How long will your dream take? (100 words)

Your dream is taking too long.

It’s slow and tedious.

Prettier people online are having faster results, bigger wins and they always know the right place to look during a selfie.

Why is your goal taking so long?

Better yet, how long should it take to happen?

Well, I studied journalism in college for four years.

I spent fifteen years writing for corporate America.

All told, it took me 19 years to become a full time writer.

If your dream only takes 15 years to happen, you’re killing me by four.

Don’t sweat the pace.

Fast dreams are fake dreams.

p.s. If you want a simple way to knock out your goals 15 minutes at a time, I dare you to Do Summer with me. The free challenge ends tonight, sign up today.


Please stop saying you’re too busy.

Please don’t tell me you’re too busy to look for a new job and then show me your perfectly detailed fantasy football team.

Please don’t tell me you’re too busy to write your novel and then give me intricate plot details about the six shows you’re watching.

Please don’t tell me you’re too busy to update your resume and then update your social media accounts incessantly.

We are a busy people. Our clocks are thin and tired, our schedules full and bloated.

But somehow we find a way to give our time to a host of wonderful distractions.

There is a reason the average 21-year-old has played 10,000 hours of video games.

There is a reason the average American watches 35 hours of television a week according to Nielsen.

There is a reason American companies lose an estimated $6.5 billion during the 15-week fantasy football season.

Time is a squirrely thing. It only goes where you tell it to go. It has no mind of its own. It won’t naturally gravitate to things that matter or work you really care about. It always looks for the easy way out.


This summer, I dare you to rescue some time. Not all of it, just a little. I’m talking about 15 minutes. I don’t care how busy you are, you have 15 minutes hidden somewhere in your day.

I dare you to rescue that tiny amount each day and then watch what happens this summer. That first 15 minutes will grow into 30 and then 45 and then 60. By the end of the summer, you will have worked for 1,500 minutes. You will have 25, on purpose, goal-crushing hours under your belt.

I’m rescuing my time this summer because I love Netflix too much. If I open up the app, it’s all over. I can’t just watch one episode of a TV show. My hours will be swallowed up by show after show after show.

So instead, I’m going to DO Summer.

If you’re with me, sign up to get the free PDF I created to track time. Pick one skill you want to give your 15 minutes to and then get going. It’s not impossible to find time, sometimes all it takes is a piece of paper.

Time won’t find you. You have to find it.

Get started right here.


Are you ready to DO Summer?

Next to relationships, skills are the most important thing you can have when it comes to chasing a dream. Whether you want to write a book, start a business, like your current job more, or turn a hobby into a job, you need skills. That’s why 25% of my latest book Do Over is dedicated to helping build your skills.

The challenge though is that skills get sharp slowly and dull quickly.

Last summer I introduced the DO Summer Challenge as a way to keep our skills sharp, and over 9,000 of you joined in. This summer, we’re bringing it back. (Sign up here!)

We’re going to work on our skills together. We’re not just going to talk. We’re going to do. We’re not just going to dream. We’re going to do. We’re not just going to wish. We’re going to do.

DO Summer is simple.

1. Pick one skill you want to work on.
It can be a completely new skill or something you used to love that fell behind in the busyness of life. It can be career related like working on your resume or life related like jogging for better health.

2. Work on the skill for 1,500 minutes this summer in easy 15-minute segments. dosummertease
I’ve created a free worksheet that helps you track time in 15-minute chunks. Each time you knock out 15 minutes, color in one of the boxes on the sheet.

3. Share your results each Monday morning online with #DOSummer2016

You’ll be surprised how encouraging having other people cheer you on is. It was so fun to search the hashtag and see the skills everyone was sharpening, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll be working on this year.

That’s it. At the end of the summer, if you spend 1,500 minutes on your DO, you will have invested 25 hours in a skill. There’s no telling what positive habits, life changing opportunities and unexpected adventures you can stir up by doing something so simple.

The challenge starts Monday, June 20th and will run until August 5th. (Invite a friend to do it with you if you really want to increase your results!)

To get the worksheet for free sign up below! You’ll also get all of my blog ideas.

Get your free #DOSummer2016 Worksheet

You ready to DO Summer?

You ready to make a small investment in your big dream?

I am.


100 Words: The gift & danger of friends.

Image via Joe Tokay.

Whether you’re 14 or 44, the company you keep, determines the heights that you will peak.

We understood this as teens. Peer pressure was a thing, your mom didn’t want you to hang out with “that kid.” But your mom doesn’t know who you hang out at work with and the stakes are higher because now you’re an adult and the years are shorter.

The friends you give your calendar to are vitamins or poisons. The best bring out the best in you, the worst tell you that your worst is best.

Also, be careful around people who own ferrets.


The Tattoo Test: How to know if your idea is great.

The people I help have too many ideas.

They never come to me and say, “I don’t have a single goal or idea I want to pursue.”

Instead, the opposite is usually true.

In a world with so many opportunities, it’s difficult to know which one we should pursue.

How do you know the idea you’re working on is great?

There are a thousand ways to answer that question, but here’s a fast one. Ask this:

“Is my idea tattoo worthy?”

Harley-Davidson knows the answer to this question.

Their idea is so remarkable that people get it tattooed on their bodies.

In fact, the book “Building Strong Brands” by David A. Aaker reported that “the most popular tattoo in the United States is the Harley-Davidson symbol.”

Maybe that seems like an extreme way to measure the strength of your idea. I agree, Harley has spent decades becoming tattoo worthy, your idea might be in the early stages.

I know for instance that my 30 Days of Hustle Challenge is not tattoo worthy yet. We’re working with a researcher from the University of Memphis to ensure the content is backed up by scientific data. Thousands of people have used the program to accomplish their goals. The videos we made are a lot of fun, but no one is getting a “30DOH” tattoo yet. Yet.

So let’s scale the question back. Instead, ask this:

“Is my idea sticker worthy?”

That’s an easier question to answer. If you want a great example of someone who figured this out, look no further than Yeti coolers. Right now, thousands of people are buying stickers, t-shirts and hats to let you know which method of keeping ice cold they prefer.

Ten years ago, if a friend told you, “I’m going to put this Igloo sticker on my car to make sure people driving near me know what type of cooler I prefer,” you would have stared at your friend a little bit.

Now, because Yeti has done an amazing job building their idea, we don’t think twice about it. We’re more than happy to put stickers on our cars as symbols of which tribe we belong to. From Yeti to Apple to CrossFit, we like to self identify with brands that “get us.”

It’s easy to brush off the Harley-Davidson tattoo story because the company was founded in 1903. They’ve been consistently telling their story for 113 years. You’d have to be a vampire to compete with that longevity and if you’re eternally dead, tattoos are probably the least of your concerns. Focus on the sun, son!

It can be discouraging when you look at your new idea and think about how young it is. What about Yeti though? Have they spent 100 years building their story? 50 years perhaps? 20 years?

Nope, they were founded in 2006.

They’ve only been around for 10 years and I promise no one was putting stickers on cars the first few years. They’re by no means an overnight success but they’re also not an over century success either.

Want to know if your idea is good? Want to know if your story is compelling? Want to know if your business will draw an audience?

It’s easy.

If your idea is sticker worthy, it’s good. If it’s tattoo worthy, it’s great.


10 ways to knock out your goals.

Ask 100 people if they’d like to make significant progress on their goals over the next week and you’ll probably get 100 yeses.  (Actually, you’d probably get 99, thanks to that one jerk dentist who doesn’t prefer Trident gum either.)

Ask those same people, seven days later, if they WERE able to make significant progress on their goals and guess what happens? You get a lot more noes. (Isn’t the plural of the word “no” weird looking?)

Why don’t most people make progress on their goals?

Did those folks change their minds during the week? Probably not.

The intention was still there, but the execution wasn’t. Which leads me to one of the biggest things I’ve learned as I’ve led people through the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge:

The reason most goals fail isn’t a lack of intention, it’s a lack of action.

But the word “action” can be fairly vague, like the life advice, “Just Be Yourself.”

Let’s get specific and practical today.

Here are 10 actions you can take right now to get closer to your goal. I dare you to try one today.

10 ways to knock out your goals

1. Mark some specific times you’re going to hustle on your calendar next week.

2. Identify and write down the triggers that are likely to keep you from your making progress on your goal.

3. Reach out to someone who is ahead of you for a tip on achieving your goal.

4. Figure out how to batch work on your goal to make more progress in chunks.

5. Write down the “why” of your goal to fuel yourself when you need the encouragement.

6. Identify 1-3 things to measure so you know when you are making progress on your goal.

7. Find a person to check in with on your goal for accountability.

8. Rest! Make sure you’re getting enough rest so you don’t burn out chasing your goal.

9. Thank someone who has already helped you make progress on your goal.

10. Perform a diagnosis on your hustle. Identify and stop doing the things that aren’t effective.

Those ten actions are a part of the daily videos you get in the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge, and there are twenty more that go along with it. You also get daily emails, an 8,000-word PDF workbook, access to a private community of supportive people working on their goals and a few more fun surprises.


Today’s the last day to sign up for the Challenge. Registration closes tonight at midnight.

If you’re ready to move past intention and take action, the 30 Days of Hustle will help you make more progress on your goals than ever before. And the 100% money back guarantee means there’s no risk at all.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.13.26 AM

I hope you’ll join the more than 400 people who have already taken action this week to make progress on their goals.

Don’t miss it!