The Joey and Rachel trick for knowing when you’re chasing the wrong idea.

How do you pick the right goal to work on?

That’s a really common question because the reality is that most of us have more than one thing we want to do.

We have health goals and financial goals and business goals and writing goals.

Our wish lists are so packed with possibility that it feels overwhelming.

How do you know if you’re working on the wrong thing? Here’s one way:

If an idea ever gets to the “Joey is in love with Rachel” stage, it’s time to quit.

After years of superb writing, the show Friends was out of gas. There was nothing left in the tank. In a desperate Hail Mary, they made Joey, played by Matt Leblanc, fall in love with Rachel, played by Jennifer Anniston.

This was a garbage plotline.

For years, Joey’s character was established as a player, a shallow, silly man prone to date only the most vapid of characters. Now suddenly, he was deeply and sincerely in love with Rachel. It made no sense and was a terrible turn for a show running out of ideas.

If your dream ever takes a turn and you do the equivalent of making Joey date Rachel, beware. If you’ve built your company on customer service and then decide to undercut it all to save money, beware. If your book is wonderfully researched but then you phone in the conclusion because you’re exhausted, beware. If one cheat day on your diet turns into 4 cheat days, beware.

A little Joey and Rachel can creep into all our goals.

Ross and Rachel 4-eva.

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The 1 lie busyness tries to get all of us to believe

If you’re a human in the year 2016, you’re busy.

It’s a fact.

I guarantee no one is reading this blog post right now thinking, “Busy? Ha! After I read this pearl of wisdom from Jon I have nothing else to do this week. I’m going back to bed until Monday!”

Not all busyness is created equal, of course. Some of us fill our days working, investing in our loved ones, and spending time on our passions. Others pour hours into sending out Candy Crush invites on Facebook, researching third string running backs for our fantasy drafts, and capturing our tenth Rattata on Pokemon Go (whatever that is). But regardless of what you do with your time, you probably feel like you don’t have enough.

After hearing this sentiment time and again, I realized there’s a lie that busyness tries to get all of us to believe, and it’s this:

You can only start something important if you have a lot of time to work on it.

The problem is, it’s just not true.

Big projects get accomplished one goal at a time.

Books get written one paragraph at a time.

Ten pounds are dropped one workout (or one better meal choice) at a time.

New businesses are started one action step at a time.

Just because you have a dream that seems big or important, doesn’t mean you need a slow season in life to tackle it. That’s what busyness wants you to believe, because if you buy into that lie you’ll never start it.

That’s why I created the QUICK ACCESS level of the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge for this launch. It’s designed specifically for people who are in a busy season of life, but are determined not to let that keep them from achieving their dreams.

Here’s what you get in the QUICK ACCESS level of the 30 Days of Hustle:

• The 30 Days of Hustle PDF workbook with ideas, encouragement, and challenges once a day for 30 days.

• The 30 Days of Hustle Videos. One new video each day for 30 days. Don’t worry, the videos are usually only 3-4 minutes long.

• The 30 Days of Hustle Checklist to print out and chart your progress.

• And daily email reminders to keep you inspired, focused, and on point.

The Workbook and Checklist are yours to keep forever. And since I know you’re busy and may not be able to go through the Challenge in 30 days, you get double the access time for the videos: a full 60 days.

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And if you want everything that the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge has to offer, the ALL ACCESS level gives you unprecedented access to me through a secret Periscope account as well as other features you won’t find anywhere else.

But as a busy person, I’m guessing the QUICK ACCESS level sounds right to you? It’s the most affordable tier, and you’ll get the same workbook and videos that 3,500 others have received in previous launches of the Challenge to help them achieve their goals.

“Life is short” is an overused cliché, sure, but it’s also true. You WILL regret the goals you didn’t strive to achieve because you were too busy to make time for them. That’s why I created the QUICK ACCESS level of the Challenge. You owe it to yourself to make a little bit of time for these dreams, and the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge is a proven plan that will help you make the most of those pockets of time you can give to making them come true.

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Want to build something awesome? Find your 0.1%.

Roughly 100,000 people will see this.

About 22,000 of those people will open it via email or read it via the blog.

About 750 of those people will click on the link to learn more about the 30 Days of Hustle.

About 100 of those people will sign up for my 30 Day Video Course that helps with goal setting.

That means, out of 100,000 people, 100 will respond or 0.1%.

When we think about our businesses, we dream about reaching everyone. When you ask a young author, “Who is your book for?” they often reply, “Everyone!” We tend to think biggest is best and 0.1% feels a bit like a failure.

I think it’s perfect.

What you are creating is not for everyone.

What you are creating is for a very small amount of people, but when you find the right ones, they will LOVE what you are going to do.

The masses like things, your tribe will love things.

They will know they are special. They will speak the same language you do and laugh at your weirdo sense of humor and go on the same adventures you do.

Your 0.1% will chase dreams right alongside you.

Rick Theule is part of my 0.1%. How do I know? Because after he did the first round of the 30 Days of Hustle, he signed up for the All Access Coaching round. He’s up for anything and believes that his dream will only get better through deliberate practice. When he signed up, my assistant Ashley immediately texted me and said, “Rick is in!” We both cheered because the bat signal had worked! Rick was along for the ride.

He’s my people.

Marni Arnold is too.

David Mike is as well.

Don’t get down if you can’t reach everybody. I can’t either.

But you’re not supposed to.

Stop trying to make 100% of people support your dream, find a few who do and give them 100%.

And, if you’re part of my 0.1%, don’t miss the last 30 Days of Hustle of the year. If you’ve got a goal you want to work on, like growing a business, getting in shape or writing a book, join the party.

It won’t be the same without you.


How to increase your odds of success by 27% this September!

The end of the summer is bittersweet, isn’t it?

On the minus side, you’ve got less days at the pool, less vacation, less beach, less fireworks and more homework.

On the plus side, you’ve got Trapper Keepers.

Seriously, how fresh was the Trapper Keeper back in the day? Did anything in your life ever work as hard for you as the velcro on your butterfly or tiger Trapper Keeper?

As much as I miss summer though, I absolutely love September.

People often call it “The first New Year” because if you approach it the right way you can use the momentum of back to school to knock out a lot of goals and resolutions.

Here’s what I believe:

I believe you’ve got some awesome things yet to do this year.

I believe any goals you’ve given up on in 2016 can be rekindled and realized.

I believe that no matter how bad or how great this year has been for you, it’s about to get incredibly awesome.

The reason I believe those things is because I’ve already taken over 3,500 people through the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge since the beginning of this year, and I know it works.

How do I know? Earlier this year a researcher from the University of Memphis studied people who did 30 Days of Hustle and his data revealed a pretty amazing stat:

People who go through the 30 Days of Hustle have a 27% better chance of hitting their goals than other goal programs.

How awesome is that?

I loved seeing that data because it backed up what I’ve found to be true as I’ve taken people like you through the course. It works. People are accomplishing awesome things through the power of focus and community they get in the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge.

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This level gets you everything in the PREMIER ACCESS level plus an All Access Periscope account where I will provide personal guidance throughout the challenge. You’ll also get an additional All Access Q&A webinar AND a free, huge 2017 NeuYear Wall Calendar.

This is an unprecedented level of bonuses and access, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to connect with some of you on this ALL ACCESS level.

I’ve made it easier than ever to connect to the 30 Days of Hustle Challenge in a way that works for you. Now, it’s up to you.

You’ve got some awesome things to do this year. Let me help you do them (and have fun doing it) with my proven plan that has already helped so many like you.

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I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the rest of 2016.


The sign on the front door on the island in the sea.

Last week, I took this picture of a sign on a front door in Martha’s Vineyard.


“Gone sailing, back @ 4PM.” How magical is that?

How much whimsy is contained in such a small piece of paper?

How long did someone dream about saying that?

How many months or years did a small business owner work on a goal until it finally happened?

How long did they push and strive until, on a weekday where most people are unhappy at jobs, they’re out sailing?

We all have a sign like that in our lives.

Mine said “Gone writing,” but I didn’t hang it up for years.

Maybe your sign says, “Gone painting” or “Gone building a business” or “Gone getting in shape” or “Gone writing a book.”

That’s all a goal is, a simple sign we hope to hang on the front door of our life someday.

What’s yours?

Do you already know it? Is there one clear, bright idea you just can’t deny any longer? Or are there too many all at once, your goals tangled up on top of each other until it feels impossible to actually start one?

I ask because this year I met 3,500 people who wrote new signs. They decluttered houses and started businesses and wrote books and recorded albums and lost weight and did a thousand other things. Not overnight, but through a 30-day process I call “The 30 Days of Hustle.”

I don’t know what the sign on your front door will say, but I know you need to make one.

Goals we refuse to chase don’t disappear. They become ghosts that haunt our quiet moments.

If you’re ready, or even just a little bit curious, don’t miss the last 30 Days of Hustle of 2016. It starts in a few weeks.

We’re going to write some new signs for some new doors.

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What this bar in Allentown, PA taught me (and maybe you).

There are two ways to experience momentum:

1. Create it.
2. Ride it.

In the first approach, you try to get a cold car cranked in the dead of winter. You start from scratch, banging together two rocks in hope that one will cause a spark. You find the heaviest stone and hurl it in the deepest pond to make the biggest wave.

This way is very difficult. It’s not impossible, by any means, but it takes a lot of time and effort. An example of this approach is when new authors tell me they want to blow up the marketing for their book. I have a number of ideas and eagerly ask when their book is coming out. They usually say, “In two weeks!” or even worse, “It came out last month.”

The worst time to start selling a book (or anything for that matter) is when you need someone to buy the book. The earlier you start the conversation the better because creating momentum takes time.

Why did my first book pre-sale 12,000 copies? Not because I’m handsome, though clearly that’s a factor (people get lost in these mahogany eyes). My book pre-sold because for two years I wrote a free blog in order to build momentum for a book that covered the same exact subject.

Creating momentum is hard.

You know what’s a lot easier? Riding momentum.

Which brings us back to that bar. On a street in Allentown, PA, I took a photo of this sign:


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

You can do all the work of trying to create momentum or you can recognize a tsunami that is already in motion and grab the biggest surfboard you can find.

Let’s breakdown how smart the bar was:

1. They have lures to attract all the characters people are collecting.
2. They offer drink specials for teams.
3. They have a special night for each of the three main teams. (People join teams in the game.)
4. You get a free appetizer if you catch Pikachu, Charizard or Gyrado. (How weird was that sentence?)
5. There are trainers available Sunday – Thursday.

We’re not talking about a game that’s been out for years or even months. This wave is fresh and this bar caught it perfectly.

If you have a hard time recognizing momentum shifts, I’ll give you a hint about a huge one that happens in three weeks.

It’s called September.

That month is often called, “The first New Year.”


Because the nationwide momentum of back to school gives people like you and I a chance to crush our goals.

I can’t understate how big this moment is. Every commercial, department store, and parent is pushing the same direction.

New beginning! New start! New opportunities!

Most people are going to miss it.

Most people don’t treat September like January.

Most people think resolutions are only for January.

Most people won’t kickstart their fall.

Being most people is boring though.

If you’re ready to ride the wave of September, join me for the 30 Days of Hustle video challenge. It’s a step by step course that helps you knock out your goals. And this is the last one of the year. It starts in a few weeks and you can sign up for the wait list right here.

Momentum is simple.

You either create it or you ride it.

If you’re ready to grab a surfboard and catch this wave, sign up today.