1 simple way to help double the goals you accomplish in 2015.


In 2012, I was overwhelmed by my schedule. I felt like life was pulling me in a million different directions and I was failing in small ways on everything. My days felt scattered, my months a mess.

I’ve always felt that Tolkien best described this feeling when Bilbo said, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

After searching for a good solution, I started using an awesome calendar a guy named Jesse Phillips designed.

I loved the calendar for three reasons:

1. If you plan out when and where you’ll work on your goals you double the odds of actually accomplishing them.
That’s what scientists discovered when they studied two groups of students at the University of Konstanz in Germany. The group who wrote down when and where they would work on their goals had a 71% success rate. The group who didn’t had a 32% success rate. There are a lot of ways to plan “where” you’ll work, but deep down we all know the answer is “in a hipster coffee shop that is highly instagrammable.” The best way I’ve learned to plan “when” is with a calendar. (Research via the book “Succeed” by Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D.)

2. The calendar helps reduce the stress in our house.
When Jenny and I can take a big, year long look at where we’re headed, it’s a lot easier to get on the same page. For the last three years we’ve mounted the calendar and used it as our base for the adventures we’ve launched. (You can see a photo of Jenny putting down dates on this year’s calendar below. We mounted it to a piece of corkboard with blue painter’s tape so that we can carry it around the house as we discuss the year.)

Jenny Photo

3.They are big and beautiful.
I’ve found I’m a lot more likely to use something if it’s well designed. Who would have guessed that items with form and function are easier to use? Go figure! The calendars are 25” x 36” and are absolutely beautiful.

This year, for the first time ever, I partnered with Jesse to create a special Do Over Year calendar. In addition to the awesome design Jesse has perfected there are 12 special micro challenges/encouragements from me, custom tailored to each month.

I don’t casually roll out products. I used this one three years before I thought about creating my own version and I honestly think you’ll love it.

Click here to buy one!

Here’s to a brave 2015.

Here’s to your own Do Over Year!


This might be one of the only reasons to follow me on Facebook.

There aren’t a ton of reasons to follow me on Facebook. I think everything you write on blogs right now is supposed to be “7 ways to ___” or “3 reasons bears might eat you in your sleep unless you read this blog post,” but honestly there aren’t a ton of reasons you should follow me on Facebook.

You’ve already got a pretty full schedule. Might have to go it to Bed, Bath & Beyond this weekend, got a lot going on.

So I will keep this short. Here is one of the reasons that right now you should follow me on Facebook: Occasionally I post long ideas like the one below and then I respond to people like I did to the first comment below. If either of those things amuses you, you should follow me on Facebook right this second. Or a bear might eat you in your sleep.

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How to charge more for your art and work in 2015.

Your art, whether you paint or do consulting, is worth more than you think.

How do I know? Because nobody values what they create enough.

The things we’re good at come naturally to us so we naturally make the mistake of thinking they aren’t worth money. I’m working on an idea about this very issue right now for all my artist and entrepreneur friends. In the meantime though, I didn’t want you to miss an amazing opportunity to charge more for the great stuff you create.

What’s the opportunity?

January 1st.

The changing of the year provides you a wonderful chance to raise your rates. I gave this exact advice to a writer recently who had been writing for a website for free.

I told him to email the site owner and say, “I’ve had a blast writing for you this last year and wanted to give you a heads up that with the new year I will be raising my rates. Do you have a budget for the writing I do?”

If they say no, be honest and admit the exposure you’ve been getting paid might not be worth it. Most of the time when we’re paid in exposure we don’t actually do the work of tracking to see if the exposure is real or fictional. Do you have blog traffic from that volunteer work you’re doing? Can you see other clients that have directly come via that exposure? Has your volunteer work opened up real opportunities you capitalized on not just fake someday opportunities?

If they say yes and that they do have a budget, the door is open. Talk to them about your rates.

If you don’t have many pre-existing clients, no one is going to notice you raised your fees for 2015. Just do it. (If you’ve got pre-existing clients that you grandfathered in at a low rate you don’t have to raise their fee but otherwise be brave. Also, if you have a cause you want to volunteer for, go for it. That’s a completely different dynamic.)

Don’t miss the chance to use the calendar as a great conversation starter.

Your work is more valuable than you think.

I promise.

Getting laughed at in a bookstore in the best possible way.

Whenever I go to a new city, I try to sign all the copies of the books I’ve written at local bookstores.

I tell the manager beforehand. I don’t just go through the aisles like Banksy, creating street art inside the covers of Start and Quitter.

A few weeks ago, I went to a bookstore and couldn’t find any of my books. I asked an employee to help me find one in their computer system. The previous store I had been in had four different books I wrote so I was expecting at least one to be in stock.

Minutes of awkward silence later, the employee looked up from the computer and said, “How do you spell your name again?” I don’t know if she meant to add, “You random guy posing as an author,” but that was what I heard in my head.

I told her it was “J O N.” She immediately said, “Oh, I was spelling it with an H.”

I felt better instantly. That must be it! There’s probably a whole shelf of my books around here somewhere and now that you’ve got the right spelling we can find them together!

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The reason she left for the Netherlands.


Last Friday, I met a woman who was moving to the Netherlands.

Five days from the moment I met her, she would get on a plane and travel half way around the world.

For a year, she was moving to be a nanny for a family who lived two hours north of Amsterdam.

She had quit her stable job of four years. Rearranged her entire life and pushed her boat away from the shore. In that moment, with less than a week of normal life left, she was nervous and excited. I asked her why she was leaving and she said something deep and true and simple:

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One Word To Help You Build Your Dream (Or 3 Signs You Might Be a Multipotentialite)

(Today is a guest post from the ever amazing Jim Woods! I hope you love it as much as I did.) 

A couple months ago I came across a word that blew my mind.

This word is multipotentialite.

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking what does that word actually mean?

A multipotentialite is someone who has a lot of different interests. Wikipedia defines multipotentialite as: a term referring to the ability of a person, particularly one of intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields.

This one word may give you tremendous insight into your dream.

How so? Well, to answer that let’s look at the three signs that you may be a multipotentialite:

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