.

  8. Thank you so much for your inspiring words! I’ve been following you for a short time now, and thanks to your insights I’ve started down my own road to awesome as a mom of special needs kids.

    Interestingly enough, this morning was my Someday for starting my blog. Thank you.

  9. I’ve always told my kids that and added, “And you are somebody.” They hated it, but I think they got it.

  10. Someday is like hanging out on pinterest for an evening. I feel really craftsy but have accomplished exactly nothing.

  11. And if we look really close, Someday is actually – So Me Day.

    Like, this day is just going to be so me!

    Don’t get it?

    Well, you will Someday. lol

  12. Thanks, Jon! “Someday” now hangs on the wall of my trophy room…right next to the other critter I bagged during “Lie” Season. I call it “Yesterday”.

    I got pretty tired of it telling me I wasn’t good enough.

  13. I’ve been meaning to write a pithy, witty comment on your new blog….I’ll get around to it someday.

  14. This is a powerful way to wake me up from my procrastination and self-doubt. Sometimes, though, ‘Someday’ can be one heckuva motivator for a long-term goal.

    My wife and I met in high school. While we were dating, we used to talk about our ‘Someday’ when we would be married (cue ‘Wouldn’t it Be Nice’ by the Beach Boys).

    By the time we were engaged, I employed a goal-setting device to the way I looked forward to the wedding date. If the date was 120 days away, I’d think about what we were doing 120 days ago. If it was 90 days away, I thought about where we are at three months prior. And so on.The neat thing about that device: every day you go forward, you actually skip a day when you “rewind” so it makes it seem like time is going faster.

    All told, we were together 4 1/2 years before we finally got married, right after we graduated from college (a year early, mind you). It took a lot of waiting, work, and will, but our ‘someday’ became ‘today’. And the rest of our lives.

  15. I love this reminder. A little over a year ago, I finally dropped the “someday” off of “Someday I’ll be a writer.” I put my fingers on the keyboard and started just doing it. Life’s too short for “somedays.” We’re not even promised one more day or the rest of today. I think sometimes you do have to convince yourself that it’s for real. I had to (still have to from time to time) start practicing saying, “I AM a writer” when sharing my profession with people. I also have had to stop saying, “but I don’t really make any money yet…” I’m learning that if you want others to take you seriously in the dream and calling that you are pursuing, you have to act like it yourself. It’s no more their business to know that you may not be making a salary yet in what you are doing to pursue your dream than it is for you to ask them how much money they make. Thanks so much for being an encourager to us dreamers!

  16. Didn’t U-2 sing a song about it? “Someday, Bloody Someday”

  17. Oh gees… Thanks a lot! Now I’ve got that pit in my stomach. No more excuses or justifications.. (Except for the day is ALMOST over;)} I have so many ‘somedays’ I’m not sure where to begin but I suppose I should just start checking these somedays off my list TODAY.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I’m not sure how many more times God can give me the same message & hint!

  18. This idea empowered me to finally put my photography portfolio out there and build my website. Thank you!

  19. Right on. Reminds me of what the brilliant Emily Dickinson said, “Forever is composed of nows.”

  20. My sister in law bought me a copy of Quitter about a year ago. Reading it inspired me to make my some day today as well. I have been writing something almost everyday as suggested in your book. It feels good to live out my dream and see how it makes me come alive.
    Thanks for the inspiration I look forward to meeting you “someday” ;).

  21. I love this! Just found your blog and read the last 4 posts, all fantastic! This is my favorite so far though. That someday, it’s a sneaky one. Keep rockin’ it, man!

  22. OMG!!! I didn’t know the whole gang had moved over here. Here I was thinking “someday, I’ll find Jon’s new space”. Well, today is my someday…yay! Weird but true- I missed Jon and all the other guys (and ladies of course) over.

  23. Deborah

    This is awesome Jon! I’m a perfectionist and believe I have to have EVERYTHING in place to start. It keeps me from starting things. This is an awesome post. Saving the picture as my screensaver! Now I need to buy your book. Haha

  24. Guilty as charged!!! There are so many things that make your dream(s) be a SOMEDAY thing. I am learning that, with the proper steps, it’s more likely than not you START (today) making your dreams a reality. Thanks Jon. You are truly an inspiration.

  25. Patrick

    John, I have just downloaded your book “Start” and I have loved it and listened to it at least 3 times in a 1 month period( I drive ALOT) but I can never remember at what point you talk about you and your wife being opposites, as in your the dreamer and she is a realist…..Im arguing with my wife and I think this may help…