49 words about the economy.

The economy will never be perfect enough for you to be brave.

If you were waiting for that to happen, go ahead and cross that off the list of “Reasons you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do.”

Hopefully that list is getting shorter, because your days certainly are.

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Do Over

5 Things Veterans Should Know About Their Career Do Overs.

(Last Tuesday, I spoke to someone in the military who purchased 100 copies of Do Over. He gives them out to people leaving the armed forces as a way to help the transition to civilian life. This is going to sound stupid, but I honestly never realized what a huge Do Over moment that was. I’ve never served in the military, so I had a hard time grasping the nuances of what it means to start the next chapter of your life that way. I asked my friend Dave Burlin to write a post about that, as it is something he’s personally experienced. More than that, his mission is to help veterans go from “Discharge to In Charge,” and he gave a TedX talk on that very subject. Here’s Dave on what it’s like for veterans to change careers.)  

5 Things Veterans Should Know About Their Career Do Overs. – By Dave Burlin

As a Marine Corps Veteran I have launched many career do overs, from the leap out of the Marines, to the world of digging ditches in the oil fields of Northeast Oklahoma, to working with “at-risk” high school dropouts in a residential “boot-camp for life” program. Dave Burlin

After 10 years of wearing one uniform or another, I jumped into the wedding industry as a wedding DJ with the goal to change the world one dance floor at a time. Now, I am currently preparing to launch my greatest career do over into the world of entrepreneurship, and Jon Acuff’s book, Do Over, has become a compass for this challenging feat.

Along the way I have found several Veterans on their own paths to success, and I’ve learned that there are 5 things all Veterans should know about their career do over:

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5 things every college graduate needs.

This month, college graduates will have a hard time finding jobs because their parents refuse to move to Florida. It’s not the pythons, alligators, sharks, panthers or bears preventing the exodus to the Sunshine State, it’s the money.

Boomers can’t financially afford to retire like they used to. In a 2014 Gallup poll, half of the Boomers said they plan to work past the age of 65. They’re not leaving their jobs, which means they’re not vacating positions for Gen X employees.

My generation bumps into them and has a hard time climbing the career ladder, because the top positions are filled already.

Millennials then graduate and bump into Gen X employees who have not been able to move beyond entry level and middle management positions.

This reality creates a job traffic jam.

Maybe you’re a college senior about to enter the workforce. Maybe you’re a parent with a son or daughter who is on the verge of receiving a diploma. Maybe you’re a relative or friend who has been invited to a graduation party and doesn’t know how to help a college graduate.

Fear not, though the situation is challenging, it is by no means impossible.

There are 5 things every college graduate needs.

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Be weird until the rest of the world catches up.

Seven years ago, when I talked to publishers about turning my blog into a book, they thought I was weird.

I wasn’t a pioneer. By 2008, other people had parlayed a blog into a book, but it wasn’t common yet. The idea that a blogger could be an author was still a little untested. Even when I convinced a publisher to give me my first book deal, radio stations acted surprised when I told them my writing career started with a blog.

It was weird.

A lot has changed in seven years. We no longer say “cyber café” for instance. We collectively decided to stop ever using that phrase. Our computers became phones became tablets became watches.

Turning a blog into a book is no longer unusual either. There’s even an entire section of Barnes & Noble dedicated to books that are, “From Web to Page.”


What does that mean? It means it took the world a little while to catch up to the weird.

That’s always the case with something new, different or unusual.

Maybe what you’re working on is weird. Nobody has done it quite like you. It would be easier to conform to how it’s always been done. Ordinary seems simpler sometimes.

Weird can be exhausting when so many people doubt you.

But we’re full up on ordinary. We’ve got supplies of common to last a lifetime. The storehouses of boring are shelved to the ceiling.


That’s in short supply.

We need more weird.

So keep being weird.

Approach whatever it is you’re working on with your sense of style, your sense of adventure, your sense of weird.

It might take seven years for the world to recognize it, but that’s OK.

Be weird until the rest of the world catches up.

p.s. My new book Do Over will help you be weird in the best possible way.


A simple truth about writing a book.

Authors write books.

Readers make them bestsellers.

That’s one of the scary things about writing.

You spend a year of your life saying no to other things. Things that might be guaranteed to work. Things that might have been easier. Things that might have made more sense to people on the outside.


Because you have an idea you believe in. So you take this very limited thing you have, time, and you give it to the idea.

Statistically speaking, I’ll get 73 years on this planet, barring a run in with a bear. To give one of those 73 years to an unproven idea was intimidating.

Will people read it?

Will people identify with it?

Will people be encouraged by it, challenged by it, emboldened by it?

These are the questions that keep you up at night as an author.

I wrote Do Over  because I needed it. I went through the largest career transition I’ve ever experienced and I needed it. But that’s certainly no guarantee that other people will too.

There’s no guarantee that college seniors will recognize graduation as the Do Over it is.

There’s no guarantee that Parent’s Magazine will name it their “Mom Must Read.”

There’s no guarantee that Bloomberg BusinessWeek will feature it as part of their
“Master’s Class.”

Although all of these things happened in the last few weeks, when you start writing, nothing is guaranteed.

But the thing you never try, always fails.

So you try.

You write.

You paint.

You apply to new jobs.

You open a business.

You go back to school even though everyone else seems so young.

You sacrifice that rarest of gifts, time, for something you believe in.

And then you hope. Because writers don’t make books successful, readers do. Business owners don’t make businesses successful, customers do. Musicians don’t make albums successful, listeners do.

Do Over is a success because you made it so.

You bought it for yourself. You bought it for a friend. You bought it for a son or daughter who bumped into the 20s and didn’t know what to do next.

You put it on all these bestseller lists.


Thank you!

And if you haven’t bought Do Over yet, I dare you to take a look at it.

I dare you to crack open the first few pages and see what thousands and thousands of other people have already discovered.

I dare you to launch your next dream, from the pages of a book I wrote for you and book I wrote for me.

Here’s where you can buy a copy. Here’s to dreaming. Here’s to trying. Here’s to your Do Over.
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